Lost in Panem

"Where the hell am I" Harry wondered as he came to his senses, the last thing he remembered was drinking at a party with Ron. He was in a forest and unlike the forbidden forest it seemed clear and open, no growls or roars filled his ears and he shrugged thinking at least he landed somewhere peaceful. He reached for the elder wand which since becoming an aurror six months ago had never left his side, he had sworn never to use it again but when his holly and phoenix feather wand began to resist him he decided that the most powerful wand ever was better than nothing.

"Katniss" a strange word and a male's voice came from deeper within the forest and Harry drew his wand, he had no idea where he was and it was better to be prepared than not. Kingsley had taught him that much during training, it had been a year since he had defeated Voldemort and the normal life he always wanted seemed to come to reality. He could live without fear of death eaters and dark lords, well until now it seemed as he had no idea where he was and knew he couldn't apparate unless he knew how far he was away from home or he risked splinching. He and Ginny had split up after a while; she wanted the fame that came with being with him and he decided that he was not going to have a gold digger for a girlfriend. There was no other word for her

"Katniss" the voice came again and was a lot more insistent, it sounded more like a name than a language and with nothing better to do Harry decided to journey into the forest, he looked carefully at the landscape for a clue as to where he was but the forest seem dense and unending.

"Katniss get down!" the voice was much closer and Harry turned to see two people in the distance. He was slightly higher up than them; an olive skinned girl with long dark hair caught his eye. She was small for her age and Harry figured she was around sixteen but while she looked thin Harry could see she was muscular underneath. She was hiding behind a bush and trying to ensure she was not seen as two uniformed men stood in front, near her was a boy. He was slightly taller but had the same darkish skin and they Harry wondered if he was related to the girl in anyway. The men however; he had never seen a uniform like that and they were hunting for someone, the girl had a bow but she wasn't using it. Harry slowly drew closer as one of the men suddenly grabbed the girl from the bush, he had seen her and she yelped

"Well look what we have here? What are you doing all the way out here girlie?" he barked in a cruel malicious voice as he pulled her face to his. She tried to kick him but he was stronger, the other drew a gun and began poking around near where she was hiding, obviously these men were not friendly and calmly Harry walked forward

"Expelliarmus" he shouted suddenly and a jet of red light knocked the gun out of the first man's hand. He was shocked and obviously a muggle but Harry was here to protect whoever these two were, he fired a stunner at the stunned man and pointed his want at the man holding the girl.

"Drop her now" he warned with an icy voice, he seemed conflicted and suddenly dropped the girl. He charged directly at Harry who blasted him back with a well-timed hex

"What the hell?" the girl murmured to herself as a man she had never seen before blasted two peacekeepers out of the way with some kind of wooden stick. Harry however checked to ensure the two were unconscious

"Oblivate" he used the charm on both men and knew with certainty they wouldn't remember anything about this encounter.

"Who are you?" the boy asked aggressively not sure if this man was friend or foe, Harry raised his wand into the air

"Calm" he instructed not wanting to get into another fight "My name is Harry Potter". The boy studied Harry for a moment before reluctantly replying

"You just attacked a peacekeeper; they'll make you an Avox for this" it was not meant to be an insult but a warning. Harry for his part had no idea what that sentence meant

"Firstly they'll remember nothing about this encounter and secondly what the hell is an Avox?" he asked. The boy studied him for a moment but it was the girl who spoke up

"They make people an Avox then they take your tongue out and make you a servant" she informed him bluntly

"Ok, who are they?" Harry asked.

"The Capitol" the boy replied as if it was obvious

"And they are?" Harry asked still oblivious

"The Capitol, the people who rule Panem" The girl answered looking at him with confusion

"Oh good, now where is Panem and is it close to Britain?" Harry asked happy to finally get a general location.

"Britain?" the girl asked bewildered

"Ok this is getting nowhere" the boy sighed "I'm Gale and this is Katniss. Panem is the land we live in and the peacekeepers work for the Capitol who rules Panem. They didn't want us hunting in this forest and obviously someone tipped them off". His exterior was icy as he glared at the unconscious body

"Now what is that stick? Some Capitol weapon?" the boy asked once again on guard

"No, it's a wand" Harry replied.

"What you mean like wizards and fairies and the rest of the stuff we tell kids?" the girl was disbelieving; Harry conjured a circle of bluebell flames to prove his point.

"Yes" he answered as the two looked at him in awe

"How did you?" Katniss asked suspicious of a new idea such as magic. Harry rolled his eyes

"I'm a wizard and yesterday I was at a party with a friend of mine then I woke up in this forest. Somehow I got to this place you call Panem and I saw you two being hunted by those people and thought I better help you out" Harry explained slowly. He saw acceptance cloud over in Gale's eyes,

"Well you're obviously not a Capitol creation or you would have killed us already, also you attacked peacekeepers which would be pointless of a Capitol creation but I can tell you there is no place called Britain anywhere near here" he decided.

"Ok, so where do you live?" Harry asked hoping maybe to get a clue

"District twelve" Katniss answered. Harry had even less idea of where he was now, however seeing as no one hear had heard of Britain there was no way he could break the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. Which was a good thing seeing as he had already broken it twice; by using it to attack someone and prove a point

"Ok, well seeing as I have no idea where I am and you're obviously hunting how about I give you a hand while you explain the details of this place" Harry suggested.


Harry was an enigma to me; how a man can appear out of nowhere and use a blinding light to knock out heavily armoured peacekeepers I have no idea but that was not what bothered me the most. He had no idea on Panem, the Capitol or even the hunger games! this amazed me and left the question, where had he grown up? Gale was convinced he wasn't a Capitol creation and she had to agree but it still left the question, where did he come from and where was this place called Britain he mentioned. Though he kind of took the fun out of hunting, with a flick of that wand thing he could paralyse an animal in a flash, Gale loved it obviously as we got almost double the game we normally get but very little of it was caught thanks to skill. Magic was a lifesaver and I couldn't help wonder what life would be like for her if I had this extraordinary gift, Harry seemed nice but at the same time older than he looked; as if he had lived through a lot.

"Sorry rewind thereā€¦ they make you do what?" Harry interrupted one of Gale's explanations with pure horror filling his voice

"One boy and one girl is chosen each year and they have to fight to the death with others from the other districts" Gale summarised. Harry's shock at this I suppose he was justified but then again I suppose I never thought about what it looked like to someone who had never heard of the Hunger Games before. Harry seemed appalled by the way we were made to live and was shocked when Gale detailed the deeds of the Capitol
"And no one has tried to stop this?" he asked

"No, anyone tries they get killed or made into an Avox" I replied wondering how someone could be so oblivious to our way of life. He and Gale seemed to share their thoughts on rebellion but I put them out of my mind for a moment, I had enough game to keep us fed for at least a week and I could make quite a lot of money. My thoughts shifted to Prim and I wondered momentarily if Harry could shut Buttercup up in some way (throwing him into a lake), speaking of Prim I needed to get back and soon. We were close to the fence and I saw Harry looking at it with interest. Gale looked ready to take him over the fence but I blocked him

"Well here we, look I'm not trying to be rude but I'm not really keen on letting someone I just met into my home" I said it calmly and hoped I didn't cause any offense.

"I understand completely, I can camp out here for a while. I'm sure I can make something up" he smiled taking me by surprise

"We'll come back" Gale suggested obviously wanting to learn more about Harry

"I'd like that" Harry grinned turning around and walking back into the trees

"No offense Katnip but he is pretty cool" Gale remarked with a smirk, I rolled my eyes

"Look he seems nice but we hardly know him and I think we should at least find out who is his before he joins the family" I scolded,

"Well he certainly gave us a hand with hunting" Gale pointed out as I slid my barely used bow back into its hiding place

"I suppose so" I answered briskly wanting to get home as quickly as possible; I listened to make sure the fence was off before approaching. Once inside the district boundaries I looked to the forest, I hoped he'd be ok. There were dogs and Trackerjackers out there, but I supposed with his wand thing he could take them all out

"Come on then" I nudged Gale who was still looking towards the forest
"Fine but we're going back tomorrow" he decided.

"Fine" I agreed secretly happy about seeing him again.