Lost: Chapter Three

It took the entire journey home to explain what magic was to Prim, she had seen me use it so she was entitled to an explanation, I had also put my name into a ball nine times so they would get a bit more to eat and had risked going into the arena for them.

"Can you do anything?" was her first question, I answered truthfully and explained what I could and couldn't do and Prim's eyes lit up. Katniss didn't interject during the conversation and was obviously still a bit angry I had turned up in the middle of the district but also pleased that I had risked my own life for her family; well if by risking my life I meant entering an arena with the deathstick and magic which probably put the odds up for me a bit. Prim was enchanted by the idea of magic and I did a few demonstrations on the way to her home, she enjoyed the golden birds I made which flew around her head like a halo. Even Katniss smiled when they did the same to her, she seemed distracted and also relieved that I was distracting Prim, the reaping as they call it is tomorrow and I felt nervous. Not form me but these two, Katniss had a good chance of being called up as did Gale, Prim had less of a chance but her name was in the ball nevertheless, either could be called up and so could I supposed but it would a lot easier for me than them. For them it must be terrifying but there was nothing I could do except help them in any way I could and if keeping Prim distracted was helping then I would keep doing it.


I found Katniss's mother less than welcoming in all honesty, I hadn't heard much about her other than the fact Katniss did not get on with her much due to her falling into a depression after their father died. Obviously she was suspicious of someone staying in her home that she didn't know but eventually Katniss beat her down, I didn't tell her about magic as Katniss asked me not to but I could tell the woman had gone through a lot, though I decided to sleep on the floor as there wasn't enough space in this house for the family let alone a guest. I suppose that was what made me decide I wasn't going to leave, firstly I had no way of leaving but there was no way I was going to leave any family in this kind of position, not now, not ever. Then the sound of sobs filled my ears, it was Prim; concerned I quietly crept up the stairs and found Katniss comforting Prim.

"It was me," she was sobbing and I already knew what she must have dreamt, my heart went out to her but I thought it would be better for Katniss to speak to her sister than me, so I crept back downstairs with no idea how tomorrow was going to play out.

The next day

"What the hell is that?" I asked aloud, sneaking into the reaping was a lot easier than I thought but my presence caused Gale to jump out of his skin. My comment was directed at what looked like a stick insect with a paler skin than Voldemort, she was wearing a pink wig (didn't hide it very well either) and was the strangest woman I had ever seen. She was wearing enough makeup to drown at least nine cats and looked like Umbridge gone wrong, very wrong

"What are you doing here?" Gale demanded quietly, I quickly explained what had happened in regards to staying with Katniss, adding my name to the reaping ball and the rest. Gale looked quietly impressed but I noticed few people were staring at me, I looked out-of-place and a few were wondering who I was. Though I had no time for idle chit-chat and I looked over the line for Katniss, she was looking for Prim who I knew had freaked out when they tried to take her blood, hopefully she was ok but I couldn't see Prim anywhere.

"Happy Hunger Games," the woman called Effie Trinket announced in a voice that could have shattered glass, a man was standing close to her and looked drunk. Very drunk in fact but my eyes were on the district escort who was mumbling a number of things which sounded like propaganda and I immediately put it out of my head. A few peacekeepers walked up the isles of kids and I recognised one, it was the same one I knocked out in the forest the other day. Then after a moment I noticed Effie Trinket put her name into one of the glass balls after declaring

"Ladies first!" she rummaged around for a few moments before grabbing a piece of paper and shouting

"Primrose Everdeen." Gale put his hands over his face and I noticed the girls move aside to create a path, the elder wand was already in my hand as I pushed my way through the crowd hoping to save Prim from whatever fate was going to await her. In hindsight I could have thought of a better plan but it was too late, Katniss suddenly leapt forward and shouted

"I volunteer!" wait you could volunteer? This made things a lot easier and didn't involve me attack peacekeepers, instead I watched Gale grab Prim who didn't want to let go of Katniss. Effie looked conflicted as if she didn't want to break the rules but the drunk waved her protests to the side, instead Katniss was escorted to the stage where the woman asked a number of questions.

"And now the boys!" she announced firmly.

"Peeta Mellark," I had never heard the name but Katniss was looking horrified and it seemed this kid was going to have the luckiest day of his life as I entered the isle the boys had made for him and shouted.

"I volunteer," a gasp ran through the crowd, evidently this was the first time two people volunteered. A few people were still wondering who I was but ignoring them I walked forward and was helped onto the stage by the woman who grabbed my hand. It was covered in white powder

"Another turn of events as District Twelve gets its first ever male and female volunteers," she announced looking excited.

"What's your name?" she asked me eventually.

"Harry Potter," I replied, she continued speaking and I saw Katniss looking at me with shock, I gave her a look that said what you think you can get rid of me that easily. The elder wand was in my pocket and it was a good thing I put a charm on it that meant it couldn't be stolen or seen unless I was using it. Slowly; painfully slowly the reaping ending and we were sent into the justice building and placed in a room by a burly looking peacekeeper. I wasn't expecting anyone to come and see me but I was taken my surprise when Prim entered the room

"You will help her right?" she demanded quickly knowing she couldn't mention magic while in the room. I crouched down until I was level with her.

"I promise I will do everything I can to bring your sister home," I assured her, she then wrapped me in a hug before being taken out

"Good luck!" she cried before the door slammed shut. After a while (Katniss had a lot of visitors) we were escorted to a car with Effie Trinket who is still the creepiest looking woman I have ever seen in my life but she was more talkative. Well she was bragging about the different things the capitol had before we would be thrown into the arena, it was both the strangest and funniest thing I had ever heard. It was like someone going; here's a gold coin now I'm going to stab you three times in the face. Katniss looked slightly blank, she was busy thinking about Prim and her mother and if they would survive without her, I'm sure they would. Gale would take good care of them and Prim had her goat if things got really bad but it wouldn't stop her worrying; not by a long shot.