2 Months Later

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Charlie questioned, as he ushered me through the courthouse. I nodded, while my eyes eagerly searched the crowd.

I couldn't believe everything that I had been through in the past two months. After I left Edward standing in the cabin alone, I made my way out the door and down the side of the hill. My main concern was to get the fuck out of there, but when I heard gunshots I came to a sudden stop. He was dead. I couldn't believe that Edward was dead, and it was all because of me.

My dad was the one who found me, rugged, tired and crying as I walked down the highway back towards town. I explained the situation and had to wait at the station as he went to the cabin to handle the situation. I never imagined in a million years who he would bring back in with him in the back of the cop car.

Edward Cullen, the notorious bad boy.

I visited him in jail several times, as the cops tried to sort the truth out of the situation. James had killed Edward's mother per request of Aro, before he came back to the cabin for us. I'm pretty sure that he was going to kill both of us on the spot, but thankfully Edward had let me go. There was a struggle, and Edward had pulled the gun away from James and killed him. Edward had turned in every name that he knew that were a part of the drug ring, therefore Aro and several other individuals were arrested. Unfortunately, Edward had to go to jail until he was cleared as well.

Edward and I had discussed the situation, and I wanted to make sure that he understood my appreciation that he chose to save me. Not only that, but my sadness that he lost his mother. He was alone now, and part of me felt responsible.

However, today was the day that they were releasing him from jail. I had to be there for him, after all who else would? My father and I fought for hours about this, but in the end Charlie agreed that we had to help.

My eyes found a pair of saddened green eyes that were searching the crowd for a way out. He didn't know I was coming. When our eyes met, a thousand questions poured from him. He didn't have a chance to ask any of them though, because I was launching myself at him. He was my savior, and now it was my turn to save him.