Harry is still sleeping in the stroller after Severus sends their things to his room, so he carefully lifts the child. He doesn't want to wake Harry, but very few wizards would put their child in a muggle stroller, and he didn't want to risk being too memorable.

A simple glamor changes his appearance, giving him light blue eyes and short brown hair. Harry's eyes change to match Severus's, while his hair is reddish brown. The goblins will be able to see through the glamors, but the patrons at the bank would be blissfully unaware that ex-Death Eater Severus Snape was visiting the bank with a child who looks suspiciously like James Potter, dead hero. He summoned his money bag from upstairs, checking to ensure that his vault key is there. It would be pointless to go to all this effort to have it wasted by forgetting something simple.

Exiting the house, he walks swiftly through the streets, still dressed in muggle clothing. Ducking down a rarely used side street, he grabbed his wand and held it out. With a bang loud enough to wake Harry, the Knight Bus appeared in front of him. A teenager steps off the bus and begins speaking, obviously his script each time.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport…"

"Yes, yes," Severus snaps, shushing Harry as he moves forward. "The Leaky Cauldron."

After paying for his fare (Harry was able to ride free because of his age), Severus moved to one of the chairs scattered about the bus and stuck it to the floor, sitting just as the bus took off, jumping back to wherever they were before he summoned them. After an almost hour long journey that seemed to cover more of Britain than Severus had any desire to see, the bus finally pulled up outside the Leaky Cauldron.

Harry had fallen back to sleep on the bus, frankly Severus envied him that as he hated riding that infernal bus, but he perked up as they passed through the dingy pub and into the alleyway, where he drew his wand and opened the alleyway to proceed into Diagon Alley.

He made his way to the bank quickly as possible, stepping into the slightly busy bank with a sigh. Looking at the lines of people made him smirk and thank all the powers that he had the forethought to make an appointment with the goblins. After all, one does not simply walk into the bank and announce that they want to adopt the apparently missing Harry Potter and work on transferring all the money in your vault into one in another name. No, certainly not done.

"I have an appointment with Grimfang," Severus said to a goblin busy checking rubies from one of the vaults for curses. The goblin looked up, noted the glamors and the wizards under them before nodding and going back to his ruby. He took another five minutes to finish his examination before going to one of the other tellers and whispering something. The teller, Grimfang, Severus's vault manager, quickly left his place and moved to Severus's side.

"This way sir," Grimfang said as he headed out of the lobby, Severus on his heels. Harry was staring at the goblin inquisitively, and Severus could almost see the wheels turning in the child's mind.

"Mr. Snape," Grimfang said after they were in his office, him at his desk, Severus with Harry on his lab on the other side, "It has been quite a while since you needed a private meeting to discuss your account."

"Recent events have forced me to consider several things," Severus said, fixing the goblin with his piercing black eyes. "There are several things I need to discuss with you, particularly the back-up plan I devised years ago."

Grimfang's eyes widened slightly. It was always hard to shock a goblin and Grimfang had seen more than most, but he would have never believed this unless he was seeing it with his own eyes. A few years ago, when he began spying, Severus had indulged in a fit of paranoia and had created a foolproof plan so that, if he was discovered, he would be able to flee with no one the wiser. There were muggle lenses to change his eye color, spells researched to straighten and whiten his teeth, a barbering spell to cut his long hair short, and the recipe for a special potion he had created to protect his hair from brewing fumes. He had never used any of them, as his reputation was as a greasy, dungeon dwelling Death Eater. Those had all been set aside, along with ingredients for the potion and muggle make-up to cover his Dark Mark, in a hidden compartment in his vault. Also included in there were books on foreign languages (though he was proficient in several), fake identification (magical and muggle, only needing to be finalize by Severus), and the means to fake his death. Apparently it was time to use those measures.

"Might I ask why?" Grimfang asked, trying to conceal his shock and pleased to find that his voice sounded normal.

Severus didn't answer for a moment, carding his fingers through Harry's hair. He trusted Grimfang, and knew that the oath made several years ago was still valid. The goblin couldn't tell anyone his secrets, plus he would need his help.

"Harry Potter," he finally sighed, gesturing to the boy in his lap. "I found him when I went to Godric's Hollow and couldn't leave him in the wreckage. Dumbledore believes the boy has been taken by Death Eaters, and I wish to have him remain unaware that the boy lives. He will attempt to mold the boy into a savior in the event that the Dark Lord returns, and I don't want that to happen."

"So you will fake your own death, and the boy's, and then the two of you will flee to another country?" Grimfang asked. He had never known Severus to be anything but silent and brooding, but the man had smiled briefly when the child in his lap began babbling to the stuffed toy it carried.

"Yes. The bank operates separate from the Ministry and Hogwarts, so there is no need for anyone in either place to be aware if I adopt Harry," Severus replied, still absentmindedly carding Harry's messy black hair. "A blood adoption will make him my son, without the option of separation in the unlikely event that we are discovered."

Grimfang smiled (a truly disconcerting sight on a goblin), and said, "We had better get started then, hadn't we Mr. Snape?"

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