Emma wasn't entirely sure how she had made her way from the hospital, and woke up in Regina's guest bedroom. The last thing she remembered being falling asleep with Regina in her arms. They had sat and talked for hours it had seemed; and for the first time, Emma had truly felt like she was beginning to know the true Regina Mills. Not the uptight, strict, mayoral figure the brunette so desperately sought to be seen as. No, Emma was beginning to see the woman underneath the mask, and that was something she would be forever grateful for.

She walked through the beautiful halls of the mansion, and rubbed her eyes groggily. She vaguely remembered them telling her Regina had to stay overnight at the hospital for observation, and Regina giving her the keys to the Mayoral Mansion; requesting she stay overnight with Henry. Just as she had that thought, she broke out into a smile as she walked into the kitchen, and was greeted with the young boy sitting at the table; practically shoving his face into a bowl of cereal.

"Woah, Hulk hungry much? No smash table." She teased him.

Henry merely laughed in reply, and sat his spoon down, wiping the milk from his face. "Sorry."

"Nah, don't worry about it. I just don't want you doing that around your mom." Emma smirked, turning the coffee maker on. "I don't need you developing habits for her to blame me about."

"She'll find a way."

Emma rolled her eyes, opening and closing the cabinets in order to find a coffee mug. After succeeding, she moved to perch herself on the edge of the counter; taking a pear in her palm, and shining it on her shirt. "Speaking of your mom - you're okay spending a little time here alone while I go check up on her?"

"Yeah, that's fine." Henry stood up, taking his now quickly emptied bowl and slipping it into the sink. "How's she doing?"

"Good!" Emma smiled, taking a bite of the crisp fruit. "The doctors are happy. She'll still need a few more trips back and forth there, but she's okay."

"And she doesn't have cancer?"

"No, Henry, she does not have cancer."

"What about polio?"



"Oh my god." Emma laughed, covering her face with her palm. "Your mom does not have Ebola of all damn things!"

"What about epilepsy?"

It was at this that Emma stopped laughing, and narrowed her eyebrows together quietly; casting her gaze away from the boy. He was right - even though his other guesses had been completely ridiculous. Epilepsy could cause seizures, and could be brought on by physical trauma - something Regina had confided in her about the night prior. All Emma could do was sigh, and shrug her shoulders. "I don't know kid. All we can do is trust in her doctors."

"Alright. But are you sure it's not Ebola?"

"Oh, for gods sake, go play video games." Emma whined, kicking at him playfully; electing a laugh from her son, who turned over his shoulder, and exited the room quietly.

"Fucking Ebola." Emma mumbled to herself, finishing off the pear with a shrug of her shoulders. She then moved off the counter, and opened the fridge in search of another snack. To her surprise, she found a small tupperware container, with a sticky note: "For Emma." Inside, it looked to be a homemade pastry. She popped off the lid, and took a deep inhale.

"Apples." She laughed, shaking her head as she replaced the lid. She ripped the sticky note off, and instead, reached for the pad sitting on the counter. In sharpie, she then wrote: "Henry, have this for your dessert after lunch. Your mom made it for me, but I don't like apples that much. -Emma."