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Chapter One: Two and a Half Hours

"Mommy! Look! It's Danny Phantom!" The little girl pointed upwards, her adoration for Amity Park's hero evident in her face. "Hi Danny Phantom!" She screamed out at him.

Phantom, for his part, grinned at the recognition. Two years since his accident and he still wasn't over the thrill. The thrill of helping and saving not just the people he loved, but everyone else possible. Descending from his perch in a cloud, he slipped down next to the young child and her awestruck mother.

"Hello," he said kindly. "How are y- uff!" The girl ran at him, giving Phantom a huge hug.
He smiled again, glancing at a breathless mother.

"Um, uh, come on, Penelope. I'm sure Danny Phantom is busy. We need to go get Daddy a present, too!" The flustered woman gathered up the little Penelope and bustled down the street. Every once in awhile, she would glance confusedly at the spot that the ghost had just disappeared from.

Danny looked after them, invisibly shrugging. He wasn't surprised at the mother's reaction. It wasn't every day your child ran up and hugged a strange ghost come to greet you. Most people wouldn't even think it possible, but ghosts can choose when to be solid and when not to be. Turning away from the pair, he floated a few feet back into the air, scanning the early christmas shoppers for his two best friends. Two best friends that were human.

Spotting a red beret and black ponytail bouncing along near each other, Danny soared over. "Hey," he whispered into Tucker's ear, laughing when he jumped a foot.

"Geez, man. You couldn't walk up like a normal person?"

"Course not, I'm not a normal person. Anyways, meet by the water fountain in five." He flew away, still chuckling. A few people glanced up at the noise, but noting that nothing truely strange was happening, they went back to their shopping.

"You would think Danny would stop doing that! Right Sam?"

"Toughen up, Tuck. It's your fault that you practically turn into a ghost and fly every time he does that. The novelty will NEVER wear off!"

"Still. I'll get him back for that," he mumbled.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Let's go find your boyfriend, shall we?"

The water fountain was a small, secluded space the friends had found a few months ago when they were chasing a ghost dog named Cujo. Danny had been out walking him as Phantom when they had seen a squirrel. Cujo had chased it through a wall and ended up here. Since not many people knew about it, it was a great place for Sam and Tucker to meet Danny.

Seeing them approach, Danny Phantom looked around to make sure no one was near. Then he reached deep inside of him for that feeling of life, pulling it to the surface. Two rings of bright white light encircled him. When the rings disappeared, a sixteen year old wearing a white t-shirt and jeans stood in his place. Danny Phantom, a ghost, had become Danny Fenton, a human.

"Hey guys. Tuck, did you find a pattern with Skulker's attacks?" He asked.

Sam answered, Tucker still plotting revenge against Danny. "No, he didn't, I did. It's really quite simple. He's been appearing every two and a half hours." She grinned at him.

"Great. Tucker, how long has it been? Tuck?"

"Yes! The thermos!" Tucker muttered to himself.

"I can hear you, Tucker. Supersonic ghost hearing, remember?" Danny grinned.

"Yeah, yeah, fine." He took out his PDA. "Last Skulker attack was exactly two hours, twenty-two minutes, and fifty-three seconds. That means another one in seven minutes. Good enough for you?"

Danny groaned. "Why can't he give me a break? I've been beating him for two YEARS." He turned back into Phantom, flying away.

Tucker sighed. "And thus we have been brushed off like snow on a shoulder."

"Come on, come on!" Having been muttering to himself for the last few minutes, Danny almosy didn't notice a blue fog puff out of his mouth. "Come... oh, crap." Avoiding a ball of spectral energy, he darted to the side with supernatural speed, whirling around to face his enemy: a big, metal suit clad ghost. "A bit off schedule, huh Skulker?"

"Wha?" He looked confused for a second. "No I'm not. I am right on time. The Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter is always on time, especially for a hunt as important as this one."

"Well, according to my watch," Danny looked down at his wrist, "You are exactly three minutes and twenty-three seconds late in trying to kill me. And counting." He grinned.

"No!" Skulker looked down at his arm, poking at something attached to his armor. "Stupid PDA, the alert didn't come soon enough."

Sighing at the distracted ghost, Danny pulled out some of his energy and formed a ball. "Hey Skulker. You remind me of a ghost called Cujo. Fetch!" He lobbed the ectoplasm at Skulker, amazed at how easy it was to outsmart him this time. Whipping out a Fenton Thermos, the phantom sucked Skulker into its depths. "Let's try this newest addition out, shall we?" He whispered. Pressing a button labeled 'speaker,' he put the thermos near his ear-and pulled it away at the speed of light. Giving the container a shake, he waited for the rattling to drown out the sounds of screeched threats.

"Shut up, you little frog!"

Skulker stopped immediately. "You can hear me?"

"Yeah, and I'm starting to regret it! Now shut it and answer my question!"

"I-I... Never, you insolent whelp! Why should I, Skulker, Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter, listen to a half-ghost like you!"

"Calm down, I just want to know why you're attacking me at such even intervals. I mean, really? Every two and a half hours?"

"Oh, that, I just felt like annoying someone, and you're the most fun to annoy. And a hunt is a good way to get away from Ember."

Danny's interest was piqued. "Ember? She's your girlfriend, right? So why do you want to get away from her?"

"She's trying to plan some Christmas party. And she wants me to invite you and your human friends! I mean, I know there's a truce and all, but to invite you ahead of time?" Danny could practically see him shaking his head sadly. "She's nuts."

Flipping the speaker back off, Danny Phantom flew home to call Sam. Maybe I'll leave Skulker in here for a few hours. Then he'll lose the desire to hunt me for a bit. Hopefully.

Drifting along slowly, Danny had a feeling. He couldn't say for sure, but it felt like he was being followed. Sifting through his head, he knew it wasn't a ghost; his ghost sense hadn't gone off. It couldn't be his ghost-hunting parents; they were too loud, and even if they weren't, they didn't have the technology to go unseen. Suddenly he gasped. Someone else had been working on technology to replicate ghost powers. Someone else could have the silence and patience to spy on him quietly. That someone? The Guys in White.

Just as he was coming up with this conclusion, a net enclosed him and he flt a sharp sting on his arm. Then he was falling, falling... And everything went black.