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Chapter 6: Frozen

Everybody froze. Later on, those involved could swear the tension in the air was thick enough to walk on, but that thought wasn't what was going through their minds. In fact, no two beings were thinking the same thing.

Shoot! If I hadn't made Tucker come help me instead of Jazz, we wouldn't be in this situation! Danny's going to hate me if Jazz gets killed.

How the heck did that happen? And how did Johnny recover so fast? Was he faking?

Three angry, ruthless ghosts against one ghost and two humans? Perhaps I should put my amulet back on, I will be stronger. But where is my other knight?

Yes! The halfa will come out of hiding now, he won't risk his sister just to keep Skulker trapped!

No matter who it was or what they were thinking, they all knew one thing: one false move would forfeit Jasmine Fenton's life, and no one knew how to fix this situation.

Until the Booo-merang appeared again.

He couldn't move. Here he was, laying on a metal examination table, and yet he couldn't move a muscle. Phantom knew he wasn't strapped down right now because he could feel his whole body, there wasn't anything wrong. Except for the fact that he couldn't move.

He couldn't understand it. He felt fine and wasn't even feeling a tiny bit sleepy or foggy. He wasn't in pain either, so he wasn't crippled or poisoned. Why couldn't he do anything then? He couldn't do anything but think and remember and...

"Not exactly what we hoped, but maybe it'll take a while to take complete effect." Phantom strained his ears, hoping to hear more. Would they say what had happened?

Tony sighed. "I don't know. The formula was very defective in the first place. It did the complete opposite of what they wanted it to. I had hoped we could alter it to do what the serum was supposed to without starting for scratch. Of course, this could be all it does, and even though this isn't what we wanted, it could still be useful. We'll have to keep a good eye on the ghost to observe any other effects." Nope. He had no idea what had happened still. All he knew is that they had altered something they got from someone and somehow got it in his body. It could have been anything.

Phantom forced his eyes open with difficulty, hoping for an unobstructed view of the ceiling, but the GIW were a bit smarter than he gave them credit for. Even though he was paralyzed, they had made sure to leave him under the thick, green ghost shield. What did they do to me? he wondered again. He searched his mind for a hint to what had happened before he woke up here, but what he did find only made him clench his eyes in a fresh wave of grief. Dani. Sighing mentally, he gave up his hunt and let himself fall back into the dark recesses of his mind.

Wulf flew in, clearly in a hurry, clearly not aware of what was happening. Everyone looked at him in surprise-Wulf was the most laid back and observant ghost there, taking action only where it need be. Besides the three ghosts hanging back. (A/N- Bet you forgot about the mystery ghosts...)

Four things happened at once; Wulf screeched to a stop, finally noticing Jazz's danger, Ember gasped as she saw Wulf's eyes flash, Johnny took one look at where Wulf had come from, and sped off, as Wulf made one decision. He flew intangible through Shadow, pausing on his other side. Then everything fell into place. Remember the Booo-merang? No one even saw it flash before it slammed into Shadow, trying to reach Wulf. No one noticed two cyclops and a blue infant fly away, the infant saying "Everything is as it should be."

Everyone noticed when the Booo-merang gave a loud beep, discarding its old target for this new obstacle. Shadow flew around, trying to escape the painful invention. Wulf grabbed the newly freed Jazz and tackled the two humans and ghost into the Specter Speeder. He turned, slamming the door on three very mad ghosts.

He sat on the ground, one hand still outstretched towards where the younger ghost had been. Numb, he pulled back, slowly floating back but always staring at a spot on the ground that was just the tiniest bit different from the rest of his cell, his jail. Feeling slowly started to return to him, starting with a small tingle in his chest, like a nudge. Then reality crashed in. Dani was dead. That thought echoed around in his head, growing and growing, overwhelming him. He knew why, too. Dani had been amazing. They had spent so much time together, from defeating Vlad to talking about the NASA program, from escaping death to peacefully patrolling the skies. They had grown close the past few years, closer than clones ever would, closer even than the cousins they pretended to be. She was more than a sister or friend, too. She was the only one who could truly understand him, more than even Vlad. They had helped each other, lifting the other up in times of need. But she was gone now. Tears trickled down Danny's face. It was his fault, he knew it, even as he tried to blame others. The GIW, Vlad, even Jazz. It always came back to him though. It was his fault, wasn't it? Or was it?

He sighed. Blame was getting him nowhere soon. He had to find a way out of here, if not for himself, then for Dani. She deserved recognition, and not in such a small, dreary place. He had to get out, but first... He needed rest.

Phantom's eyes slid open, glowing brightly, as if they could ignite at any moment. Blinking in confusion, he wondered for a moment why his bed was so hard. He tried to turn his head to scan the room, a habit gained from a couple years of ghosts trying to sneak up on him while he was half asleep. Frowning when his head didn't respond, Phantom remembered where he was. And still couldn't remember why.

He shivered. I wonder how long I've been here. Must've been a while if my ice powers are already starting to build up. That wasn't good. His parents were going to realize he was missing. His friends couldn't keep his absence hidden forever. To make it worse, Jazz had promised to tell their parents his secret if his life depended on it, against his wishes and arguments. By the time he was out of here, his little secret wouldn't be such a little secret, in more ways than one.

Internally cringing at the thought of the consequences to his secret coming out, he sifted through his mind again. For him, it was easy to shut everything out and concentrate on something very specific. He figured it was another product of his ghost powers. This was the kind of mindset he had to be in to call forth either of his forms, but instead of trying to penetrate something like the murky memory he was now, he had to let loose something that skulked right on the edge of his mind if not in use.

Steering clear of his human half, Phantom internally pulled on his lost memory. Tugging it to the forefront of his mind, he concentrated harder, finally regaining his memory in bits and pieces.

He woke, still exhaughsted from his recent escapades. Being caught, maintaining ghost form, Dani dying... He was just floating, the GIW strangely absent... The ghost shield lifted... But he couldn't get under the small opening... A strange green mist...

The ghost jolted out of the memory. He had been gassed. If it could be called that, since ghosts didn't breath. It must have worked on contact. This still didn't help his situation, as much as he was relieved that he didn't have permanent memory loss.

This really was quite a mess. He mused, smirking as his hand began twitching.

GIWG57DPDNATR01: Status: Opened

Ghostly Intervention Workers: Ghost #57, 'Danny Phantom' DNA test results - File one

Subject 57 physical powers test results.

Simple ectoplasm and accuracy: Subject shot thin rays at the targets from across the shield. Width was approximately three inches. Subject did not miss the center of the target at all. After 67 shots, subject's energy seemed not to have depleted at all.

Intangibility: Was able to go through all objects presented, including; wood, cement, concrete, all food groups, water, stone, precious gems, and more.

Invisibility: Held perfectly until hit by something, be it ghost power or chair.

Ghost Shield: Seemed to be the weakest power, taking the most energy and lasting an average of 72.34 seconds. Was easily destroyed with continuous blasts from an ectoweapon.

Ice Rays: Subject was able to produce ice from his energy, proving a cold core. Was as accurate with ice rays as with Ecto rays.

Possession: Untested, no safe way to test while also retaining safety of volunteer.

Ice crystals: Subject was observed forming a crystal of ice in its palm. While believing it is harmless, one cannot be too sure.

Ecto infused snow: Subjct created a snowball with Ecto energy encased in it. It worked as a sort of bomb, completely destroying the used targets and leaving only five of the original ten targets.

Ecto infused scream: Most powerful attack. Took ghost's remaining energy, It almost passed out immediately, strange lights appearing around it, but it received some sort of energy boost before becoming unconscious. Investigation pending as soon as equipment is replaced.

Notes: The results of these tests and an ectoplasm sample taken while subject was unconscious are as follows;

Endurance Level: 9 point endurance

Ectoplasmic Signature Code: Could not pinpoint. Will need to test at main head quarters.

Ectoplasmic Level: A high 8. Around 15% higher than our last reliable reading.

Conclusion: Though we are still doing tests on subject, we can conclude that this entity is a danger that cannot be released, unlike past projects. It is constantly growing in power and gaining more powers, some of which are completely unpredictable in that the ghost cannot even control them. While we are waiting for transportation to the main headquarters, we will be testing anything possible while not destabilizing the subject.

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