How'd I get myself into this mess.

"So, what's next.. Luffy."

Chapter One- The Straw Hats

"Nee, Zoro you see any islands up there?" Luffy shouted and a wide goofy grin stretching across his face, waving his arms about uncontrollably. "Ah, not much. Nothing but shitty cook swanning over Nami" he lowered the brass telescope and slumped into his hand, leaning on the rail. He tutted to him self as he drew his attention away from Sanji.

"It doesn't look like we'll be on land any time soon, Luffy." he shouted down to the deck. Luffy held his straw hat in one hand and kicked the floor in disappointment as he wondered away. Chopper plopped across the deck as he made his way over to Usopp.

"You caught any dinner yet?"

"Yeah, 500 sea kings already" He grinned at the small blue nosed reindeer as he stared at him in shock.


"I ate them, I am after all, King of eating sea kings." Chopper stood star-eyed as he took in this information.

"Who cooked them?"

" I ate them Raw."

"EEH! Raw! Usopp you really are King of the sea king" Chopper blurted out and Usopp spun in the amazement of his companion, acting all high and mighty.

"Liar." Nami stated as she walked passed, Sanji close behind.

"EHH! He was Lying! Usopp..Why?"

Franky and Robin were sat in the kitchen, listening to the typical actions outside. "It seems Usopp still hasn't grown out of it. You'd think after two years he would have learned" Robin said, with out taking her eyes off the pages of her book.

" He's a SUPEER LIAR. Never Stop a man and his SUPEER ABILITIES!" Franky created a star with his forearms while brook crept in. "I'm so hungry I could die. Ah, I'm already dead.. Yohoho" Brook joked to himself

"Ah, me -" Luffy flew into the kitchen, knocking down Franky on his hunt for food. He began sniffing around the kitchen for meat in his desperation to fill his needy stomach. " SANJI!FOOD!" the teenager yelled, grabbing the attention of Sanji as he sucked in on his cigarette. Franky pulled him self up staring at Luffy in mild annoyance.

"You're going to have to catch something, we're low on meat right now." He said calmly as he blew out the smoke of his cigarette.

"YOSH! Usopp! Get the long fishing rod, we're gonna get a sea king for dinner!" Luffy leapt out of the kitchen in excitement and ran to wards his cheering friends, ready to catch their dinner. "Right, I'd better start preparing dinner then. I better cook it extra nice for Nami-Swan and Robin-Chwan~" Sanji danced around the kitchen, his thoughts only about pleasing the ladies of the ship.

"Idiot." Zoro muttered to himself as he settled to take a nap.


The Sunny shook suddenly and was blown backward through the water as the dinner Luffy has caught flew up out of the water with tremendous force. But it wasn't a sea king.

"What is that?" Copper's knees began to wobble and they all stared upon the big, yellow lump bobbing on the surface of the ocean.

"Oi, Sanji! Can we eat this?" Luffy cried to the cook and his stomach ached for any food. Sanji poked his head round the door and inspected the object for a few seconds.

"Nah, that's metal. Sink it or something." Sanji crept back into the kitchen to continue with his preparation.

"AH! LUFFY! I'll use my SUPEER BEAM on that weird yellow thing!" Franky shouted as he dashed out to join the fun, Luffy nodded his head in agreement and rested on the rail for a good view.

"SUPEEER BE-" before Franky could finished the metal lump flipped over. "AAM!" Franky fired his destructive beam at the Heart Pirates ship.

Chapter Two- The Heart Pirates

~Coming Soon!~