Chapter Ten - Separation

For fuck sake. How long has it been since Law last has any intimate contact? Too long that's how much. He'd never been this sexually frustrated before and it was starting to piss him off. Not only did he want to screw anything that moved at this moment in time, the stupid kid brat had actually stood by his decision. He hadn't said a word for him for two weeks. Two. Fucking. Weeks. Maybe he wasn't interested any more? No, that can't be, Luffy was the one who was all over him. Then there was that scene with that idiot sword's man. Gah, why did this have to happen. It's all that damn cyborg's fault. If he hadn't blew up his ship then all this bull shit would have never happened.

Law was tossing and turning in his bed, he hadn't had much sleep lately and the situation with his young lover was getting worse. Everyone on the ship had noticed there was something off between them after an unknown event in Luffy's bedroom, but no one dared to ask. Law tried to force him self to stop thinking so he could sleep but his thoughts kept on running madly around his head. Who knew one kid could do something like this to Law.

He managed to fall asleep from exhaustion but that didn't last for long. Law was awoken by Penguin and Shachi smashing their feet heavily on the decking above of Law's bedroom. And the stomping wouldn't stop for even a second. Law arose from his bed sharply and threw his duvet across the empty room. He whipped his black cloak around him and slid his arms into it and tugged on the front to fit it. His aura spread around the hall way and made it's way up the stairs and out to the deck before Law. Penguin and Shachi froze as they felt the demonic aura surround them. They knew what it was. They could hear Law's foot steps echoing through the corridor and up the stairs.

"You idiots." His voice was low and grainy and it sent a shiver down Shachi's and Penguin's spines.

"C-C-Captain! G-Good Morning." Shachi stuttered.

"Good mornin' my ass. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in days and you're up 'ere runnin' around like idiots for no good reason." He looked up under his eyebrows, his eyes were sharp and had black bags hanging painfully under them.

"S-Sorry, C-Captain!" Penguin apologised, fearing for his life.


Luffy sat happily at the table, scoffing his face with meat from one of the monstrous fish's they'd caught the day before. He swung his legs under the table and hummed a happy tune to himself.

"Nee, Zoro. Do'ya think we'll find land any time soon? It's getting boring out here~" crumbs of food fell out of his mouth as he spoke. Zoro was resting his head in his hand, slumped over the table next to Luffy.

"Don't know. Probably, it's been long enough." Zoro was ready to drift of to sleep when they hear a horrid scream shoot through their ears.

"What was that?" Luffy quickly gulped him mouthful of meat

"Damn, I was just about to take a nap. I suppose we should go and check." Zoro stood up and was about to make his way out of the kitchen when an unusual sight entered the room.

"S-Shachi? P-Penguin?" Zoro asked as he tried to hold back his laughter. His cheeks grew bigger as he tried even harder to hold it back. "W-What Happen-" He couldn't take it. Zoro had collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter and was rolling around uncontrollably. Luffy turned around to see what the fuss was about as he took another mouthful of meat. What could be so funny that Zoro was laughing? Luffy choked as he saw what it was and started coughing up his meat. This quickly followed with a huge belt of laughter escaping Luffy's mouth.

"S-Stop laughing you guys! This isn't funny!" Penguin protested.

"Chichichi. How could you not laugh! Look at your selves. You've got an ass for your head!" Luffy and Zoro rolled on the floor and laughed even harder in unison.

"H-Hold on.." Luffy wiped a tear from his eye "If you're ass is in the place for your head then where's-" Penguin and Shachi turned around to show their heads poking out the bottom of the backs. They both had a sorrowful look on their face's but Luffy couldn't care less. This was too funny.

"Phahha. Do'ya know how god damn funny you look right know?" Zoro continued laughing along side Luffy.

Suddenly, a dark, frightening aura crept into the room. Luffy and Zoro were too busy laughing at Penguin and Shachi to realise and when they did it was too late.

"So you think this is funny, huh?!" a low, dark voice boomed through the kitchen and Law stood in the door way, extremely pissed off.

"Did you do this Trafalg-guy? It's hilarious!" Luffy exclaimed in his fit of laughter.

"Oh I'm sorry, Straw-Hat-Ya'. I thought ya' weren't talkin' to me." Luffy stopped looking and looked up at Law. "You want an ass for a head too?!"

Luffy looked Law dead in the eye, he saw his anger. But still, that didn't stop his thought running through his mind..What would he look like with an ass for a head? He began laughing again.

"Chichichi. You've got to admit, that'd be funny!"

Law was shocked. He's laughing at his damn threat. He hated this kid. He couldn't understand how he was so easy going, and taking everything as a joke. Law gave up on his hatred and smiled at Luffy as he let out a sigh.

"Room. Shambles. " Law had returned Shachi and Penguin to their former, normal selves and Luffy grinned back at him with approval. Law didn't realised Luffy had seen his smile. Shit. Law made a swift turned and left the kitchen and clambered down to the deck and began headed to his soft bed calling for his company.

"It's close." Luffy mumbled as he stood up, rubbing his stomach to calm it from laughing so much. He look at Zoro and grinned wildly.

"Yeah." Zoro sat back down on the table an prepared himself to sleep once more. Every thing was going to plan.

"Luffy! You're mean! How could you have laughed at us like that!" Penguin began shaking Luffy be the shoulders in disbelief, he hadn't found it funny one bit.

"Ahh, sorry, sorry~" Luffy apologised.

Fuck. If anything talking to Luffy had just made Law's situation worse than before, he tried to shake to picture of Luffy's cute laughter from his head. Law slammed the door shut, flung his jacket off and scrambled into his bed hiding under is covers.

This was Law's weak point towards Luffy- his smile. Why did it have to be so damn cute. The way has long lashes flutter, his cheeks glow and his adorable chuckle that's like sex to his ears. Shit. He sounded like a love struck teenage girl. Law hit his head.

He was even more sexually frustrated and his business down stairs began to hurt because of it.

Law lay in his bed, his thoughts full of Luffy and his goofy smile and amazingly toned abs. Almost as good as his own. Law felt a bulge forming in his pants.

"W-what the fuck." Law muttered in annoyance and he looked down at his crotch. Go away, go away he chanted to himself. Law was there for ten minutes trying to calm down but the more he tried not to think of Luffy the more he did. The situation in his pants was growing.

That's it, Law was just going to have to sort it out the old fashioned way. He rustled through his bag he kept by his bed and found some moisturiser. This would have to do. His cock was throbbing and that damn kid wasn't gonna give him anything any time soon. Law didn't like that idea of doing this, especially in the middle of the day but what else was there to do? He squeezed the moisturiser into a blob on the palm of his hand. He looked down at it as he began to spread it with his thumb. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad? He licked his lips in excitement.

He brushed the tip of his shaft as he felt the pre-cum seep through, running down the length of his cock. He was ready. Law slowly trailed his hand down and back up again as he began pumping. He swiftly picked up the speed as he bit his lips to hold back his moans. His head began spinning wildly as he increased his speed and began pumping more vigorously. Biting his lip wasn't enough, this felt too good and a moan of pleasure managed to escape his lips as he tilted his head back. He was gripping to his bed sheets as he continued with his pace. His free hand let go of the sheets, and glided their way downwards as Law picked up his knees. His fingers began to circle around his entrance, daring himself to go in. His fingers moved of their own accord and entered and Law's eyes immediately widened. He'd already found his glory spot. He quickened his pace again with both hands, his knees became week and his feet fell to the mattress as his hips bucked upward. Law moaned louder as he felt him self need to release. He didn't want to, this felt too good. He thought of Luffy, his adorable smile and sexy body. The feeling of pleasure was too great and Law finally released. He relaxed himself as he dropped both his hands to the sheets and lay there, still slightly panting. If that was Luffy doing all those things to him, it would have felt ten times more pleasurable.

That was it. Law had made up his mind. He wanted Luffy back. He wanted to hold him in his arms and make him smile his goofy grin and never let him go. It wasn't going to be for sex this time, although it will be a nice addition, this relationship was going to based on the fact that Luffy love him and he..he..

He loved Luffy.

After Law had calmed down and managed to sneak into the shower to clean himself off from his sinful moment with him self he headed down to find Luffy. To set this right. Annoyingly though, Law was rudely interrupted.

"Luffy! Everyone! Land! I see Land!" Usopp shouted wildly to the ship and in a flash everyone had run to the front of the deck, leaning over the edge to see if it was true. And it was. Luffy sprinted towards the front with a huge grin smacked across his face. He ran straight past Law. He looked him right in the eyes. He had completely ignored Law. Law leaned against the post and looked to the floor in disappointment. Luffy didn't want him any more. Like hell he did. If Luffy didn't want him any more then Law would just have to change his mind. He wont be separated from Luffy any longer than he had to.

"Oi! Nami! Does it look habitable!" Luffy yelled over the crowd of excited pirates. The all stopped and looked over at her with hope, and she looked down to her log pose. It was hardly moving. She whipped out her binoculars and stared intently threw them. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly. There was a town.

"Yup. There's a town and practically no danger. We've hit the jackpot!" Everyone cheered in joy. They'd all be stuck on the ship for at least a month, they needed to feel land again.

"Yo. You alright there, Mr. Gloomy?" Law turned around to see the cook smoking a cigarette and looking at him with concern on his face.

"Ya' really wanna listen to my problems again?" Law sighed. Sanji let out another puff of smoke.

"You'll get him back soon, don't worry too much." Sanji patted him on the back and made his way over to the swords man.

Sanji was right. Luffy was in an adventurous mood when landing on islands, maybe he'd forget about the separation and talk to Law. Then he could convince him to take him back. It was a plan. Law would snatch Luffy's heart again once they'd landed on shore.

Kyaa. So I hope Law's little moment was written okay, still not used to these scenes guys! . Hoped you liked the chapter and my attempt to be funny actually pulled off. I apologise if it was crap. D': Not sure when I'll post another chapter but I'll do it as soon as possible - I'm trying my best, honest! Until then..

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