Chapter Eleven- The Rain Came

The Sunny crept into a hidden cove on the south of the harmless island while the whole ship was buzzing with excitement and anticipation of stepping on solid land after such a long time robbed of the sensation. Everyone was running up and down the deck, collecting money and items they'll need for their long awaited trip on land.

The young captain sat at the head of the sunny, legs crossed and eagerly waiting the adventurous day ahead of his, a huge grin had been slapped on his face and he hung onto his straw hat with excitement- he had a feeling today was going to be a great one. Law stared at him, leaning against the mast of the Sunny, arms folded at his hat hiding his glare. He blocked out the idiocy of the crew, stomping around him; he needed a plan, and he needed one now.

"Straw-Hat-Ya'" he whispered silently under his breath.

The Sunny creaked slowly as it finally came to a stop and the whole ship screamed in excitement as they all made their way to the hidden beach that would lead them shortly to the long awaited town. Luffy chuckled as he slung his arms forwards, stretching them to the tall cliff that cast the secret shadow over the lush beach and Sunny. His rubber arms led him ahead of everyone else, landing on moist grass surrounding the path towards an adventure. Luffy began running as his head cleared of everything he'd planned and waited for, the excitement was too overwhelming and before Law could even take a step towards him, he'd gone. He let out a huge sigh and melted into the Sunny, why did he think he would be able to actually control Luffy when they've just arrived at an unknown island.

"Oi. What do'ya think you're doing, lying on the deck like that? Don't you want to go explore the island or something?" The blonde cook prodded the collapsed captain currently huddled up in a ball. The captain mumbled something in return.

"Eh?" The cook prodded him harder. Law mumbled again. A vain popped on Sanji's head and he kicked Law in the stomach to send him rolling to the end of the boat.


Law scrambled up and cracked his knuckles. "The fuck was that for?" he made his way over to Sanji.

"Well now I can understand what the heck you're saying, maybe you'd like to explain to me why you were huddled in a ball on the deck?" Sanji leaned against the post an awaited the answer.

"Well.. that was 'cause.." Law's cheeks became flustered as he trailed off his sentence and begun to play with his fingers. Sanji's sweat dropped, he looked like a primary school girl with a crush. He let out a laugh and Law grew redder.

" What do'ya think ya' laghin' at, huh?!" Law clenched his fist in his defence.

"Ha.. nothing, nothing. It's just you looked like a little girl in love" He wiped a tear from his eye as he stopped chuckling.

"Well.. it's nothin' like that ya' know. It's not like I'm.. ya' know.." Law trailed off again.

" Just look for the chaos and you'll find him in the centre of it, you'll want to hurry and find him before shit gets too serious."

Law looked up with puppy eyes full of thank-fullness, but quickly shook it off and re-adjusted his thick black coat.

Law cleared his throat "Yeah, thanks. That's probably the best way to find 'im. I'll be goin' now." Law pivoted on his heels and began to walk away, determined to find Luffy and make up with him.

"Just, don't let Nami catch you."

Law shivered . Fuck, Nami.

"Yeah." He shook the horrible image from his head.

Nami, Robin and Chopper walked happily through the buzzing town. Nami became starry-eyed at every shop and Robin was interested in nearly every building they passed while Chopper dragged Nami's shopping along the floor, admiring the local's strange sense in clothing.

"Ne, ne, Robin. Why don't we have a picnic later today, it's so nice and sunny today!" Chopper chirped as he skipped along next to her.

"That sounds like a lovely idea, Chopper" Robin smiled down at him.

"Maybe we should do it another day," Nami interrupted "Even though it's nice now, if you look over at those mountains," Nami pointed over to the threatening looking sky in the distance "and taking into account the wind today, there's likely to be a storm later."

"Eh? That's not fair!" Chopper hung his head in disappointment.

"We'll do it another day, 'kay?" Nami smiled. Chopper looked up at her and he smiled in agreement.

Law was running, he had been for a while. Despite how easy the perverted cook made it sound, looking for trouble was a lot harder than it seemed. The problem was that Luffy, in his stupidly cute way, was unpredictable and the only way for Law to find him will be down to luck and persistence. Law stopped for a moment to catch his breath; he collapsed onto the end of a bench and began breathing heavily. Really what was he going to do with him?

"Seriously, Straw-Hat-Ya', why've ya' got to be so God-damn confusin'!" Law cursed in his annoyance of the situation as he slammed his hands down on the bench.

Suddenly, there was a chocking noise that appeared from the person he'd slumped down beside, shit he must have make them choke when he shook the bench. Law turned around to help the stranger hunched over and in his panic began whacking him on the back, hard. With one good, hard slam on the strangers back, the food had exited their mouth and he sat up.

Shit. It was Luffy.

How did he not notice he'd sat right next to him?! You can't confuse that straw hat anywhere! Wait, this was his chance to get him back, granted it's not the best start to an apology but, at least he's found him, and that's all that matters, right?

"Ah. Sorry, Straw-Hat-Ya, didn't see ya' there." Law began to rub his back to soothe him.

"Argh. Man what did you do that for?!"

"Heh. Sorry." Law looked down; he'd been eating a huge piece of meat, larger than his face. That shouldn't even be a surprise.

"Seriously, I nearly died!"

"You shouldn't 'ave been eatin' that damn thing fuckin' whole then, idiot!"

"You shouldn't be hitting the bench whilst complaining about me!"

"You shouldn't 'ave been listenin' to that!"

"How could I not, I'm sat right next to you, idiot!"

"Ah.." Law had nothing else to say, so much for that damn apology.

Luffy stood up from the bench and looked down at Law, what was he thinking, shouting something like that out loud? And not noticing that he'd sat next to him? Law was the confusing one, not him. Luffy sighed and turned away from him, maybe it was too early after all.

As Luffy turned Law grabbed his jacket, Luffy's eyes widened in surprise as he looked back to see Law sat there, helpless.

"Can... Can I.. Urh.." Law looked into Luffy's eyes, he couldn't finish the sentence but Luffy knew exactly what he meant, and this was good enough. He turned to face him with a smile on his face and patted him on the head. What had happened to Law?! He used to be so independent and strong but now, now he felt he just couldn't do anything without Luffy there.

Law looked down and tried to hide his flushed face but Luffy had already jumped on top of him, hugging him tightly.

"Trafalg-guy wants to stay with me! Trafalg-guy loves me!" Luffy teased him as he laughed while Law tried to struggle away from him in embarrassment.

"Wait. Straw-Hat-Ya', gimme a second to- argh!" Before he knew it Luffy had pulled him up and they were walking through town, holding hands together. Luffy skipped along happily, everything Zoro said to do had worked and Law came back to him, just as predicted. His smile was the largest it had ever been and he felt brilliant. Law looked down at the entwined fingers, this was the least intimate act they'd done, so why was his heart racing even more now than before? He probably really did like Luffy, a lot.

Luffy and Law has been walking in a comfortable silence for half an hour, both happy with the current situation and trying to figure out what to say to one another after not being in one-another's company in so long.

"Ne, Trafalg-guy," Luffy finally spoke and Law sprung to attention " Wanna go into that cafe?" Luffy's eyes sparkled.

"Eh? Isn't that more of a girly thing to do?" Law's sweat dropped as he looked at Luffy's excited face.

"Fine.." Luffy kicked the floor in disappointment.

"Let's go in then" Law sighed.

"Really?" Luffy grinned

"I'd prefer a pub, but if you really want to.. then sure."

Without another word Luffy was dragging Law into the cafe, he was going to regret this later, a pirate captain shouldn't be seen in a cafe. Within moments Luffy was scoffing down cakes and sandwiches while Law watched him chuckling to himself. He peered out of the window for a second, the once sunny weather had now been covered with dark gray clouds, maybe it was a good thing they'd stopped by here.

" Oi, Straw-Hat-Ya'," Luffy looked over at Law and continued to eat. If Law was ever going to say it, it would be now. "I.. I just wanted to say that before.. I know why ya' were angry."

Luffy stopped eating.

"Hah, yeah.. don't worry about it.." Luffy didn't want to talk about this, not after how things have been going so well today.

"No, I will. I understand now. Ya' think I was just foolin' 'round with ya'."

Luffy looked into his eyes hopefully.

" At the time.. I was. But then.. then I realised that I... I didn't mean to.. You mean so much more.." Law fumbled with his words and his face became red. Luffy did nothing.

"Argh! My point is, Staw-Hat-Ya'.."

"It's okay, Trafalg-guy... let's just forget-"


"No?" Luffy asked confused.

Law shut his eyes " No, I'm not goin' to forget 'bout it. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I was such a dick 'n I didn't want to recognise my feelin's but I have now 'n I-"

A hand slammed down on the table.


Law looked up in shock, he was just about to say it and now, fucking Nami.

"N-NAMI!" Luffy exclaimed as she pinched him by his ear and dragged him out of the cafe, hastily followed by Law, Chopper and Robin.

"Nami! What are you doing?! Let me go!" Luffy tried to wiggle his way out of her monstrous grip but it was no use.

"Nami! Let his go, what do you think you're doing!" Squealed Chopper as he plodded along after her.

"What am I doing?!" Nami stopped and looked at him, fuming with anger " I'm stopping this idiot from making the biggest mistake of his life!"

"Nami, it's okay I know what-" Luffy was interrupted.

"No. You don't. He's not good for you Luffy, he doesn't care about you!"

"Won't 'cha shut the fuck up already." Laws voice boomed in the silent street as everybody stopped. A rumble in the sky echoed around them as rain started to fall down on them.

"What are you-"

"Look, I couldn't give a damn what ya' think of me," The rain began to fall harder as it ran down Laws face, hiding his tears" I love Luffy 'n that's all that bloody matter's."

Everyone stood in silence, processing what Law just said.


Law grabbed Luffy's hand and dragged him away from Nami, they kept on walking in the pouring rain hand in hand until they'd disappeared from Nami's sight.

"Don't you want to go after them, Nami" Robin walked over and sheltered her with an umbrella.

"No. I don't want to ruin this for Luffy, what Law just said.. it was sincere." Nami smiled and she turned away and went back into the cafe with Chopper and Robin.

Law was still dragging Luffy away in the pouring rain, he didn't know where they were going, he didn't care. Just as long as he was with Luffy.

"Ne, Trafalg-guy. You've never called me by my name.." Law looked down at him and pulled him closer to embrace him.

"Law. Call me Law, Luffy" Luffy went red at the sound of Law's voice speaking his name.

"Um." Luffy looked up at Law and wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him towards his lips.

"I love you too, Law." Luffy pressed his lips against Law's as they warmed each other up from the cold, harsh rain.

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