Chapter Five - Annoyance

It had been a week since the Heart Pirates had taken refuge upon the Sunny and most things were going smoothly. Usopp and Jean Bart had made and unexpected friendship and spent most of their time calmly sitting on the rail fishing with Usopp boasting about fake adventures and real ones, most of the Jean believed and praised Usopp for which is why they probably both got along very well. Penguin and Shachi had taken a liking to Brook and Franky and they spent most of their time running around Franky's workshop looking at his inventions and trying them out. They also couldn't help but become more interested in the both of them as they grew to know each other more and more. Brook and Franky felt comfortable and enjoyable around the two and would gladly muck around with them and make joked about their bodies. As Chopper spent most of his time in the submarine, he grew attached to Bepo, they were both furry friends able to relate to each other, it made Bepo's recovery more easy as he talked to Chopper who kept him company as he inspected all of Law's medical equipment and books while Bepo found it enjoyable that Chopper became flattered easily and would dance around the room. So to say things were running smoothly was obvious. But there were still some who weren't quiet yet accustomed to their new company.

Nami and Robin stayed together for most of the time, not wanting to mingle with the men of the heart pirates but to spend their time away from them. Nami described it as double the idiocity and that she didn't want anything to do with the stupidity of the men up on deck. Robin simply enjoyed the peace and quiet, as she usually does. Sanji become even more ferocious as more of his food was stolen more regularly it was like having three Luffy's on the ship at once. And adding to the food shortage was the fact that Law's storage was blown up with that damn robot's beam. So to keep guard Sanji spent most of his time in the kitchen accompanied by Zoro, who'd lost his training room to the weak idiots wanting to get 'stronger' and he couldn't control his rage. It was mostly spent in awkward silence though, due to Sanji's little stunt he pulled earlier that week and Zoro hadn't come to terms with it yet.

So, where does this leave the two captains?

"Will you stop following me?" Law gritted his teeth as Luffy followed him back to his submarine closely.

"Why, it's more fun if that trip has two people,right?" Luffy grinned at Law, but he took no notice.

"I'm going into my ship, it's not like I'm on an adventure to the other side of the world." He said sharply "I don't need you with me where ever I go. It's annoying."

Law continued to walk as Luffy's footsteps stopped. His grin dropped and he pushed his eyebrows together showing a cheerless face and he quickly pulled his hat over his eyes to hide his face. Luffy took a deep breath in and ran forward to catch up with Law. He couldn't blame him after all, he'd been with him 24/7 Law was bound to snap at some point. But he didn't have to been so mean about it Luffy chanted to himself.

"I got it, I got it. I'll go see Chopper then. At least he'll enjoy my company." Luffy stuck out his tongue at Law and ran ahead as him as he passed through the gate to get to the submarine. Law smirked as the stupidly cute teenager in front of him.

"What an idiot" Law mumbled to himself as he unknowingly picked up the pace to catch up to Luffy.

"Oi, wait up or you'll end up destroying something." Law ordered as he saw Luffy race on ahead, taking no notice of his warning.

"OI. LUFFY." He raised his voice but Luffy had already bounced along into his ship to find Chopper. That damned kid Law cursed to himself.

"Chopper! Hey!" Luffy grinned as he entered the room "Bear-san too!" he made sure not to forget Bepo.

"Luffy! What are you doing here?" Chopper jumped up onto Luffy, clinging tightly onto his chest.

"Here to see you!" Luffy patted Chopper on the head and he let go and began to blush.

"Baka. That doesn't make me feel happy at all, you bastard~" He floated around the room in joy as Luffy took a seat on the floor and crossed his legs.

Law entered the room and quietly placed his hand on Luffy's hat and twisted it harshly.

"Didn't I say to wait?" Law said sternly looking down at the calm teenager. Luffy flipped his head back to look up at Law, he said nothing but stick his tongue out at him again and turned his attention back to Chopper.

"You little brat" he mumbled "Why are you bein' so God damn rude huh?" he raised his voice "You're the one who followed me here n' now you're payin' no attention to me what so ever!" he exploded in rage.

Wait. What did he just say? Shit he sounded so needy.

Luffy looked back up at him with blank eyes "I thought you didn't need me to go everywhere with you~" Luffy whistled as he teased Law.

"Whatever." Law muttered under his breath.

"Bepo, you've had a good recovery, haven't ya'?" he casually said as he walked over to his furry friend "A couple more days and you'll be fully recovered." he poured the medicine into a spoon and turned to Bepo.

"Say ahh." Law commanded. Bepo opened his mouth wide and begun to sing.

"Ahhh~" Luffy watched Law as he slowly put the spoon into Bepo's mouth. If Luffy was ill would Law do that to him too? Luffy blushed and looked away hiding his face under his hat again. Law chuckled as he caught Luffy's actions in the corner of his eye. Bepo consumed the medicine and gulped down a glass of water to get rid of the vile taste.

"Thank-you, Captain!" Bepo said gleefully.

"No problem"

Luffy's stomach growled, loudly.

"Aahh~ I'm hungry. Nee, lets go get some food." Luffy rubbed his empty belly and looked over at the two doctors, begging them with his eyes.

"I'm gonna stay here for a while, there are still some books of yours I want to read" Chopper looked up at Law for approval and he nodded his head.

"Law?" Luffy questioned.

Law let a sigh.

"Do you really need me to come with you?" he complained.

"Sanji wont make me anything if no one else is hungry!" He wined.

"THAT'S 'CAUSE YOU ATE AN HOUR AGO!" he blurted out into Luffy's face. Law looked into Luffy's big, black eyes. He's to damn cute to say no to.

"Fine." Law walked towards the door "I'll check on ya' later, Bepo!" He waved the back of his hand as he left the room. Luffy jumped up and followed him happily.

They walked down the corridor, but not in silence. To fill the silence Luffy began to sing his 'Baka' song. Half way through the song, when Luffy was singing about the idiots from the north Law could tolerate it no longer and erupted into a volcano of rage.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THE STUPID PEOPLE FROM THE STUPID PLACES THAT DO STUPID THINGS. I GET IT, THEY'RE ALL IDIOTS." Law stood in the echoing hall way staring with annoyance deep into Luffy's eyes. Luffy remained still and broke eye-contact with Law and diverted his vision to the floor

"Sorry." Luffy mumbled "I didn't mean to annoy you." Luffy Pulled on the bottom of his red jacked and played with for a while as the stood in silence.

Law moved closer to Luffy, his taller muscular figure towering over Luffy. He slammed he hand against the wall and drew Luffy into it and he stepped closer to him. Luffy's eyes stayed glued to the floor.

"What d'ya want from me, Staw Hat-yo" Law whispered as he moved closer to him face. Luffy said nothing.

"Followin' me around" Law continued "Always beggin' for my attention" Law cupped Luffy's chin and raised his head to meet his eyes, Luffy looked away as he blushed.

"It's almost as if," Law moved to Luffy's ear and whispered "You have a crush on me" Luffy's eyes widened and his face became bright red. Law smirked at his reaction.

"Wha- What are you talking about" Luffy stammered with his words as he tried to struggle out of Law way. Law grabbed his hand and pinned it against the wall, he took down his other hand from the wall and took hold of Luffy's other hand. He lifted them both up above his head, pinned to the wall.

What's going on? Why's he acting like this? Luffy thought. Law slipped his knee in between Luffy's legs and leaned closer into Luffy, touching his forehead with his own. He beamed at Luffy's flushed face and moved his lips towards Luffy's.

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