Thoughts from the grave

Ford woke up in the coffin. He had done it, Spike had kept his word. Ford had beated the tumor and become a vampire. Now he had to claw his way out, find a victim to eat. Ford thought about what he had done, selling out his friends who'd trusted him, his old crush Buffy. In life he'd felt some guilt, but that didn't seem to have carried over into his new life. Ford considered something else. The old superstition that all vampires were damned to hell. This worried him a bit, especially since unlike most vampires he'd done this willingly. Ford had gone into this bargain eyes wide open, he was more likely to suffer that fate than others. If that was true Ford knew he had to avoid this as long as possible. He had to prolong his life further, no matter how many more people died. As Ford reached the surface he saw a girl, she'd be his first victim. But the girl was Buffy, the slayer. Before he could react Buffy put the stake through his heart. Ford didn't know what waited for him in the afterlife, but was about to find out.