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Chapter 0: Fairy Art Online

-White Room-

"Alright, Lex. You are finally a full-fledged member of X7. So I'm leaving this world's progress up to you, don't screw up!" White haired man with white hair, silver eyes, and a black suit said to a blonde haired woman with purple eyes as he walked towards a door.

"I'll make you proud, Rebuke-sensei!" The woman said making him nod with a smile. When she left she opened up a slim white laptop and cracked her knuckles. "Okay Lexie, it's finally your time to shine and probe that you are just as good as Jorn or Rebuff! Let the games begin!" She grinned as a title appeared on her screen.

Fairy Art Online

Admin Login ID: QueenOfBlood

Password: Deth2Cullen


Welcome Mistress The story will now begin. Choose which character you would like to begin the Journey. Whoever you pick you will watch their progress until the end of the game.

Natsu Dragneel

Erza Scarlet

Grey Fullbuster

Lucy Heartfilia

The Dragon Slayer shall now being his journey…switching to spectator mode..


~Fiore: Cemetery…Day after Lisanna's death.~

BGM: Kanashiki Kako

The members of The Powerful mage guild Fairy Tail stood solemnly in front of the grave of one of their youngest members. There was not a single dry tear in the assembled faces. Everyone was hurt by their lost, one of the most hurt by this tragedy was non-other than Natsu Dragneel.

"How could this happen? How could this happen to her of all people!" Natsu thought in fury as hot tears poured down his face. So caught up in his self-pity, he almost didn't notice the hand on his shoulder. Looking up he gasped as he saw Lisanna standing in front of him with a smile, she was glowing bright white and was wearing a sundress, and also her hair was slightly longer reaching just above her shoulders.

"Don't…cry..." She whispered before disappearing in a bright light. Natsu gasped and looked around to see if anyone else had noticed. Seeing every still crying, Natsu turned to where he heard a giggle and saw Lissana in the distance and began to run towards her.


BGM: The Descent-Fired Earth Music (Charles I. Evans)

"Natsu where are you going!" Grey shouted out to his rival, feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see the guild master shaking his head.

"Let the boy mourn in peace." Grey frowned but nodded.

-With Natsu-

He followed the girl in the forest until she ran to a large boulder.

"Lisanna wait!" Natsu shouted out to his friend. She didn't look back, but instead leaped over the large boulder effortlessly. Natsu grit his teeth as he realized that he couldn't follow her. "Damn! I was so close!"

ATTENTION! By charging mana to his right finger and drawing a straight line in the air in front of him, Natsu can open up the game menu. From there he can select the beast tab and summon Happy to aid him.

Try summoning Happy to help Natsu cross the obstacle!

"The hell was that?" Natsu gasped as the voice rang out through his head. Frowning slightly, Natsu channeled a small flame at the end of his finger and drew a vertical line in thin air. He gasped as the flames stayed in the air and spread out in to a rectangular shape. On the shape words began to appear.






Pressing the word "Beasts" hesitantly, the flames morphed right before the young boy's eyes.



Pressing Happy's name again the flames turn in to a large orb before dispersing, revealing a familiar blue cat.

"Aye!" Happy saluted before looking at his surroundings. "Ah! Natsu how did I get here?" The scared Happy asked while Natsu gaped. Remembering what he was doing, Natsu pointed above the boulder.

"Sorry buddy can't explain now! Just help me get me over the boulder!" Natsu ordered making the perturbed cat nodded and flew to his partners back and lifted him over the boulder, where they saw Lisanna slowly walking away from them.

"Natsu! Is that Lisanna!" Happy shouted out in disbelief.

"No time to question it Happy, Lisanna wait!" As soon as Natsu shouted, fifteen large boars appeared; they had glowing purple eyes and a purplish fog coming from their nostrils. But what caught Natsu's eye was that they all had a small green diamond floating above their heads with a green bar under them. He also noticed that at the bottom of his field of vision he saw a large green bar with a smaller blue bar underneath it, and next to both bars was a transparent orb with a sleeping-dragon shaped symbol within it.

BGM: Fairy Tail Main theme

ATTENTION! All enemies and players have a green HP bar the more damage that is dealt will deplete the bar turning it yellow, then red. When the bar is depleted the enemy or player dies. The Large bar at the bottom of your field of vision is yours. While others will be located above the heads of party members or enemies.

"Alright, that's useful." Natsu smirked as he pounded his hand into his fist, while Happy cowered behind him.

"Ah! Natsu, we're surrounded."

"Don't worry buddy I got this.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu shouted before blowing a stream of fire at the enemies, destroying three of them. Natsu frowned when he saw the blue bar deplete a little after the attack.

ATTENTION! Using spells cost MP which is depicted by the blue bar under the player's health bar. The more magic used the more the bar depletes wants its empty the players will have to wait as the bar regenerates itself OR use a magic potion to replenish the bar, before they can continue to use spells!

"Oh that sucks!' Natsu shouted before a thought occurred to him. "Wait my spell used as much magic as it normally did; maybe this just shows exactly how much magic I can use before exhausting myself."

Achievement reached: No Shit Sherlock (State the obvious)

+5,000 Jewels

Achievement reached: Mo money part one (Acquire over one thousand Jewels)

+10,000 Jewels

Natsu blinked as he felt his pocket become slightly heavier, before breaking out in to a grin.

"I don't know what's happening but this is awesome." Natsu cracked his knuckles some more before charging at the monsters.

"Fire dragon's claws!" Natsu quickly destroyed the remainder of the monsters. As he did he noticed the every time he killed an enemy his body got slightly stronger and that the orb began to fill up with the color orange every time a boar died. Finally when the monsters died Natsu noticed that the orb was now on fire and that the sleeping dragon had now awoken. Natsu then felt a sharp pain in his left arm and looked to see a purple covered scar.

ATTENTION! You have been poisoned! When Poisoned the player will constantly lose HP until either the bar hits red OR the player takes an antidote.


BGM: Descent- Fired Earth Music (Charles I. Evans)

"Shit!" Natsu cursed as he noticed his bar depleting slowly. "I can't give up now!" Natsu grit out as he walked through the trees he had seen Lisanna go through.

"Natsu calm down you need to rest!" Happy alerted him, causing him to frown.

"Sorry, but I'm too close to stop now." Natsu limped through the trees, panting heavily until he reached a clearing. He saw Lisanna walk in to a cave entrance that was shining a bright light. However before he could follow her, a giant boar fifteen times the size of the other ones crashed down. It was covered in pitch black armor and gave a roared that sent Natsu to his knees.

ATTENTION! When reaching the ends of quest lines there will often be bosses. These bosses will always be stronger than anything you've ever fought in the quest line. Good luck.


"D-damn I was so close!" Natsu growled out as he saw his bar finally hit red. It was only ten percent the size it had begun and was flashing brightly. Natsu Also noticed the awoken dragon was still roaring.

ATTENTION! Next to the players' HP Bars will be a rage meter. When filled each player will be able to use their Character Unique rage spells to give them power in tough fights. The bars can only be filled by dealing damage. As characters get stronger their current rage spells will become one of their common spells and be replaced by a stronger rage spell! To activated the Rage spell just release the remainder of your MP!

"Alright! Here goes nothing!" Natsu roared before releasing all of his magic. Feeling scales begin to appear under his eyes, Natsu smirked.


BGM: Dragon Force- Fairy Tail OST

Dragon Force: Activated

ATTENTION! Dragon force is a powerful buff that allows Natsu's dragon slayer techniques to reach new heights! Do as much damage as possible before the rage meter runs out!

"AHH!" Natsu shouted as he charged the boar head on. He released a devastating flaming punch at the monster and smirked when he felt the satisfying sensation of the monster's Armor cracking. The Monster then attempted to skewer Natsu with his tusks, but the boy didn't budge.

"I didn't even lose any HP Must be because of the dragon scales." Natsu thought to himself before shattering more of the boar's armor. Seeing that he only had 10 percent of his rage meter left, Natsu brought his hands together to finish the monster off.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" Creating a large flaming dragon, Natsu released his magic at the abomination and blew it away.


-Insert Final Fantasy seven: fanfare-

Achievement Unlocked: bye bye Porky! (Defeat tutorial boss)

+20,000 Jewels

+12,000 EXP

Natsu was confused until he felt a surge of power rip through him. He widened his eyes as his MP and HP bars completely regenerated.


Passive skill unlocked: Dragon Force Time Limit + 10%

Achievement reached: Buddy got skillz (Gain a new skill)

ATTENTION! : Leveling- When a player levels up they have a chance to gain new skills and have their current stats increased. One levels by gaining experience points which can only be acquired by defeating enemies.

Natsu also noticed a small book on the ground which bore the Fairy Tail emblem, and picked it up.

+ 1 strategy guide! Read it for whenever you are stuck on the game or want to know something beforehand.

Flipping through the book his eyes landed on the 'current levels of future/present party members' page.

Grey Fullbuster: Level 6

Erza Scarlet: Level 9


Natsu stopped reading as he slammed the book shut and thought possibly the most intelligent thought he had ever had.

"Holy Shit! I passed Erza… I can NOT let this slight advantage slip." Making a mental promise to train as soon as he finished up here Natsu ran into the bright light of the cave.

BGM: Bird's Poem (Violin)- Air TV. Tamusic

Leaving the cave Natsu gasped as he saw a Lisanna sitting on the edge. Of a small lake smiling.

"Peaceful." Happy sighed.

"Lisanna its time to come home." The girl stood up and grinned at him while tears poured from her eyes.

"Wow, you actually found me…" She said slightly stunned as she stepped towards him and held his face in her hands. "You are braver than my Natsu…aren't you?" She asked as she tilted her head. "So similar…yet so different. Maybe if things would have been able to fall in love with you." 'Lisanna' said as she tilted her head.

"W-what are you talking about Lisanna?" Natsu stuttered making the girl smile.

"I'm not Lisanna."


"To be more accurate…I'm not your Lisanna I am from a dying world called Edolas…and I am going to die very soon." The girl said sadly making Natsu gasp. "I know it's cruel but I wanted to see a familiar face...just one more time." She widened her eyes when she found herself in a tight hug.

"Listen I don't know what you are talking about and I don't care if you are from some other world, or if you are not 'my' Lisanna." Natsu said firmly as tears fell from his eyes. "In the end, I still refuse to allow you to die a second time. Not if you are still alive and I can hold you." Lisanna stepped back and looked at him carefully.

"They were right you are different from my Natsu…" She appeared as if she was thinking about something. "I-if I told you there was a way for you to save me…what would you do?" Natsu wasted no time in responding.

"Anything." He said with fire in his eyes making the girl widen hers. She held out a hand as a list appeared in it.

"Take this…If you finish these four things you can come to the castle in the sky and save me…there is no time limit if you chose to accept, but I warn you it won't be easy." Lisanna said as Natsu read the list to himself.

Save Edolas

Defeat Arcnologia

Defeat Zeref

Find the Castle In the Sky

"Don't bother asking about the last one. Nobody knows where it is; you have to find it on your own." Lisanna said as her body began to fade.

"Lisanna!" Natsu shouted as she became transparent.

"I still believe in fairy tales… I wonder….Will you be my hero?" She pressed her lips to his one time before finally vanishing.


Achievement Unlocked: The Fairy Tale Begins (Finish Tutorial

+40,000 Jewels.

"Wait for me Lisanna! This is my chance to make up for failing you in this world. I Know I'm not strong enough now, wait for me! In a few years I will come back to Fairy Tail and I will save you." Natsu thought as he turned to a teary eyed Happy. "Let's go Happy we need to tell the old man I'm going on a trip we need to get stronger to protect our nakama!"

"*sniff* AYE!"

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