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Chapter 6: Natsu's Marriage Pt. 1


-Outside Fairy Tail-

The guild watched with apprehension as Natsu and Erza glared at each other in front of the guild hall. Lucy and Gray were among the most terrified.

"Oh man, Natsu has been pushing her buttons sense he first saw her again, with all that pent up frustration Erza's going to destroy him." Gray shivered as Lucy shook her head.

"I doubt it; did you forget what happened to lullaby? He's going to destroy her along with the guild hall and all of its members." Lucy said with wide eyes.

"It's time to remind you how to show respect." Erza said with narrowed eyes as she ex-quipped in to her Flame Empress Armor.

BGM: Erza's Theme

"Big talk for a little girl." Natsu quipped as he ignited his hands in flames. The crowd actually took a step back in fear at his words and Erza gritted her teeth at his attempt to get her angry. Natsu frowned when he saw a flaming shield appear next to her HP Bar.

Natsu: 100%

Erza: 100%

"Damn with her armor our level gap barely matters. I could defeat her if I used my lightning flames, but I don't want to have to explain that yet." Natsu frowned when he saw the look in her eyes; unlike before she was going to go all out if she had to it was like she had a reason to defeat him.

"I will find out what happened to you Natsu, even if I have to break you in order to force it out." Erza thought before dashing forward with a wide slash. Natsu flipped over her and turned around quickly.

"Fire Dragon's roar!" Natsu shouted and engulfed his guild mate in a brilliant flame.

Erza: 95%

"Not good enough!" Erza shouted as she swung her blade and released a wave of fire at the pinkette. Natsu frowned before opening his mouth and quickly catching the lame in his mouth. Natsu swallowed it with a loud gulp before wiping his mouth.

"Thanks for the meal, but you really need a better tactic." Natsu began as Erza glared harder. "Your armor reduces your fire damage, but you can still take it. I on the other hand…" Natsu began with a grin as flames exploded from his body. "Thrive in the flames!' Natsu roared as he blasted at the red-head.

"Fire Dragon's sword horn!" Natsu shouted as he blasted Erza into the sky.

Erza: 89%

"Damn Erza is still so far from being defeated." Natsu thought before grinning. "I hope I didn't just piss her off by blasting her into the sky…" The guild widened their eyes in fear as Erza Descended at blinding speeds from the sky with her Heaven's wheel Armor with roughly two hundred swords following her. "Well…shit…Oh well I've always wanted to do this." Natsu deadpanned as he watched the blades.

"What was that? His flames actually drained me of some of my magic! How is that possible?" Erza wondered with gritted teeth.

"Oi Erza! Aren't you going too far?" Grey shouted as Happy nodded his head while shaking behind him.

"How the hell is she controlling that many swords!?" Lucy asked with wide eyes. Natsu said nothing as he cocked his fist back and began to charge a large amount of Magic in to it.

"Lucy it's nothing for you to worry about, this ability to control multiple blades and armor; I'm positive now, Erza's re-quip ability has reached an entirely new level since I've last seen her…with the help of Fairy Tail!" Natsu shouted as his body exploded into flames while his fist began to get brighter and brighter.

BGM: G-Gundam Burning finger theme (Sorry I had to this at least once in this story)

"W-what the hell?" Erza thought with wide-eyes along with the rest of the guild. "I can feel the immense heat from all the way up here!"

"Here I go! This hand of mine is burning red…" Natsu began as the flames intensity grew to incomprehensible levels. Because the fire was burning so brightly nobody noticed the small sparks of lightning that were within the flame. "…Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!" Natsu shouted as he clenched his fist as soon as Erza got within ten feet of him. "Lightning..." Natsu thought the first part to himself. "…Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer!" Natsu shouted as he tried to punch Erza in the face, however before his attack landed multiple blades appeared in front of her face to protect her from the attack. Natsu grit his teeth has he felt blades piercing his body, but he didn't let up as he pumped more magic into his fist.



The guild shielded their eyes, and some were even blown back, as the shock wave ripped through out the battlefield. When they looked back at the destruction they gaped as a blood soaked Natsu frowned as he stared at a large mass of fire.

Natsu: 80%

Erza: 40 %

"She's good, no more than good…she's amazing to be holding her own against me like this." Natsu thought as he glanced around the battlefield and looked at its destruction. Natsu looked down at his blood soaked hand and frowned. "Let's see just how strong she is." Natsu thought as he watched Erza walk from the flames. Her hair was now in a ponytail and her body was covered in the Dark wing Armor. Natsu began walking towards her calmly as scales formed from underneath his eyes.

Dragon Force: Activated!

BGM: Set the World on Fire- Black Veil Brides

"You've gotten stronger Natsu…" Erza muttered as she grabbed her sword with both hands.

"I had too, I must protect those important to me, and I can't fail again." Natsu said as he covered himself in flames. Erza's eyes softened nearly unnoticeably as she stared at the younger mage.

"Natsu, what happened wasn't your fault-"Erza stopped as Natsu disappeared in a stream of fire.

"Don't lower your guard!" Natsu shouted from behind her while raising a flaming claw making Erza spin around quickly and parry it with her blade.


Erza slid back from the explosion before gliding at Natsu with blinding speed. Natsu flipped over her speeding body before covering his body in fire and using the flames to blast himself to the skies. Erza frowned and flew up after him.

"You running, Natsu?" Erza taunted making Natsu glance back at her as they flew higher. "You know you can't beat me in air mobility!"

"Haha! Erza did you forget already?" Natsu questioned as he gave her shark toothed grin.


"The skies are the Dragon's domain!" Natsu answered before blasting back at her and drop kicking her in the face. Erza held her jaw for a second as Natsu blasted himself higher into the skies with an irate Erza behind him.

-With the Guild-

"How high are they going to go!?" Gray gaped as Lucy looked on with eyes the size of dinner plates.

"I don't know, but they are still going." Lucy murmured in awe as the two went above the clouds.

-Natsu & Erza-

"You know you need to stop looking at the world with tunnel vision or else you're going to miss out on some important things." Natsu advised as he ducked under another slash and rammed a flaming fist into Erza's stomach.

Erza: 30%

"*Oof!* Oh yeah like what!?" Erza growled as she continued to slash at Natsu who just parried them with his flaming claws.

"Well one there's this lovely scenery that you're missing out on…"Natsu began before he grabbed the blade with his left hand. Erza watched in disbelief as the blade began to melt.

"H-how hot have his flames become!?" Erza thought with wide eyes as Natsu ripped the blade from her grasp and threw it behind him.

"And two…" Natsu began before blasting at her and grabbing her within his arms. "…you're running out of magic." Natsu deadpanned as Erza thrashed in his grip.


"Let me go!" Erza growled before her black wing armor disappeared just as Natsu released her. "AHHH! HELP!" Erza shouted as she began falling to the ground with anime tears falling down her face. She suddenly found herself being held to a chuckling Natsu's chest as they fell.

"I warned you didn't I?" Natsu asked as they headed for the ground at breakneck speeds.

"Not now! Why aren't you flying down!?" Erza asked as she shut her eyes.

"I haven't gotten that far yet…" Natsu began sheepishly as they fell. "Happy only taught me how to go up."

"So you challenged me to air combat without knowing how to get down! What kind of idiot are you?' Erza questioned hysterically as Natsu raised an eyebrow.

"What kind of idiot accepts my challenge with barely any magic left?" Natsu countered.

Erza said nothing.

…well she continued to scream anyway.

"Don't worry! Besides if I know Happy he should be here in 3…2…1…"

"Gotcha Natsu!" The Exceed said as he grabbed the pinkette's top.

"Thanks Happy!" Natsu smiled as they fell back to the stunned guild. When they landed, Natsu set her down as Makarov walked up to them and cleared his throat.

"Well Natsu, it seems you have gotten stronger…" Makarov begin with a smile before a vein appeared on his forehead. "But you destroyed part of the guild in your duel!" Both Erza and Natsu shrunk back in fear as the guild master yelled at them.

Duel Over

Natsu wins!

Golden Trophy Unlocked! : H-Holy s-shit you actually did it!? (Beat Erza)

+ 900,000 Jewels

+ 1 instant level


Passive Skill unlocked: Exhausting Flames Lv. 5 (The amount magic your flames can drain from opponents has increased 30%)

"I'm apologize Master, Natsu and I will repair the guild right away!" Erza exclaimed before turning to Natsu; only to find that the Dragon Slayer and his Exceed had completely disappeared. "NATSU!"

-In Town-

"Whew that was a close one, eh Happy?" Natsu grinned as they walked through the town.

"Erza's gonna kill you, you know that right?" Happy questioned as he chomped on his fish, making the pinkette laugh. They stopped walking, however, when they heard the most beautiful song they had ever heard being sung.

-Insert Nier: Song of the Ancients (Devola)-

They walked down the street towards the voice and stopped when they saw a young blond merchant playing an old guitar. She had purple eyes and was wearing a black cloak. She was currently sitting on a blanket that was covered in magical items and people walked passed her as if they couldn't see her. In front of her was a cardboard sign that said "Lexie's Magic Shop."


"You going to stand there and gawk all day, love? Or are you going to buy something." The woman questioned.

"Who are you?" Natsu questioned as he walked towards her.

"I am but simple Merchant." The woman said wistfully. "Didn't you read your guide; you might want to do that are a lot of things are going to catch you off guard." Natsu looked at her in shock.

"Who are you and how do you know about the book?" Natsu questioned as he tried to scan her.

Name: Lexie

Class: Merchant

Type: NPC

Guild: N/A

"Who am I? Now that's a question I believe you should ask yourself before asking others." The blonde said sounding terribly amused. "The Castle won't open its gates for you if you can't answer something as simple as that." Lexie smiled as Natsu took another step back in shock. "Tell you what, take this on the house, and come back when you need something else. I am not your enemy." Lexie grinned before tossing him a small jar filled with red liquid. "Drink that when you're hurt. See you next time." Lexie waved before picking up her guitar and continuing her song. Natsu narrowed his eyes at her for a second before walking away.

"Oi Natsu! I think we can trust her." Happy said as they walked away from the singing blonde.


"I don't know why, but she just doesn't feel wrong." Happy said in confusion making his partner sigh.

"You might be right, I'm probably being paranoid. Besides she's an NPC she probably can't even leave that street corner." Natsu said as they walked away.

-50minutes later: Cemetery-

BGM: Tsuioku Mezameru Tamashii

Natsu and Happy had their hands together and their heads bowed as they paid respects to Lisanna's grave. Hearing foots steps they turned to see a tired Lucy standing behind them clearly out of breath.

"I finally found you!"

"What's wrong Lucy?" Natsu asked the Stellar Spirit mage tried to regain his breath.

"It's Erza! She's been arrested."

"What!?" Natsu asked with wide eyes, before they narrowed in anger. "On what grounds?"

"Something about destroying the Station in the last mission." Lucy said as she stood up while Natsu's crossed his arms.

"Something's not right. I destroyed an entire town, so why just her?" Natsu questioned making Lucy shrug. Natsu began to walk away with a purpose while Lucy looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Hey where are you going?"

"To Erza." Natsu said simply as Lucy began to follow him. "Stop you can't come." Natsu said firmly making her step back in shock.

"Why not?" Lucy asked sounding slightly hurt. Natsu turned and gave her a grin.

"You weren't even supposed to tell me this were you?" Natsu questioned and Lucy remained silent. "That's to be expected…I tend to be a little stubborn and the guild knows that. Listen being a mage of Fairy Tail has always been your dream and you are probably in enough trouble as it is. I don't want you in jail on top of it."

"Fine but come back, we can't have Team Natsu without Natsu." Lucy told him seriously making him grin.

"Let's go Happy!" Natsu yelled before he and the cat took to the skies. Lucy watched them go with a sigh before turning back to the grave they were praying at.

"Who's Lissana?" Lucy wondered with a small frown.

-Later: Outside the Council's Fiore Branch-

Stronghold Discovered: Challenge?



Natsu pressed yes just as soldiers began running at him.

BGM: Electric Romeo

Natsu ran forward as a flaming dragon appeared behind him making the soldiers look at him in horror. Natsu punched one of the soldiers and sent him flying into three others knocking them all out instantly.

"Impossible! It's a Dragon Slayer!" Someone shouted before being engulfed by a wave of flames.

-Inside the building-

"Defendant Erza Scarlet, how do you plead?" A large shadowy figure said while Seigrain smirked at eh red –head.

"I plead g-"


Erza and the mages watched in shock as bodies flew into the room as the wall right next to the door melted letting Natsu step through.

"WHY DIDN"T HE JUST USE THE DOOR!?" The mages questioned in shock as flames spread throughout the building making many scream in terror.

"RAHHHH!" Natsu shouted as a pillar of fire erupted from him and blasted through the top of the building setting the entire thing in fire.

"N-Natsu?" Erza gaped at her guild mate who continued to cause an untold amount of damage just by walking. While the screaming in mass hysteria continued, more soldiers attempted to fight Natsu only to get blasted away nearly instantly. Seigrain and Ultear watched Natsu with wide eyes as they stared at his scarf.

"H-he's reeking with Death magic, but how?" Seigrain thought to himself in wonder.

"Impossible…it couldn't be that he-"

"There's barely any magic coming from them, fake bodies?" Natsu muttered to himself before shrugging. "Oh well that just means they can't fight back effectively, makes my job easier." Natsu reasoned ash he picked Erza up fireman style.

"Put me down Natsu this is a misunderstanding!" Erza shouted as she thrashed in his grip while the mage began to exit.

"Misunderstanding? Tell me do you really want to be here?" Natsu asked as he glanced back at her.

"Well not really but-"

"And are you in cuffs and here against your will?"

"Well technically yes but-"

"Then let's go!" Natsu grinned before dashing out of the room. Erza watched in disbelief as the building continued to burn to ashes as they ran away.


Silver Trophy Unlocked: Fuck the police! (Free Erza from prison)

+ 500,000 Jewels

+ Wedding Curse afflicted

Natsu watched with wide eyes as a symbol of wedding bells appeared next to his HP bar.

FAO Tip: Sometime when performing a daring rescue there is a 10% chance of being afflicted with the wedding curse. When this is afflicted the next person the player kisses is bound to them for life in holy matrimony. Note this is classified as a curse because the other person doesn't have to consent, even if you are just kissing a relative goodbye it will still happen, so please watch where you put your lips.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Natsu thought in horror before dropping Erza on to the ground.

"Ouch! What are you doing?" Erza demanded as Natsu melted her cuffs.

"Happy, take her to the guild as fast as possible." Natsu shouted. "And as far away from me as possible." Natsu finished with a shudder. With her wild thrashing, he couldn't afford any part of her body to accidently collide with his face, and consequently his lips.

"Aye!" Happy agreed before blasting off with Erza.

"NATSU!" Erza shouted angrily as Natsu covered the lower half of his face with his scarf.

"What the hell did I get myself into this time?" Natsu groaned as he began a long trek back to the guild hall.

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