Tonight's Girlfriend: Outtakes

Outtake Two: Another Run In (after chapter 16)

P.O.V ~ Isabella Swan

Never did I think I'd see her again. For the first time it took me so much to not go off on her. She's the reason why Edward was so exploited and had trust issues. Knowing that Jessica was in the same building as me was enough to set me into a rage. But after running into her on the elevator, but never though it would happen again. But when I walked into Charlotte's office for a quick prep before meeting with Edward for dinner, there sitting in the salon chair was Jessica. Her blonde hair was up in curlers and she was popping her gum loudly.

"I don't get Mr. Vladimir. He's so grouchy. You'd think he'd like the fact that I offer him a blow job, but…he's too old fashion for me."

I rolled my eyes at her nasally loud voice as I took a seat at the opposite salon chair. Charlotte smiled towards me before she started her magic.

"Hey, I know you," Jessica said with a small smile "Becca, right?"

"Bella," I corrected "And yes, we've meet before."

"Right," She said stretching out the 'I' "So, who are you being set up with tonight?"

I didn't want to tell her, but a small part of me wanted to rub in the fact that I had Edward. Everyone wanted Edward; he was a high profile client. She had him once and fucked it up.

"Edward Cullen," I said with a proud smile.

I did a small dance, internally, with the look that crossed Jessica's face. It was a mixture of fear and shock. She sat there silently as Charlotte curled my hair and did my make-up. I could tell by the way she was sitting in her chair that she was nervous.

"So, how is Edward?" Jessica asked sheepishly

"He's good, amazing, actually." I said without looking towards her.

"You know, I used to be one of Edward's girls. Isn't he amazing, the way he is in bed? I mean…the size of his cock…" She moaned slightly "I can still feel it inside me."

"I'm really not,"

"And his hands don't get me started. He could make me cum in seconds with just his fingers." Jessica said wit a lustful look on her face "How many times have you two done it?"

"I'm all done Bella," Charlotte spoke "Jess, I have to go and get your dress from the back closet."

And with that, Charlotte was gone. Looking into the mirror, I was more then satisfied with what Charlotte did. My hair and make-up was flawless. But now that she was gone, I was going to take the opportunity to tell Jessica exactly how I felt about her.

"You know Jessica, I'm not one to talk about the one's I've been with sexually, and if you wanna flaunt the fact that you greet men on your knees, that's fine. But don't ever think that you can come to me about Edward." I said with a dead serious tone "Edward told me everything about you Jessica, and how you sold him out to the media. I hated you before we even met, and I'm going to say it, you disgust me."

"Excuse me."

"No, you're not excused. What you did was inexcusable. But that's ok, because your fuck up got me Edward and I must say, I'm pretty damn happy about." I smirked "Enjoy yourself with Mr. Vladimir, Jessica, cause I'll be riding Edward's cock knowing that you down graded."

"You think your hot shit cause you got the number one client?" Jessica said glaring towards me "Well, don't get too high and mighty Bella, Edward isn't all he's cracked up to be. He's mean, cold and fucks to get over his issues. You might be floating on cloud nine for now, but you'll come crashing down and something will ruin your paradise."

Before I could say anything back to Jessica, Charlotte walked back into the room and set the dresses in her hand on the rack on the left side of the room. Not wanting to be in her presence anymore, I left quickly after grabbing my over night back from.

"You only had him for a night, I've got him for life" I said before leaving the room quickly.

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