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Hello once again readers! I am here with a Comashipping story! Enjoy!


It is a cold, winter night. The snow is coming down fast and hard. Everyone is inside, enjoying the warmth of their fire, blankets, or loved ones. Everyone is smiling and laughing, enjoying the night.

Not a soul is out on the streets because of the cold weather. Not one hasn't a song in their heart. If it is not in their heart, it is sung through their lips. Everyone is happy.

…Except me.

I growl as I walk around the town, hands in my pockets.

Everything is quiet except my soft footsteps.

I let out a breath and realize I'm shivering.

My legs feel weak. I sit down in the snow.

My brother is gone. Cancer killed him. Left me to fend for myself.

I feel something wet slide down my cheek. I wipe it away. I refuse to cry.

My body starts to numb and I start to feel dizzy.

No. I won't die. I won't die like my weak brother.

I feel the world swaying.

No. Stay focused. Stay alive.

My head starts to throb.

No pain. No death. Alive. Live. Live.

I hear the rush of footsteps.

Everything goes black.

…I'm not dead.

I'm not dead.

…Am I?

Warmth is wrapped around me.

My whole body is asleep.

Slowly, I open my eyes. My vision is completely blurred.

After a minute, I gain my vision.

I am in a room. There is a fireplace near me. There are two couches and three chairs. The walls are painted a navy blue and there is a sweet aroma in the air.

"He's awake!" a boy's voice whispers.

I look and see a boy my age. He has messy, raven hair and chocolate eyes. He's wearing a hair, a sweater, and jeans.

A woman rushes into the room. She has auburn hair and chocolate eyes, just like the boy. She's wearing a pink sweater and blue jeans.

"Is he going to be ok?" the boy asks hopefully, looking at me.

"I'm sure, Ash," says the woman.

The boy named Ash walks over to me and helps me sit up. "Hello!" he greets in a friendly way.

I wince slightly. "Hey," I mutter softly.

His eyes widen. "Mom, he talked!"

I roll my eyes.

"I'm going to get more blankets." The woman says. She walks out of the room.

"What happened? I found you lying on the road…" he says, concern in his eyes.

"None of your business," I growl softly.

He flinches slightly. "Hey, I saved you from dying. I think I should know."

"…My brother died. I have nobody to take care of me," I whisper.

Ash's eyes widen. He pulls me into an embrace. "That's terrible!" he exclaims.

I freeze.

I haven't been hugged in such a long time…

He lets go. "You can stay with us!"

"…Really?" I ask, trying to sound emtionless.

"Yeah! By the way, what's your name?" he asks.

"Paul," I say.

"Paul…" He smiles, "I like that name."

"Thanks." I say, a smirk gracing my lips.

Ash smiles more and hugs me again. "I think things are going to be better with you here."

I smile slightly.

He kisses my cheek and lets go.

I blink and blush slightly.

Ash blushes. "Sorry about that. I couldn't help it," he says, smiling nervously.

I smirk, lean forward and swiftly press my lips to his. I pull away after a minute.

His eyes are widened and his blush is a dark red.

"That's for saving me," I say, smirking.

I'm glad I lived.


I'm sorry that was so short…

But, I tried my best!

I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time!