Old relics

Dalton had served the Master, now he was one of the last. The Master promised the end of the human pestilence, Dalton had helped him research the prophecies. The order of Aerelius brought out Dalton's worse demonic instincts, the love of total destruction, even at the cost of destroying their own food supply. But after that slayer killed the Master the order fell apart quickly. Absoloma and the annointed one died soon after, some hung around Spike. He ha after all killed two slayers, he was the only leader left. Spike had convinced Dru not to kill Dalton for failing. Dalton was too embarrassed to admit, a part of him would've respected Spike more for killing him. But now, the Judge, he who could burn the rightous down. Could this be the end of humanity at last? But then the Judge turned on Dalton, claimed there was too much humanity in him. No, Dalton had purged his humanity, had served the Master. It couldn't be true. Dalton's fears got the better of him, he tried pleading, but to no avail. Spike wasn't coming to his rescue this time. As Dalton was burned he hoped this was at least a sign, if he was going to die maybe he could take all humanity down with him.