Jack Frost watched Rapunzel solemnly from the sidelines as she danced around the town square, her golden hair glinting in the late afternoon sunlight. Her eyes closed; the long, sooty eyelashes caught the light as well. The only thing he didn't like about this beautiful scene was that he couldn't see her gorgeous green eyes. But she was mesmerizing, her whole being controlled by the music, and the music alone. A few flowers drifted to the ground as they flew from her braid. He chuckled, jumped into the wind, and let it carry him down to the square. He'd stayed hidden for most of the day-mainly from the townspeople, not Rapunzel-and knowing that many of the children still believed in him, he hesitantly let his feet touch down on the smooth gray cobblestones of the square. A few children noticed him, but many were dancing beside the lovely girl, holding on tightly to her hands that still had bits of purple dust from the chalk on them. He bent to retrieve the fallen flowers, leaning his staff against a nearby food cart. The edges of the cart, where the staff touched, instantly became coated with ice. He smiled to himself as he gathered the flowers, spinning a few in his fingers. Jack watched, bemused, as ice as delicate as lace slowly took over one lavender wildflower in his grasp. He was too distracted by the flowers to notice Rapunzel bouncing over to him, her feet as light as feathers.

"Jack!" she said, breathless. His heart began to race when she said his name, a giant grin on her face. He gulped and held out the flowers, keeping the one decorated by ice. She giggled and thanked him, popping the flowers back into her hair. He smiled. She had an adorable laugh.

When she had finished, she saw the lavender wildflower still in Jack's other hand. "What? Is something wrong with this one?" She asked, reaching for it. He unconsciously jerked back when her fingers gently touched his. No one touched him. She still hadn't seemed to learn that. Her emerald eyes filled with hurt. "Are you okay, Jack? Is something wrong?" She crept closer. His breath caught in his throat and he seriously considered that his heart was going to jump right through his chest. He could smell the enticing scent of the wildflowers coming from her hair, and the smell of frosting from the cupcakes on her breath. He frowned, glancing at the cobblestones beneath his bare feet.

"You shouldn't be talking to me in public," he said lowly, not looking at her. "You probably look crazy to all the adults around here."

She giggled again. Running a hand through a loose lock of hair she squatted down to look into his eyes, smiling. "I don't care, Jack. I don't care if they think I'm crazy."

He inhaled sharply. He'd been thinking the same thing when he'd been wondering how he'd tell the other Guardians that he was in love with a lost princess. He felt another slow smile creep across his pale face. He couldn't help it. Rapunzel was just too addicting and persuasive.

She gingerly slipped the lavender ice flower from his fingertips, behind her ear, and replaced her hand in his. He gulped again. He was too distracted to remind her of the no touching rule.

Her fingers were so slender, beautiful, and fragile next to his. Her hand was only the size of his rough palm. She began to back up, endeavoring to pull the Guardian with her to the middle of the square. Adults, heads cocked to the side, watched with confusion written in the lines of their worn faces. To them, Rapunzel was pulling an imaginary being.

Rapunzel tugged harder at his hand.

"Dance with me?" She asked softly.

Jack felt dizzy as he whispered, "Sure."

Then she yanked him up against her and the music burst through the spring air as they began to swing around the square. Unbeknownst to the townspeople, who didn't see the young Guardian, the couple dancing wildly around the square was falling in love right in front of their eyes.