(The Wine brands I name not are real… maybe? It's a random name I thought sounded nice)

Mr. Pirate, Ti Amo- Spamano (South Italy x Spain)- Lovino Vargas was the next Mafia boss called Vargas Familgia. He would become the next boss when he became 23. One a windy night when he was 17, he asked his grandfather if he could travel the world, of course Grandpa Roma said yes. Who knew a simple wish would have him into a pirate ship owned by a famous pirate, Antonio Fernández Carriedo.

Mr. Pirate, Ti Amo

17 year old Lovino Romano Vargas was a normal teen, with chocolate brown hair, with amber-olive green eyes. He was 5 foot 6- still growing.

The wind was blowing harshly onto the glass windows tinted red and green. "Nonno*?" Lovino said.

A 65 year old man, who looked just like Lovino but older with a slight beard turned around from looking outside the window with a wine glass gripped lightly with his right hand. "Yes Lovi?" Said Grandpa Roma. His full name was Romulus Julius Vargas, he was the father of Alfeo Vargas and the grandfather of Lovino, and Felicano Vargas. "What do you need?" The man kindly said.

Lovino Romano Vargas was not completely a normal teen. He was going to be the 3rd boss of Vargas Familgia when he becomes 23, or when Roma dies which won't happen anytime soon.

Romulus Julius Vargas, or many would say Grandpa Roma was a kind man although being the founder of one of the most powerful Mafia famiglia.

"May…" Lovino took a large breath. "Can I… travel the world like you did Nonno?"

"Travel?" Grandpa Roma stared at his grandson who was wearing a simple olive green dress shirt with a black tie, black pants, and heeled shoes. "Why?"

"Because…" Lovino sighed. "I just want to see the world, like you did, but I want experience it, not just hear stories about you in France, or China."

Roma though about it. He played with his almost empty wine glass that contained a expensive brand of Barbera* wine made by a famous Wine company called Amoris Rosa. "Okay then!"

"W-what!" Lovino almost yelled. "That was quick…"

"Of course you will need help in the trip.." Roma took a sip of wine. "I won't be like a mean grandpa who won't help his grandson! Whenever you need help, from money, to clothing, just call or mail a letter! Also, don't forget to write or call when you can. Feli will be crying nonstop if you don't. Don't forget about don't go to bad-bad places, be careful, don't follow strangers-"

"Nonno!" Lovi cried out. "I know, I'm not dumb… Of course I would send you and Feli letters. I just hope he won't follow me…"

"I know will, why do you I think I trust you so much? Because you are my favorite grandson, just don't tell Feli!*" Roma thought about what would happen his the younger twin found out. "Good luck."

"Thank you… Nonno…" Lovino slipped out of the room smiling.

"Kids…" Julius let a tear or two fall down his face. "One moment they are begging to play with you, next thing you know it they want to spread their white wings, and learn… Alfeo, I wish you could see your sons growing up so fast…" He turned his chair around to the window once more after refilling his wine glass with more red wine.

Lovino was running to his room, getting a bag and stuffing it with clothing. 6 dress shirts, 5 pants, 5 underwear/boxers, 7 pairs of socks, boots, shoe, toothbrush and paste, paper and 3 fountain pens, brush, and money and gold. "Anything else I forgot?" He looked at his tomato themed bed. "Ah!" He grabbed a small tomato pillow that had a tomato keychain. He shoved in the last things into the olive green bag.

A white/golden ring with red and green gems was shining on the desk. "Last thing…" He made the ring into earring and put it onto his right left ear. "No one will notice the V on the ring."

"Fratello*?" Feliciano walked into the room sleepy. "Why 're you packing? You are leaving?"

"Yeah, but I'll be back…" Lovino hugged his brother. "Ciao."

Looking around the room he grew up in one more time, he jumped out of the window, and Grandpa Roma was waving Lovi a goodbye. "Ciao*, Nonno."

Grandpa Roma opened the window slightly. "Ciao, Lovi!"

He walked out of the mansion's land and took a breath. "First stop…. Spain…"

-1 week later in Spain-

"Damn you Spanish Pirates!" a French man with brown short hair yelled.

"He…" Antonio said while going back into his room. "Better luck next time."

The man drowned into the deep cruel sea. "Tonio!" Another French man yelled, but was not an enemy but an ally. "Mon Dieu*!" He said. "You look pale as a ghost!"

"I'm fine Francis." Antonio replied, "Just sleepy. Ah… I see land!"

"You damn frog!" Arthur yelled. "Get over here!"

"Mon amour* is calling!" Francis laughed. Wearing a white dress shirt, but unbuttoned until the last 2 holes let everyone see his muscular chest. "Arthur, J'arrive*!"

"Another round.. I'm betting" A man with silver hair and red eyes said. He was wearing only brown pants, and socks. His lover, Matthew Williams or Mathieu was lying down next to him. He had blond wavy hair with a small amount of red-violet tints. He opened his blue-violet eyes and looked at the Prussian. "Gil?"

"You woke up sleeping beauty?" The Prussian named Gilbert smiled. "We are almost on land."

"So that means?" Mathieu yawned. "New supplies?"

"Yeah! The Awesome Me is getting a new pillow!" Gilbert Beilschmidt yelled.

"You're getting another pillow?" asked Antonio who was momentarily forgotten. "Why?"

"Well.." The Prussian laughed a bit. "I-"

"He spilled all his beer on it a couple of days ago." Matthew sighed. He held his polar bear to his chest. Noticing that the other shipmates started to get off the ship. "Kumojimi want to get some food?"

"Who?" said The bear.

"Matthew." The Canadian replied.

"Okay..." The bear let Matthew hold him a bit longer.

"Hey!" the platinum hair man yelled. "What about me?"

"Come one then." Matthew sighed. "We are getting more flour, sugar, and real maple syrup. Bring the money."

"Okay!" Gilbert put on a light brown dress shirt and a light black jacket. He ran down to the ground where Matthew was looking at the cloudless sky. "Come one Antonio! Artie and Francis is on the ship! You got to get out!"

"Okay then." Antonio walked out of the ship.

"You forgot to change Toni! You should be so glad that the awesome me is helping you." Gilbert laughed as he held Matthews soft right hand. "See you soon!"

"sigh.." Antonio quickly changed into something else, black dress shirt, red tie, black pants, and a white vest to finish the outfit.

"Move out of the way asshole!" A brunette yelled to the Pirate.

"The h-" Antonio was hit by the brunette.

"o..ww..." Lovino fell onto another male. Lips locked onto the other's lips. "FUCKKKK!"

Lovino moved away. "My first kiss! You bastardo*!" Lovino cried out.

"W-what?" Antonio sweat-dropped. "Well you fell on me."

"I said to move!" Lovi replied. He was wearing a red dress shirt, and the sleeves were rolled to his elbows, and brown khaki pants. He tried to stand up. "FUCK OW!"

"What's the matter?" Antonio asked pointing to Lovino's right ankle.

"I think..." Lovi paused and winced. "I twisted my ankle."

"By falling?" the Spanish laughed. "You are kidding me right?" Most thieves would act out they are in pain.

"Hell no!" Lovino almost cried. "Help me up... and move me to the crate over there..."

"Okay!" Antonio smiled, wanting to check if the injury was real.

Lovino went into his bag and took out another smaller bag. He opened it and took out band-ads and tape.

"Looks like it is a twisted ankle..." Antonio felt guilty. "I'll help you out while i'm here for a week!"

"Y-you don't have to." He started to wrap his right ankle with the help of Antonio.

"You should go to the do-"



"I don't like doctors..." Lovino chocked out and whispered. "Since that day..."

Antonio lifted up Lovino and whispered back to him. "I hope you don't hate pirates."

"Why?" Lovi glared at the man, slowly his eye started to close. " 'm sleepy.."

"Buenas noches." Captain Antonio added while he walked back into his ship to his room.


Vocab and questions

*Nonno= Grandpa, Grandfather in Italian

*Barbera= It's a type of red wine

*Why is Roma liking Lovi more? = To me it's sad that Lovi never got the attention as a child from his grandpa, so in my story (sorry Feli lovers!) I want to give Lovi more love!

*Fratello= Big Brother in Italian

*Ciao= Bye in Italian

* Mon Dieu= My God in French

* Mon amour= My Love in French

*J'arrive= I'm coming in French

*Bastardo= Bastard in Italian