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Mr. Pirate, Ti Amo- Spamano (South Italy x Spain)- Lovino Vargas was the next Mafia boss called Vargas Familgia. He would become the next boss when he became 23. One a windy night when he was 17, he asked his grandfather if he could travel the world, of course Grandpa Roma said yes. Who knew a simple wish would have him into a pirate ship owned by a famous pirate, Antonio Fernández Carriedo.


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~Pirate Six: Letter From Sea~

Feliciano was jumping everywhere. His older brother who left home about 2 months ago finally sent another letter for him and Nonno Roma. His letter was longer then the last letters that contain only 30 words.

He opened the envelope next to his new lover Ludwig. He was German, and was really strong! He looked just like his Nonno who is best, best friends with Grandpa Roma.

"Ve~!" Feliciano gasped when he kept reading the letter. He started to jump around Ludwig even more, never stopping for a breath. "Mio Fratello is in love! Mio Fratello is in love! In love with Antonio! With a Spanish! "

"Who?" Ludwig made Feliciano sit down on to the chair. He started dating this Italian only 2 weeks ago. It was love in first sight for both of them.

"Mio Fratello Lovino! He went to travel the world before he has to take over the Vargas Famiglia. He met a hot man he said, well… not hot, but a good looking man!" The Italian grinned at the sketch his fratello sent him in the first letter he got.

"I see I never got to see Lovino." Ludwig replied.

"You will be able to see him soon! Ve~" Feliciano answered him in a heartbeat. He was still excited about it. "He said he might visit in about two to three weeks!"


Lovino was always taken away from Antonio every single fucking time, even during the time they were in Greece. Antonio was determined to talk to Lovino for more than 3 words before they arrive in Italy.

He waited in the shadow waiting for Lovino to pass this certain hallways like he always did before he went to sleep. Antonio noticed a person walking. It was Lovino who forgot to button up his shirt. Doesn't he notice many of the men looks at him when he forgets to button that up?

Finally, Lovino was right next to him; he grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the shared room in less than a second. "Fuck! What the hell Antonio?!" Lovino yelled.

"Why were you avoiding for the past week?" Antonio cornered him into a wall. He tried to calm down his angry aura. Lovino bit his lip and said nothing. "Is it that you dislike me?"

Lovino shook his head a no.

"Why then?"

"Because…" The Italian whispered. He looked up at him in the eye. "I…"

Antonio shut Lovino up before he could say anything by pressing his lips against Lovino's. It was… soft Lovino thought. Antonio was just in heaven that he got to kiss the Italian for once! It started of sweet, gentle, no Lovino pushing him back. Then the fight for dominance started, Antonio won after a while. Lovino would never admit it but he kind of likes to get dominated…

"Love you more than you ever thought." The Spanish whispered into Lovino's ears, making him blush who knows how many more shades redder then a tomato. His mind paused for a moment to process the words that came out of his mouth.

He stared at the other man. "So would you like to forget about this… or… will you go out with me?" Antonio gently asked Lovino. He was scared the Italian was going to say hell no, or fuck you, or get away from me!

Lovino chose the latter. "S-si…" He stuttered. Why was he like this! He heard many other confessions from practically everyone he knew. This should have been easy to reply, a simple yes, no more, no less. But the reply was like a lovesick girl, not the way he wanted it as.

He was pushed down onto the bed by Antonio right after he said si, and god did he didn't regret anything that happen the night.


"Oh ho ho~" Francis grinned like a cat when he walked away from the loud moaning coming from Lovino's mouth. The other mates on the ship were quite hard and were embarrassed to hear such things from the newly formed couple. "Plan has worked! Oh~ If only Kiku and Liz was here! They would be staring even after it ended!"

"You bloody frog!" The British pirate punched him in the gut. "You do not look into other people's room when they are having…"

"Sex~~~" Francis laughed out and ran for his life. The two brothers, Matthew and Alfred were giggling or chuckling as they saw Francis run around the deck. The albino was drinking some beer laughing along.

"Kesesese!" Gilbert smirked. "Took 'im weeks!"

"It did! Geez! It shouldn't take that long to confess ya know!" Alfred exclaimed loudly. He was cock-blocking Gilbert and Matthew.

"Mon Dieu…" the Canadian whispered. "They are even louder then Francis and Arthur…"

"ANTONIO~!" A voice moaned.

"Cross that out… No one can beat them." Gilbert replied taking another swing with his beer.

A voice rang out from the opposite side of the boat. "FRANCIS!" A slightly high pitch scream was heard from Arthur.

I recommend going to your rooms now…" Alfred suggested. "Seeing another pair is like in their mating moment!"

"Kesese." Gilbert grabbed Matthew to their bedroom. Alfred was alone once more until he heard an Asian voice pop out.




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