Hi guys! Uh.. well.. as you can see I have not been updating nor making that many new fanfictions... Sorry for anyone who actually liked (my kinda crappy i admit) works! Sorry! But I do not expect myself to update of any fanfictions.. I have lost my flame for Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfictions and am not (sadly) into the fandom.

Also.. I haven't been reading any of my reviews.. (opps?) out of fear, it's stupid i know but one bad review from the past kind of scars you.

Once again.. I am very sorry!

And I may or may not be moving to Archives of our own

Because Fanfiction doesn't let you post smut and all that jazz.


I currently write Hetalia fanfictions and poems based on my RP's.

..Maybe one day i will be back into my old fandoms.. *bows down* thank you everyone who read my works and/or followed me..