Dianne stood before large white Greek columns. She looked at the large glass doors. The whole museum stood tall, very intimidating. "We'll, let's get this done," she said, pushing the large glass doors open. Inside was a large owl wearing a pink bow. The owl turned around.

"Welcome!" the owl said. "My name is Celeste, and this," she gestured to the four red carpets around her, "is the museum! We have bug, fish, painting, and fossil exhibits." Dianne opened her mouth to say something, but Celeste held up a wing to shush her. "All the exhibits are full, but you're welcome to see them. This part of the museum is only open during the afternoon. In the mornings, you can see the coffee shop, a.k.a. "The Roost", and in the evenings, you can go up those stairs," Celeste pointed behind her at a pair of stairs with a pink velvet rug, thrusting up her wing to Dianne, who had barely quivered her lips. "is the observatory. All the constellations have been made, I'm afraid, but you can still look at them closer. Any questions?" she finished, now putting down her wing to let Dianne talk.

"I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Dianne, nice to meet you," Dianne said, turning around, bolting out the large doors.

"How rude!" Celeste cried, making no effort to stop Dianne. Dianne sighed. She looked at her map, deciding to go to the next closest place- the Able sister's house/shop.

"Well, guess I'd better get going," Dianne said, walking over towards the house. "I hope they're nice. Or at least less…weird." Upon arriving at the house, she noticed that there was a degraded sign, falling apart and it read- "be Siter " Dianne knocked on the front door, adorned with little tea cozies and little trinkets that looked freshly sewn. "So cute," she whispered.

A porcupine wearing an apron opened the door, saying in a sweet voice, "Hello, I'm Mable. May I help you?" Dianne smiled.

"Oh, no thanks. I just wanted to say hi to everybody in town, I think I'm moving in for now," Dianne said. Mable smiled, her mouth twitching.

"I have to attend to the store. Goodbye," Mable said as she slowly closed the door. Dianne looked at the door for a minute, feeling fairly awkward.

"Okay then," she muttered, looking at her map again. "I should probably go to Timmy next." She looked around, thinking the store was nearby. She peered off in the distance, murmuring, "Is that the store?" She felt a tap on her shoulder, and she turned around.

"I think so, but I can't see that far," Leila said, smiling. Dianne blinked, wondering how she had better eyesight then Leila. "Nice to see you again. But did you see the green butterfly that came over here? I could have sworn I saw it." Dianne smiled, looking around.

"Is that it on the tree over there?" Dianne asked, pointing to the left. Leila nodded, pulling her helmet down and running towards the tree. Dianne turned around and started to run towards Timmy's store.

"Too bad. I suppose she's been chosen already," Leila said, frowning.