A new way of life – Advise

Coop the white cat gulped roughly as he stood inside his friend Dennis's room. Coop had arrived at his friend's house moments ago and said to him that he needed... advice in a certain problem was having and Dennis had said he would talk to him after he got a drink. However, know that he fought about it; Coop didn't know why he had come to DENNIS of all people for advice in the situation he was in.

For Coop wanted Kat to be his girlfriend and he didn't know how to ask her.

Coop had wanted Kat to be his girlfriend ever since his mud prank went horribly wrong and the reason why Millie made them wear king and queen outfits at her tea party didn't help him but what really pushed him over the edge was Kat's mistletoe kiss at Christmas. Earlier today, Coop had tried to ask Kat but because he hadn't thought thoroughly about what to say, it all became a puddle of stutters.

To Coop's relief, Dennis finally came through his bedroom door. "Alright Coop" he began. "What did you want to talk to me about?" Coop looked down at the ground and scratched his arm as a blush came to his cheeks. "Dennis, I need a little... advise in a situation I'm having." The white feline looked up and saw a smirk across his face before Dennis sighed. "Alright, who is she?" Coop's chin fell to the floor. "What?!" he shouted in shock. "How did you know I needed advise about a girl?" Dennis looked at Coop out of the corner of his eye and simply taped his nose; Coop glared in response. "So, who is she?" he asked again.

Coop scoffed. "Like I'd tell you, I only came here for your advice on the situation" he said. "Besides, you're TERRIBLE at keeping secrets!" Dennis faked a look pain as he clutched his heart. "Coop, how could you say that? That's not true." Coop glared at his friend again. "Dennis" he began. "When we were six, I told you one time not to let my dad know I took an extra cookie before dinner. When dinner came five minutes later, you screamed it out loud because he LOOKED at you!" Dennis looked down in embarrassment and scratched his arm. "Yeah... sorry about that."

Coop sighed in frustration and began rubbing the sides of his head as if he had a headache. "Coop, PLEASE tell me who it is! I promise I won't tell anyone; scout's honour!" he said as he did the scout's honour sign with his right hand. Coop quickly looked from side-to-side as if someone would randomly appear before he sighed and said "Alright, I like Kat." Dennis scoffed. "Of course it would be her, it couldn't be anyone else" he said. "So why did you come to me for advice?"

Coop began playing with his hands as the embarrassing memory re-entered his brain. "I tried to ask her to be my girlfriend earlier today but I couldn't get the words out. What do you think I should do?" The white cat asked his best friend. Dennis smiled a warm hearted smile before he put his hand on his feline friend's shoulder. "Be yourself" he said simply as he gave his friend's shoulder a squeeze. Coop smiled in return and said "thanks" before motioning to Dennis's bedroom window. As he climbed onto the window ledge, he looked back to Dennis and pointed at him before saying "remember, don't tell ANYONE." Dennis gave the scout's honour sign again as Coop jumped from the window.

Dennis then shut the window and immediately turned to look at his mobile phone.

"I heard from a certain bird that you've got a crush on Mrs. Kat."

Coop looked away from the TV program he had been watching to see a smirk across his sister Millie's face. 'I do not believe this' he thought to himself as he glared at the mobile phone in his sister's pocket. 'Dennis squealed'. "Well, he's a liar." Coop turned back to the TV to watch the rest of his program when suddenly, he was picked up by the scruff of his neck and before he knew it, he was in his sister's room.

"Why did you bring me here!?" The white feline questioned his younger sister angrily; she sighed in response. "Coop, it's OBVIOUS that you like Mrs. Kat so don't go telling me you don't. I knew way before Dennis told me but he just gave me concrete evidence by telling me that you told him." Coop's angry glare turned to an expressionless face of defeat as he looked at the ground. "Coop" Millie began. "You don't have to be embarrassed, everyone finds someone they like eventually!" The girl noticed that Coop's face didn't grow happy even by a smidge so she down next to him and like Dennis, she put a hand on his shoulder.

"Coop, I know that because I'm the younger one of us two, I'm usually the one asking YOU for advice in some matters but there are certain occasions in life when it's the other way round, like now." Coop looked at his sister and gave her a small smile. "Now, I recommend that if you want Mrs. Kat to be your girlfriend, you shouldn't act like an idiot or anything like that around her." Coop's smile turned to a frown. "Well, there's something I've already messed up" he said glumly. His sister rolled her eyes behind her red glasses before continuing. "Also, try being a BIT cool if you can, dad said that's how he got mum."

Coop looked at his sister again and smiled once more. "Thanks Millie" he said before he hugged her. "Now, if you don't mind, I want to go and watch the rest of my TV program before I meet my inevitable fait tonight."

Coop let a strong breath leave his throat as he walked across the green grass of his house's garden towards his crush, who was currently scratching something into a tree using her claws. As he approached Kat more and more, Coop went over all that he had learned today. He remembered to be partly himself for Dennis, to try and be a bit cool as his sister had said and not to act like a complete jerk like his father had told him for he had caught his feline son about an hour earlier to receive some last minute advice.

"Hey Kat" he called to her and was glad to see her smile as she turned around and saw her friend. "Hey Coop; I haven't seen you all day apart from earlier, where have you been?" Coop looked to the ground to hide his lying eyes as he said "Went to Dennis's for the day" even though this was partly true. When Coop raised his head again, he had an almost cocky grin on his face as he pointed to Kat's feet. "Do your feet hurt?" he asked.

"Kinda, why?" she asked. "Cause you've been running through my mind." Coop cursed himself in his head for using the pick-up line his father had suggested and needless to say, it sounded just as dumb as Coop thought it would. After registering what he had said, Kat gave him a weird look. "O...K" she replied, a bit freaked out now; Coop noticed this and decided to move the situation forward. "Kat, would you please be kind enough to answer a question for me?"

Kat's freaked out look disappeared and a small smile took its place. "Sure Coop, what is it?" Just as Coop was about to ask her to be his girlfriend, he froze. Fear took him over as everything Dennis, Millie and his father had told him earlier vanished from his mind. "Never mind" he said quickly before turning to leave; he didn't count on Kat stopping him though.

"Coop, just tell me!" she practically ordered instead of asking. Coop looked back at her with a sad look. "I can't" he began. "I'm afraid about what you'll say." Kat sighed before grabbing Coop with both hands and forced him to look her in the eyes. "Coop, please tell me" she pleaded. Coop looked down at the ground and blushed before he looked back at his crush and quickly said "Will you be my girlfriend?" Kat smiled. "Alright."

Coop forced himself out of her grasp and looked at her with a look that said he was about to cry. "You see?" he began. "This is why I didn't..." Coop froze on the spot before he looked back at Kat with a dumbstruck expression. "D-Did you just say yes?" Kat laughed and walked towards him so they were only about a metre apart. "Yes, is that what you tried to ask me earlier?" Coop looked at the ground again before nodding shyly and slowly. "Well, why couldn't you ask me then?" Kat asked. Coop looked at her with scared and slightly sad eyes before replying "I thought you wouldn't like me back."

Kat's smile changed to an exact copy of the dumbstruck look Coop had on his face only a moment ago. "Coop" she started slowly. "I hugged you whilst covered in mud and in the bath, I carried you bridal style to get you to Millie's tea party, I threatened Fiona to stop going near you and I kissed you under the mistletoe at Christmas; WHERE in that description does it say that I don't like you?"

Coop looked at the ground again. "Well, I guess that..." he stopped and looked up at Kat with a shocked face. "Wait, you threatened Fiona not to go near me!?" Kat's smile quickly turned from happy to awkward as a blush came to her face and she began chuckling quietly. "Erm, sorry?" she asked hopefully. For a second, Coop was outraged; Kat had let her jealously get the better of her and thanks to that, he had lost one of his best friends because she was now too scared to come near him. He was about to point this out to her when he saw her and he realised that she actually looked...scared.

Coop gave her a sympathetic look. "Oh, I can't stay mad at you" he said happily as he hugged the still blushing purple feline. As her blush disappeared and she realised what her boyfriend was doing, Kat hugged him back as tightly as she could and before she closed her eyes in happiness...

She saw Burt, Millie and Dennis through the kitchen door, all giving her the 'thumbs up'.