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Day 1


Hermione ran to the Ward in a full out sprint that was so quick she felt the muscles in her legs protest at the stretch of her long stride. She knew that tomorrow the small aches she was currently feeling would be magnified times ten but at this moment, the only thing she could worry about was Draco's health.

Her mind was in a state of panic and the only sound overpowering the thoughts racing through her head was the sound of the blood pounding in her ears.

Draco had collapsed? What did that mean? Dear Merlin.

The horrid thought that Veela was dying because he thought she was dead ran on a non-stop loop through her mind.

She had just hurried down the staircase and the door to the Ward was in sight when she once again mentally reached out to Veela in desperation.

Her panic grew twofold when she continued to feel nothing. The bleak silence was deafening.

The doors to the Ward opened with a bang when she flung them open. Hermione would have otherwise been embarrassed about making such a dramatic entrance but when she spotted Draco's blond head lying on a bed towards the back end of the Ward, she didn't care one iota as she ran over to him.

A small part of her brain registered the fact that Rose had been holding tight to one of Draco's hands, dropping it only when Hermione neared the bed but any jealously was pushed aside by worry.

"What happened?" Hermione gasped out as she reached Draco's bedside.

Her eyes took in Draco's tired slate grey stare and for a moment, her mind refused to believe the fact that he wasn't unconscious and on his death bed.

She looked from Draco to Healer Johnson to Rose, waiting for an explanation before her eyes once again turned back to Draco. Her gaze swept him from head to toe, her heart now slowly returning back to its normal rhythm as the panic gradually eased from her mind.

Healer Johnson cleared his throat. "I believe Miss Cottilard will be able to explain things better than I at this present time."

Hermione turned her wide surprised eyes to the female Veela. Rose seemed to fidget for two seconds, the flaxen haired witch suddenly realising she was under the scrutiny of quite a number of people. Hermione watched with expectant silence as the witch's blue eyes flickered between Hermione, Draco and Blaise before she seemed to gather herself.

"I- I think it is his Veela being starved."

When her words were met by silence, she hesitatingly continued. "It has been nearly two days since Veela has…gone. It's been nearly two days since he's fed. And I saw his injury even if Draco didn't have any physical manifestation of it! Which means he's hurt and healing and to do that he would need to feed at least once a day if not more and he hasn't fed!"

At the end of her hysteric shriek, Rose turned accusatory eyes towards Hermione, as if the entire situation was her fault, and Hermione struggled to remember what Fleur had told her on how often Veela needed to feed.

Dregs of the conversation passed through her mind.

"…how often he needs to feed depends on how much energy he expends throughout the day…physically…"

"…Once a day is usually the norm, although I think some Veela feed more than once…"

"…I do know that if a Veela's mate passes away, then they too will pass…"

Suddenly, Hermione too felt as if this was partly her fault. Veela had been shot protecting her from a bullet. He wasn't to know that his wings wouldn't have evolved to repel Muggle weaponry as it had its Wizarding counterparts.

She felt as if she was going to throw up when she realised that if Veela passed away she might be to blame for it.

"What do I do? How do I feed Veela?" she asked hurriedly before her eyes flicked down to Draco.

His grey eyes were piercing hers, his face stoic and showing no expression. The utter blankness had Hermione biting her bottom lip in apology.

She knew what Draco must be thinking…feeling…but she had no idea how to comfort him. But she had to try and so she tentatively reached out a hand and wrapped it around his. Her confidence grew when he didn't reject her touch, instead linking his fingers tightly with hers.

Hermione held his hand just as firmly, her feelings of nausea beginning to grow. She hoped Draco knew that she had meant what she'd said about not wanting Veela back if it meant him being thrown back into the black room…but if Veela staying away meant that they both died? That wasn't something she could accept.

Swallowing the bile rising up her throat, she turned to face Healer Johnson and Blaise. "What do we do?"

The two looked back at her and then looked at each other. It was Blaise who spoke. "We will need to discuss a few things. At the start of your relationship with Veela, when you had yet to complete the bonding ceremony, his hunger for your blood was sated by you being close to him. I ask you spend some time with Draco and see if the same will work again."

Hermione looked back down to Draco who had his jaw clenched. She quickly nodded at Blaise, dismissing him and Healer Johnson before they walked away, their heads bent together. They were joined half way across the room by Healer Bentley.

And then it was only she, Draco and Rose that remained.

Now that Hermione could concentrate on Rose, she was bothered by the Veela's presence at Draco's bedside. She was grateful for the witch talking with Draco and also for her information on Draco's condition, but Hermione would have preferred if Rose's accusatory eyes had remained fixated on her rather than face the worried eyes she was now eyeing Draco with.

There was silence for a few seconds between the three of them but Hermione snapped when she saw Rose's hand move as if she was going to cover Draco's other hand.

She cleared her throat noisily and the rude interruption had Rose jerking her arm back to her side while she eyed Hermione guiltily. However before Hermione could speak, Draco did, his voice sounding very fatigued.

"Rose, thank you for talking with me this afternoon but if you don't mind, I have a few things to discuss with Hermione."

The witch nodded her head, giving Draco a smile and an understanding nod before she sent one last look at Hermione and walked away.

Hermione slowly sighed out in relief although she continued to steel herself for the discussion she was about to have with Draco.

"…How are you feeling?"

"Like I'm dying." He answered straight faced before wincing slightly at Hermione's expression. "Too early to make jokes regarding it?" he asked in a semi sarcastic tone.

This time it was Hermione's turn to wince. "I don't want you to die-" she began saying before Draco interrupted.

"-Don't you mean you don't want Veela to die?"

Hermione swallowed another rising lump before making sure to look Draco directly in the eyes. "I don't want you to die. I don't want either of you to die. When will both of you accept that you need the other to live?"

The fact seemed to anger Draco if his expression was anything to go by. Hermione waited with bated breath to see what his next comment would be but he merely slumped deeper into his cot and closed his eyes.

"How do you want to do this?" Hermione asked in a whisper.

"How did you and him do it?"

Hermione fidgeted. "Lying next to each other," she answered uncomfortably. "He mentioned that the scent of my blood essence was strongest at my throat and by my wrists."

Hermione looked around for a spare chair, mentally bracing herself for a few uncomfortable hours with her arm outstretched in front of her. There was no need however when Draco struggled but managed to move to one side of his cot before flipping the thin cotton of his blanket to the side in an invitation for Hermione to join him.

Hermione couldn't fight the blush she knew was rising in her cheeks but she toed off her trainers before hesitantly sliding in next to him, shifting down until her head was roughly at the same level as his.

In the next second her arm was reaching out to place privacy charms around their bedside. Feeling grateful that at least they were now shielded from every other eye on the Ward, she relaxed into the mattress.

From beside her, she felt Draco shift. He moved closer and Hermione found herself awkwardly tilting her head to the opposite side so that he could fit his face into the curve of her neck. Instead of diving right for the opportunity as Veela would have done, Hermione felt Draco leave an inch or two between his skin and hers.

She heard him breathe in deeply a few times, hope beginning to bloom in the pit of her stomach with each intake of air he took.

After a few minutes she couldn't contain the question for any longer. "Can you smell anything?" she asked in an excited whisper.

She felt Draco's rumble vibrate against her skin. "Hmmm. Cinnamon."

Hermione turned her head around so rapidly that Draco was forced to jerk his own a few centimetres back to avoid it colliding with hers. He stared at her in confusion as Hermione looked at him in disbelief.

"You can smell it?!" she asked again.

Draco slowly nodded his head. "Cinnamon... and something sweet..."

Hermione breath left her chest in a hitched exaltation.

"…It's your soap isn't it?"

Her entire body tightened up. "M-My soap?"

Draco nodded slowly, his expression now one of extreme confusion. "It smells like soap…or perfume?"

Hermione's mouth opened and closed a few times. She was mortified to find tears hitting the backs of her eyes and she quickly blinked them away before she shook her head. "No…it's my soap."

Draco gave her a puzzled frown. "Are you okay?" he questioned.

Hermione merely nodded her head swiftly, her body still clenched tightly. It was only when Draco hesitantly moved his head closer to her neck again that Hermione allowed her fists to slowly unfurl at her sides.

Closing her eyes, she tried to push away the memories poking at her. She refused to believe them. But that didn't stop them from continuing to hound at her.

"…Will simply smelling my blood through my skin still work?"

"…It won't…"

"…you accepted Veela as yours…"

"…through the bonding ceremony you agreed to provide your Veela with the sustenance he needs to survive…"


Day 2


Hermione's bottom lip was raw and abused. She had been worrying it on and off with her own teeth for the last seventeen hours as sleep had continued to evade her. Her eyes, gritty and blurry as they were, refused to move away from the blond of Draco's hair as he lay half sprawled over her.

The silence surrounding them was intermittently broken by the soft scrape of her nails as she stroked her fingers through Draco's hair or the crackling wheezing Draco was emitting as he slept with his face resting against her stomach.

The fact that simply scenting her blood essence through her skin wasn't going to be enough to sate Veela's hunger was obvious when Draco's breathing had taken a turn for the worse. At that moment, the faint level of underlying panic she'd felt since she'd entered the Ward had turned into not so faint alarm.

She'd forced herself to keep an outward appearance of remaining calm and collected, if only for Draco's benefit, but she hadn't been able to dart her eyes this way and that as Healer Johnson, Healer Bentley, Blaise and James walked purposefully from one end of the Ward to the other.

Both Healers had popped their heads through Hermione's privacy wards every few hours or so but hadn't been able to give her the good news she was hoping for. A miracle.

When Draco gave a particularly painful sounding wheeze, his soft puff of air hitting the bare skin on her lower stomach where his head had shoved up her top slightly, she tensed and her fingers froze in their path.

For five seconds she held her breath, until Draco emitted another wheeze, assuring her that he was still here…still fighting.

Veela…come back.

She'd said the words so often over the last however many hours that her quiet hope had turned into desperation for any sort of reply from Veela.

Her eyes closed in a bid to block out everything…and then she heard a throat clear. Opening her eyes she saw a sombre looking Blaise stood in front of her with an angry looking James to his side, his muscled arms folded tightly across his chest as he studied her and Draco.

"What it is?" she asked in a whisper, not wanting to wake Draco if she didn't need to.

Both tenebris ones looked at her for a moment more before Blaise spoke, "It is inevitable. Draco must take in your blood if there is any chance of both him and Veela surviving."

The same thought had been hovering at the back of Hermione's mind so it wasn't that much of a shock when James strode towards her, looking every inch the predator.

"Wake him." He ordered.

Hermione removed her hand from Draco's hair and looked down at his body for a moment before both hands came to shake him gently at the shoulders. He protested at the interruption before he tiredly managed to crack open his eyes.

She smiled at him, "Hi," she said softly. His eyes seemed to take a while to focus but when they did, he graced her with a soft smile. It morphed into a confused look when he saw James standing over her shoulder.

Pushing himself into an upright position, Hermione heard his sigh of relief when he was finally able to lean against the headboard and take his weight of his own arms.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Hermione turned to him. "We need you to try to take in some of my blood. There's no other choice."

She had to hand it to Draco. His expression barely changed upon hearing that he would have to take in someone else's blood, whereas when Veela had proposed the idea of her drinking his blood, she had refused point blank.

Already knowing the answer to her question, she still felt the need to ask, "I suppose there's no way that we could set up some kind of transfusion?"

Both Blaise and James shook their heads. "Once the blood is removed from your circulation it is not fresh."

"In case you haven't noticed Rosier, I'm missing the freaky teeth you and Zabini are sporting now."

At Draco's words, James half smirked and half sneered, flashing said teeth which began to elongate as if to prove Draco's point.

James's red eyes flashed to Hermione and his smirk widened, "I'd be happy to help you and your little Healer out just this once."

He grinned at Hermione roguishly and the action, accompanied by his words, had Hermione looking away from him in shy embarrassment.

From beside her she felt Draco tense. "Your teeth won't be going anywhere near my little Healer," he said in cold anger.

Hermione turned to him as her body flushed at his proprietary tone.

The two former Slytherin's continued with their stare off until Blaise stepped forward and maturely offered the solution.

"There will be no need for any biting. Healer Johnson will carry out the required incisions painlessly."

Thank Merlin.

"Isn't that a shame?" James said lazily as he gave Draco one last smirk before he turned and began to walk away, "I'll go and get the good Healer then," he said as he strolled away.

Hermione bit her lip as she turned back to Draco. "How are you feeling?"


Hermione knew he must be feeling a lot worse than simply tired but she understood his male need not to lose face in front of Zabini.

"Will you be okay to do this?" she asked him quietly.

"Do I have a choice?"

James answered for her. "Not if you want to live."

Hermione closed her eyes at his cavalier words, mentally rolling her eyes behind her lids before she heard Healer Johnson's familiar throat clearing to announce his presence.

"Are we ready to start?" he asked Hermione who quickly nodded her head.

She gave Draco's hand one last squeeze before she got up. And then she hesitated, not knowing how to position herself.

"If you would like to sit on the bed opposite Mr Malfoy, it will most probably be the most comfortable position for you both."

Hermione followed Healer Johnson's orders. And then both Draco and she turned to see Healer Johnson approach them, his wand outstretched. Using her own wand, Hermione quickly magicked her hair up into a bun so it would remain out of the way.

The act of slicing her throat open so Draco could drink her blood was quit anti-climatic. She might not have felt any pain from Healer Johnson's incisions but she could feel the magic acting on her skin. And then she felt warm rivulets quickly running down her throat. It was only when she saw Blaise's own incisors lengthen out of the corner of her eye and Draco's eyes widen in horror as Healer Johnson pushed her slightly towards him that she fully realised what was about to happen.

And it did not go as simply as she had hoped.

She felt Draco's warm breath against her skin as he took in quick hesitant breaths before his tongue darted out to lick a small drop of blood from the base of the cut. At the first taste his head quickly retreated back, his face twisted into one of distaste.

Hermione knew the action was one of reflex- Merlin, she would have definitely acted the same if their positions were reversed, but that didn't stop tiny pinpricks of hurt dart at her heart.

"Mr Malfoy, you must take in deep draughts."

"Otherwise your Mate will bleed out and she won't have any blood left to give to you."

Draco's eyes darted to Healer Johnson to James before his panicked gaze met Hermione's. She saw him take in a deep breath before his head darted forward. His breath hit her skin, his teeth accidentally hitting her before his lips clamped down around the cuts and Hermione felt the weirdest feeling of her blood being pulled out of her.

She could feel Draco's stiff body shaking as he pulled in her blood before he gave out a groan and pulled back. Hermione watched with stunned eyes as her blood ran down Draco's chin and bubbled out of his mouth.

"Swallow!" James demanded from behind her.

Draco's eyes widened in panic at every passing second before his body bucked with silent retches. And then he couldn't contain it anymore. His head fell to the side, his mouth opening as the blood he'd collected in his mouth dribbled to the floor.

Hermione reached out a hand to comfort him and she watched helplessly as his body automatically shucked her blood.

"I-I can't." Draco shuddered after he'd spat out her blood.

"You must." Blaise said in his usual apathetic voice.

Draco could only shake his head as his mind repelled the idea of drinking her blood.

"Mr Zabini!" Healer Johnson exclaimed.

It was only when Hermione looked down at her own lap that she realised how much blood she'd already lost. Her green T-shirt was stained dark with colour as was the white bed sheet pooled in her lap.

Her eyes darted back up to Draco only to find him looking at her in desperation. Her blood continued to smear his lips and chin.

"Hermione…I can't. I can't swallow it."

"Please…try…I can't lose you…I can't lose both of you…" she whispered pleadingly.

Throughout her words, Draco continued shaking his head but when she'd finished, he was looking at her with a steely look in his eyes. Before she could say anything else, he pulled her forward with a strength that surprised her, one arm clenching her neck towards him whilst the other held her body steady by clamping down on her upper arm.

And then the process repeated itself. His lips hit her skin, his mouth making horrible sounding slurping noises as he drank in her blood…

…This time he didn't even manage to turn his head to the side before he spat it out. The spray covered Hermione's left arm as well as the sheets of cot. Draco coughed repeatedly to remove what little of her blood essence had apparently trickled down his throat.

Unconsciously, his arms had grabbed the pillow behind him, and he was now wiping the blood on his tongue against the corner of the material.

Hermione heard twin curses coming from both tenebris ones stood behind her; one hushed whilst the other bellowed.

"If Mr Malfoy is unable to swallow Healer Granger's blood then we must stop now. She is losing too much!"

It was only when she heard Healer Johnson's panicked words that Hermione felt the effects of the blood loss on her body. Her eyes became blurred around the edges and she felt strangely light, as if she was floating.

"I-I c-can't!" she heard Draco gasping from behind the pillow. His body still shook with the odd gag at the taste of her blood and he was forced to gulp in air as his throat threatened to close. In the pit of her stomach, Hermione felt dread begin to settle in.

This was it.

She was going to lose them. She was going to lose them both.

"Mr Zabini! Mr Rosier!"

Surprisingly, it was James that spoke. "Close her wounds." He muttered harshly and Hermione instantly heard Healer Johnson speak the spell.

"She will need a blood replenishing potion." Blaise muttered.

Healer Johnson rushed off to comply and get the potion from the stores.

Hermione reached out a now shaking hand. She smoothed it down Draco's cheek. "It's okay," she found herself saying.

Draco clamped his own palm against her hand, pushing her hand further to his face but he contradicted his words by speaking harshly, "How is it going to be okay? I'm going to die!"

Hermione had nothing to say.


An hour later found her and Draco lying on a Scourgified bed, both wrapped around each other in their own cocoon.

She drew comfort from being in his familiar arms just as her presence seemed to give Draco some comfort. She couldn't tell whether it was the adrenaline seeping from his body or his progressive condition but Draco's wheezing had worsened in the last half hour and purple stains had appeared under his eyes.

Healer Johnson, James and Zabini hovered just outside of her privacy wards and she could hear their hushed conversation.

There had been a brief glimmer of hope when Healer Johnson had suggested a smaller cut on Hermione's finger but the idea had been shot down by Blaise and James, both stating that there wasn't enough time for Draco to simply sip her blood like he needed a leisurely snack. Hermione had initially felt anger at hearing the words…did that mean that if they'd simply starting Draco licking a cut on her finger when he'd first been brought into the Ward he might have had a chance of surviving?

The idea stewed in her mind for a minute before the logical side of her brain had piped up and reminded her that blood was blood. The metallic taste that was so repellent would still be present even if Draco was taking it in in small doses.

At that, Hermione had tightened her hold on Draco, shivering involuntarily as his palm ran down the length of her back before he settled her closer to his body. She closed her eyes…and slipped away to the elusive land of dreams.

She didn't dream of Veela.

She dreamt of Draco.


Hermione woke to the feel of Draco's fingers trailing down her cheek. She said nothing, simply studying his face where it lay inches away from her own, his own grey eyes following the path of his fingers.

She counted thirteen long seconds before Draco looked up and noticed her eyes were open. His fingers, that were now at the base of her throat, jerked slightly but didn't hurry to remove themselves.

"How long…"

"…Only a few hours." He answered.

"How are you-"

"-Fine, tired."

There was silence as Draco's fingers traced back up her jaw before the pad of his thumb ran over her cheek once more.

"Did you ever imagine this is what our lives would be like?" he asked slowly in between shallow breaths of air.

Hermione's lip stretched into a small smile. "No."

She took in a sharp breath of air as his thumb traced lightly over her sensitive bottom lip.

"I always thought you and Weasley would shack up somewhere. Have a dozen kids- all of whom would be rubbish at Quidditch."

Hermione chuckled, Draco joining in but ending up coughing at the pressure on his lungs.

She painfully waited, allowing him to catch his breath before speaking. "And you would have shacked up with Pansy Parkinson and had a snotty brat."

Draco smiled wearily. "Pansy Parkinson…I've not thought about her in a long time."

His eyes were lost for a few seconds in memories from long ago. And then they suddenly sharpened.

Hermione held her breath.

"I don't want to die Hermione."

Hermione felt tears spring to her eyes as her throat tightened. "You won't…"

"If he doesn't come back… we're both going to die."

Two tears escaped. "I'm s-so sorry…I-I don't know what t-to do."

Draco's thumb once again came up to stroke over her cheek and he trailed one tear down the side of her face before brushing it into her skin so it couldn't fall onto the pillow.

"…Kiss me…"

The words were so surprising that Hermione simply blinked in response, her mind telling her that she must have heard him wrong. And yet as she looked at Draco in silence, his expression wasn't changing from the serious look he was currently showing.

She let out a strangled gurgle that she managed to morph into a single word, "What?"

Draco repeated his words and she was left in no doubt that he had actually said what she'd first thought she'd heard him say. "Kiss me…"


"It'll work…It has to."

Hermione drew her sore lip back into her mouth so her upper two teeth could nibble on it. "…Draco," She said in hesitation.

His finger came to her bottom lip and he gently asserted pressure until she released it. He eased the slight sting by running over it.

"Kiss me, Granger." His voice was still tired and shaky but Hermione could hear the teasing lacing his tone.

When she didn't move, his face grew serious once more. "…Please."

Hermione had never felt more selfish. Here he was, dying, practically begging her to do something that he thought would save him and she was hesitating because in some dark recess of her mind, she equated kissing Draco as cheating on Veela.

Which was ridiculous. If she wanted them to accept the fact that they were two halves of a whole then she needed to accept it too.

And so she took in a shallow breath of air before she inched her face closer to Draco's.

Hermione didn't know what to expect when her lips touched his. The second before the first graze, Hermione began belatedly preparing herself to feel the heady powerful impact that always accompanied Veela's kisses.

But Draco's kiss was different…Good different.

As their lips grew more confident and his tongue entered her mouth, a slow burn unfurled in Hermione's stomach, and her toes began curling under the thin duvet.

Unfortunately the kiss didn't last as long as she would have liked it to. Draco pulled away with a sad expression on his face as he gasped in air to ease the momentary pressure on his weakened lungs.

Hermione watched him regain his breath and when his sharp pants had begun to abate, she opened her mouth, preparing herself to say something but unsure of what.

Before she could even utter a word, Draco moved his head forward and recaptured her lips. This kiss was different. Bad different.

It was a kiss born of fear.

Their teeth banged together at the initial impact, Draco's lips touching hers with such harsh desperation that Hermione knew they were going to bruise…and yet she still accepted it because she didn't know what else to do to comfort him.

The kiss broke again when Draco's head drew back and Hermione looked at his absolutely gutted expression. Burning tears began to gloss over her eyes and she brought up a hand to gently trace over his grey skin.

His cold hand landed on top of hers as his eyes closed and then he turned his head, nuzzling his nose into the warmth of her palm.

Hermione closed her own eyes so the tears wouldn't escape.

They lay in silence…because once again, there was nothing left to say.


Day 3


Hermione hadn't realised she had fallen back asleep until she was jolting awake to a loud growl accompanied by loudly spoken words.

For a moment, her head felt too heavy to bother lifting and her body was so tightly wrapped around Draco's, she didn't want to move. Instead of focusing on the argument occurring somewhere in the Ward, she listened to the faint thumping of Draco's heart underneath her ear.

His lifeline.

Her lifeline.

It was only when she heard him make a short amused sound in his throat and realised he was awake that she turned her head up to look at him.

His gaze dropped to hers for a moment before he smiled and flicked his head towards the other end of the Ward. Hermione followed his gaze, her eyebrows narrowing in confusion when she saw James and Parvati arguing about something near the doors to the Ward.

Even from where she lay she could see that James was barely in control of himself. His fists were clenched tightly together, his bulging arms shaking with strain as his glowing red eyes spat fire at the small Indian witch who was poking him in the chest repeatedly to emphasise specific words that she was currently shouting in his face.

Hermione watched with slightly growing unease as one of James's fists unfurled and his hand snapped out in a rapid movement she didn't even catch with her measly human vision. However, she did catch him pulling Parvati towards him, knocking her off her feet until she stumbled into his chest.

The witch's ire seemed to grow and her pokes at James's chest turned into sharp jabs.

"Shouldn't someone intervene?" Hermione mumbled.

Draco's arm tightened around her waist as if he thought she was the one planning on intervening. "It's harmless. They were arguing for a full five minutes before you woke." He managed to say slowly.

"What happened?" she asked Draco as she saw Blaise nearing the couple.

Any alarm she had flowed out of her body upon seeing the vampire, knowing he wouldn't allow the matter to get out of hand and she snuggled back into Draco's chest.

"Patil was interviewing some werewolves for a second press release. Rosier took exception to his girl touching someone other than him… even if it was in comfort."

"Parvati isn't Rosier's girl." Hermione told Draco before she remembered what Padma had been about to tell her before Blaise had interrupted them.

Hermione watched the two of them for a few more seconds, a small smile curling at her lips. "Is it a tenebris seminio thing that you all feel incredibly jealous?"

Draco snorted softly. "I think it's a wizard thing."

Hermione's smile widened as his words echoed through her mind.


Tenebris Seminio








Hermione snapped her head up and she looked at Draco with her mouth slightly open.

Draco frowned down at her, silently questioning her rapid movement.

Dear Merlin…what is possible?

Veela had always been insanely possessive of her. Could it actually work? Hope began fluttering in her stomach.

Even the slightest possibility had Hermione jumping up and out of Draco's hold. She detangled her feet from the blanket and swung herself out of the bed before turning back to face Draco, excitement shining in her eyes.

"Hermione? What's wrong?"

"I have an idea!"

"What?" Draco questioned.

Hermione opened her mouth, ready to tell him her plan before she snapped her mouth shut again. Surely telling Draco her idea would defeat the entire purpose?

She grimaced at keeping it a secret from him.

She backed away from the bed, "Just trust me okay…I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Hermione!" Draco called out to her retreating back.

She ignored him, feeling incredibly guilty at doing so, but she didn't know how much time Draco had left or how long it would take Blaise to organise a Portkey.

She reached his side and quickly explained her idea to the stoic vampire. Her words came out in one swift gasp and even James and Parvati stopped their fight in order to listen in.

It didn't take Blaise very long to debate the merits of her idea. He simply looked from Hermione to Draco and in the next second was striding out of the Ward to seek out Kingsley and get his permission.

Hermione's palms grew sweaty in anticipation and she wiped them on the side of her jogging bottoms. She could still see Draco looking at her from the other end of the Ward but she hesitated in returning to him, knowing that if she did so she would no doubt be repeatedly asked on why she'd rushed off.

She'd already said too much by telling him she had an idea. Hopefully his jealous head that had been evident three days ago at her short visit to Shell Cottage, or even yesterday at James's words, would come bursting out before the logical side of his mind questioned her actions.

Oh Merlin, please let this work.


Three hours later and Hermione was back at Draco's bedside, her nails bitten raw and even bleeding in some places from where her skin had been no match against her nerves.

Draco had begun drifting in and out of consciousness two and a half hours ago.

Hermione had spent so long in a state of complete anxiety that she felt as if she was high on Humperdumpfer fumes.

Why was it taking so long for Blaise and Kingsley to get him here? They had managed to organise a Portkey for her to visit Fleur in an hour and Hermione would have thought it would only take a few minutes, fifteen tops, to get a bloody Auror here for Merlin's sake.

"How's he doing?" came a soft voice.

Hermione snapped out of her internal ranting and worry when she heard Padma's voice.

"Not too good."

Padma gave her a sympathetic smile as she squeezed Hermione's free hand; the other was tightly clenched onto Draco's limp one.

"Blaise said they should be here in a few minutes. He was on a scouting mission which is why it's taken so long." She informed.

Hermione nearly slumped in relief. "Thank Merlin," she whispered before turning back to Draco. "I should try and wake him up. I don't know how long it will take."

Padma nodded before taking a few steps back, giving Hermione some privacy for which she was grateful.

She ran her fingers through his hair and shook his shoulder gently. When that yielded no response she had to resort to shaking and speaking to him so loudly the cot shook. Draco lay limp throughout her endeavours and Hermione bit her lip with worry.

Merlin- what if he didn't wake up this time? What if this was it?

Hermione felt Padma's small hand come to rest on her shoulder. In a gentle move, the witch nudged Hermione out of the way, before she extended her wand and murmured a spell.

Draco groaned and groggily began to come around.

Hermione couldn't help her cheeks from flushing in embarrassment as Padma turned back to face her but before she could speak, Padma shook her head.

"You've barely had any sleep in three days- if you weren't so tired or scared you would have done the same."

Hermione accepted her words even though she couldn't stop feeling ashamed inside.

"Her-mi-on-e." Draco croaked out and Hermione quickly moved over to him.

He could barely lift his head and after she had managed to get him to drink some water, it took Padma's help to lift Draco up into a semi-reclining position.

James entered the Ward and Draco grudgingly accepted his help, muttering something about how he would have preferred Hermione use magic to levitate him into an upright position.

When she heard footsteps, Hermione jerked her head around and a lump appeared in her throat when she spotted two very familiar heads of hair. Harry reached her first and Hermione gave him a short hug which the wizard puzzled over but he obligingly moved out of the way so Ron could get his own hug.

Now that he was here, Hermione felt her nerves quadruple.

Merlin, please let this work.

"Bloody hell, what's wrong with Malfoy?" Ron said with his usual tact.

Draco snapped his eyes open at the comment. "Fuck off, Weasley," was all he managed to get out before his eyes fluttered shut again.

She pushed Ron to the foot of Draco's bed and looked at everyone surrounding him, silently asking for their help.

It was James who came through. He slapped a hand on Draco's shoulder. "You'll want to see this, Malfoy," he said to Draco.

The blond struggled to open his eyes and once his gaze had focused on her, Hermione pounced at an oblivious Ron.

Their kiss was close-mouthed and Hermione couldn't help the shudder that ran through her body as she imaged what the two of them must look like together.

She managed to keep their lips joined for as long a time as she could, matters not being helped by the fact that Ron was trying to get her off his lips and was making sounds that were a mixture of disgust and distress.

And then his sounds were cut through by an overpowering throaty rumble that vibrated and settled over the room.

Hermione's throat closed off and she pushed Ron away, simultaneously wiping her lips as she turned back to Draco, ignoring Ron's loudly asked questions on whether she'd lost "her bloody mind".

Her hand dropped from her lips as her gaze met its target and she swallowed heavily.

Dear Merlin.

She looked into his eyes…

…His black eyes.

His black angry eyes.

Accompanied with his slowly unfurling wings and elongating teeth there was no question.

Veela was back.

Author's Note: Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. Veela's back! And to put it lightly, he's not a happy bunny! Thank you for reading and reviewing! Until next time, Curiositykils.