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Summary: Natsu, Lucy and Happy have gone on a mission in search of an escaped mage. But during their encounter, the escaped mage did something horrifying! He split Natsu into 3! No, not cut! As in a dragon, dragon slayer and a HUMAN!

I am fascinated that there are different sides to Natsu. He can be dangerous, sweet, caring and understanding. It was what inspired me to write this.

This is a NatsuXLucy story! See how Lucy deals with a pervy dragon Natsu, an oblivious slayer Natsu and an affectionate human Natsu!

WARNING: contains lots of love! R&R!

'Natsu's dragon's thoughts'

'Natsu's thoughts'

'Natsu's human's thoughts'



-A mission gone HORRIBLY wrong-

"Natsu! Look out!" Lucy's frantic voice echoed into his ears as he jumped just in time to escape the evil mage's tentacles.

"Mwahahaha…!" (A/N: I just had to put that in, it's the usual sign of evilness, I guess)

Natsu growled and with that, he jumped up and yelled his attack, "Fire Dragon: Talons!"

The evil mage dodged the dragon slayer's attack with ease but what he didn't notice was Loki appearing to his side and landing a punch on his back, making him head towards a bunch of trees.

The dragon slayer turned to his partner and grinned.

"Nice job, Luce!"

The lion spirit snapped his head towards the fire mage and fumed, "Hey! You should be thanking me for saving your butt!"

But when he realized what he had said, he immediately turned to Lucy, bowing.

"Oh my dear princess, forgive me. To show you how sorry I am, please allow me to give you a special kiss… on the lips. No charge," the spiky orange head gave her his charming smile that made girls swoon over him but he should've known what would happen next.

Lucy just shook her head from side to side in disbelief. She had told her lion spirit she doesn't like him that way. But it seems Loki just took it for her being 'hard to get'… much to her chagrin.

Natsu glared at the orange haired spirit.

'Are you just going to stand there, YOU STUPID SLAYER?!'

'I hate to say this, but he's right. Tell that punk head to stay away from OUR Lucy!'

Natsu continued to glare at Loki, trying his hardest not to punch that stupid smile off his face by just clenching his fists tightly.

Loki went on and on about how perfect it would be if he and Lucy were a couple, Lucy just kept shaking her head with her eyes closed while Natsu continued to glare at the Lion Spirit.

As this scene played, Natsu, Lucy and even Loki didn't know that the evil mage has already gotten up from his previous hit.

He looked at them as he remembered something that he was told to do when he faced a dragon slayer, namely, the fire dragon slayer in front of him, Natsu Dragneel.

He was told, or more precisely, ORDERED to do some assaults on a number villages in the area until he got Fairy Tail's Salamander on his tail.

This evil mage is strong, powerful. There would be no doubt the salamander would want to pick a fight with him. But just when he saw the dragon slayer, he was surprised, however, to see that the mage of Fairy Tail had also brought along his beautiful blonde partner. And no one else but just the two of them.

He took their distraction to his advantage and took out the spell book he was given to by his 'employer'. The employer who he, himself have no clue of who it is but he wasn't complaining. Oh no, the employer has given him enough jewels to satisfy him… for now.

Flipping through the pages in a hurry, he finally found the spell he was looking for.

The texts were strange but he had to hurry.

"I call upon the darkest magic to ever be summoned: Release the beast within this mortal and bring forth the destruction it entails, release!"

A beam of dark purple with black tentacle like things swirled around it was shot from his hand and aimed to the unsuspecting Fire Dragon Slayer.

Natsu heard a weird sound coming towards him in a fast pace and turned just in time to see a beam hitting him straight to the chest, causing an explosion to erupt on contact.

Loki jumped and covered for Lucy but the blast caused them both to fly towards a tree.

Loki turned them and took the impact of the tree. His back hurts a lot but he was glad his master was safe.

"Lucy, are you… urgh, okay?" he groaned out.

Lucy slowly opened her eyes and started to get up and off of him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, Loki. I'm sorry you got hurt though," she said softly.

Loki smiled reassuringly at her and he answered back, "Its alright. It is my duty as a spirit. No need to worry, my beautiful princess."

Suddenly, Loki was picked up off the ground with an incredible speed by a towering figure holding him by the spirit's collar.

Lucy's eyes went wide but she was still on the ground on her hand and knees while her other hand clutched her head.

When the smoke cleared a little and her vision went back to normal, the young celestial mage saw pink hair on the top of the figure's head.

It was definitely Natsu but why was he growling so dangerously at Loki?

"Don't touch her ever again!" he growled out.

Lucy was confused and a little scared now.

Why was Natsu being like this?

Is he okay?

What did the evil mage do to him?

"N-Natsu? Stop it, let Loki go. He's already hurt." she spoke quietly. "Loki, you can go to back now. Thanks for your help. I'll take care of Natsu."

Loki seemed reluctant before finally nodding. He didn't want to leave Lucy with Natsu since the dragon slayer was acting strange but he didn't want to disobey her.

When Loki disappeared in a puff of smoke, Natsu growled lowly.

Lucy was trying to lift up her left leg but then a jolt of pain race up her leg, causing her to cry out.

She then found herself in the lifted Bridal Style in the arms of her partner, who was looking down at her with worry.

"Lucy, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Natsu" Lucy smiled at him but then she frowned in confusion. Natsu's scarf or muffler was completely black. You can still see the lines that indicated the dragon scales but the background of it was black instead of white.

And then, his eyes were different too. Almost animalistic or dragon-like.

What happened to him?

"Nats-" Lucy started but was cut off by a familiar voice calling her name.


She turned to see… Natsu? Running towards her with a really, really wide grin. Showing off his… wait a minute, where's his fangs? And why is his muffler grey in color?

Waaaaaait, then who was holding her?

She looked up again and Natsu was still holding her but he was looking at the other Natsu with the grey scarf with an annoyed expression.

Lucy's eyes widened and she looked back at the Natsu who was still running towards them, grin still in place on his face.

Then to the Natsu holding her, the running Natsu, the holding Natsu, running, holding, runner, holder…

"Kyaaaaa….!" she screamed.

"Lucy, what's the matter?! Are you hurt?" asked Natsu who was holding her.

When the grey scarf Natsu reached them, he grabbed her hand and asked, "Luce, are you okay?"

'They're real. I can still feel the black scarf Natsu holding me and the grey scarf Natsu holding my hand. What is going on? Is this a dream? It can't be! I can still feel the pain on my back from the blast. Maybe I passed out after that. That's right! Yeah, it has to be, there is no way there are two Natsu at once. It's impossible!'

"Let her go, human. Your unclean touch should never reach anywhere near the soft skin of her hand." said Natsu with the black scarf as he pulled Lucy closer to him and moved a few steps away from the Natsu with the grey scarf.

Lucy was even more confused. Shouldn't she be waking up now? And why was Natsu calling the other Natsu 'human'?

"Hey! I may be human but I'm not dirty! You're the one who shouldn't be holding her like that! You'll hurt her, you stupid dragon!"

"I will never harm my mate, you foolish mortal. You should know the knowledge that all dragons care for their mates, it is our duty to protect and watch over their well-being." said Natsu with the black scarf, holding her tightly in his arms and then gazing down at her with a soft expression.

Lucy secretly pinched her arm. Okay, so it was not a dream. This was real.

She closed her eyes to think straight.

Okay, so there was 2 Natsu:

One has the same features as Natsu but only slightly different. His eyes were more animalistic, he sort of had some small scale lines across his cheeks and fore head. His teeth, she saw when he was speaking, looked sharper than usual. And he wore a black scarf. He even spoke like a smart person does, unlike how Natsu usually talks. His growls were also different, more like a real dragon's growl.

The other Natsu acts the same as the usual Natsu. The way he speaks, the way he ran and the way he smiled at her. But his eyes looked more… relaxed like it always does when Natsu was with her. His teeth looked normal. No fangs. Like a human.

So that's why! Lucy has come with a conclusion. So the Natsu with the black scarf was Natsu' dragon side and Natsu with the grey scarf was Natsu's human side!

Lucy Heartfilia is a smart mage. She was able to diffrentiate the two easily but more questions have popped out.

How is it possible the two are even here?

Did the dragon side Natsu called her a 'mate'?

What's a 'mate'?

Why did it seem like they hate each other?

How was she going to handle two Natsu as her partners?

Would this lead to more destruction? Wait, that's a yes!

And more destruction will be less rewards, less rewards will mean, less jewels for rent, less jewels also meant limited shopping, meaning less food supply and with Natsu and Happy always crashing in her home to eat and… Hang on, now two Natsu and one Happy to eat all her food. She would be left with nothing to eat.

Lucy sighed out in frustration at the thought of not eating. She'd starve to death!

"Hey, Lucy! I caught the bastard! He kinda fainted but that's okay! Let's take him to that jail so we can head ho-" Natsu stopped short and froze while he was dragging the unconscious dark mage.

(A/N: Okay, so here is what happened, the dark mage got hit by the blast as well. He didn't calculate his distance well enough.)

Lucy looked up at the new Natsu, he was… the normal Natsu.

Natsu stared at the sight infront of him.

Two of him. One holding his Lucy. (A/N: Aww… HIS Lucy. :3)

"Let her go!" he screamed in rage.

Poor Lucy was even more confused.

"Shut up, stupid Slayer. My dear Lucy's hurting. We need to get her back to Wendy as soon as possible!" said Natsu who was holding her. He didn't even wait for a response before turning on his heel and walking away, leaving the other two Natsu.

Natsu who was wearing the grey scarf ran towards them. "Hey, wait! Why do you get to hold Lucy? I wanna hold her too!"

Natsu with the white scarf stood frozen. 'So that's why I didn't hear anything in my mind. My two conscience are out of my head! Yes! No more arguments!'

He started to grin when he suddenly had another thought. 'Wait, then that means that... Oh no! They're gonna take Lucy for themselves! No! I won't let my own selves take what's mine! Darn it! I was hoping to tell her myself! Not like this!'

"Hey, get back here!" he shouted and started to run towards them. Not even noticing that he was dragging the evil mage by his face on the ground.

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