Summary Slash. Though discriminated against, werewolves have established intricate politics in the Wizarding World. When the public finds out Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, was bitten by a werewolf, there is a cry of both outrage and overwhelming pity. But who would take more interest in the news than the prestigious Alphas of Britain? Greyback is especially interested in obtaining the young wizard for himself and will go through any means to obtain and keep him.

Notes Begins in Harry's Third Year (but accelerates time-wise). The storyline won't follow Canon. I don't own anything in JK Rowling universe.

Warnings Slash FG/HP {mates}, though Harry won't 'feel' the connection until he's seventeen. Sex won't be until later.

Chapter One:

Everything had happened so suddenly, Harry hadn't even had time to come to terms with it himself.

The events, in no particular order, had occurred so forth: he'd been bitten by Remus, he'd been rushed to the hospital wing, Sirius had been captured and Kissed without any sense of fair questioning, Pomfrey had tearfully explained that Harry was now a werewolf, and somehow, the public had already gotten wind of his lycanthropy and were also reeling over the 'fortunate' death of Sirius Black, the supposed traitor to the Potter family.

His hospital bedside was crowded with shredded Howlers and cards of both sympathy and cruel disdain. Gifts were given to him in hopes of somehow erasing the events that had transpired. In an attempt to stop the ridiculous amount of voiced opinions from the public, Pomfrey had tried her best to conjure wards that would prevent any Howlers and mail coming through. Unfortunately, there were a handful of clever owls able to slip by.

Harry had sat there, void and numb to the harried proceedings happening around him. He'd preferred the company of his own mind. And if he listened hard enough, he could hear Sirius' hoarse voice anxiously invite Harry to live with him. The arm that Sirius had wrapped around Harry's shoulders was still a ghostly weight, a painful reminder that Sirius was no longer there.

The man had been so hopeful, so very fortunate that he was free. His life had been hell, he had deserved more. Only, his happy ending had lasted all but a handful of minutes.

He swallowed thickly, staring at the wall across from him. The lycanthropy poison was coursing through his bloodstream and he could already feel subtle changes in his chemical makeup. His intensified hatred was new and it was so very consuming in its intensity. He hated what he was turning into, only because it represented everything that he lost. Maybe if he'd been turned earlier, without all the other traumatic events happening at the same time, he wouldn't have hated what he was becoming.

But he did. He hated that he was a werewolf. He hated Remus Lupin for being the one to do it. He hated Dumbledore for not speaking up for Sirius. He hated Snape for letting his childhood prejudices blind him to the truth.

How could Remus Lupin not know there was a full moon that night? The man had been turned at a young age, surely he'd be aware of the full moons days before they arrived. Moreover, he was surrounded by children each day at Hogwarts, certainly he'd remember to take his Wolfsbane potion to ensure their safety. It was because of his lack of planning that Peter got away, it was because of Lupin that Sirius' name wasn't cleared, and it was because of that wolf that Harry now had to suffer.

And Dumbledore!

Harry blinked, struggling to steady his breathing. Leaning his head against the pillows, he tried to control his rage. Madame Pomfrey calmly explained that Harry needed to check his anger. Outbursts would encourage his wolf to surface. His fingernails could turn into claws and his strength could double. Any innocent bystander could, would, easily be harmed by him.

Before Harry could dwell further in his anger and self-hatred, the sound of soft footsteps roused him from his trance. Green eyes, that no longer needed glasses to see, swiveled across the hospital wing and toward the late-night visitor. His lip curled in a silent snarl as he watched Remus inch forward.

"Harry," the man cautiously greeted. He shuffled his feet in shame. It was the first time he'd visited Harry since the incident. There were marks across the man's face, most likely self-inflicted from the night of the full moon. "How are you?"

Harry simply stared at the man, thinking how stupid that question was. In response, Remus looked away. For a brief second, Harry's lips curled in victory. Lupin was a submissive wolf. With a bit more experience and age, Harry could easily dominate him.

He blinked at that line of thinking before pushing it away angrily. Where had it come from?

"What do you want?" Harry asked lowly. "I'd thought you were sacked from Hogwarts."

Remus flinched before nodding. The man looked almost as bad as Harry did. His skin was waxy and pale and there were heavy, dark shadows underneath his eyes. The eyes, warm amber, were hallow and filled with such grief, it was almost hard to look at. Almost. "I was. I am no longer teaching here, but I'm not leaving until the term ends. There is some unfinished business I must attend to." Here, he looked at Harry. "The public is in uproar about your condition. But most importantly, the Alphas have taken notice and wish to see you."

The thirteen-year-old wizard fisted his sheets. "I don't know what you're talking about. Alphas? What about them?"

Remus seemed to expect the question, for he quickly supplied an answer. "There are a few prominent Alphas in Britain, Harry. They rose to power during the First War." At Harry's questioning look, the tawny-haired werewolf stepped further inside the hospital ward.

"During the First War, the number of werewolves in Britain increased significantly. Fenrir Greyback was the leader of the werewolf rebellion, along with three other Alphas. He opposed the restrictions the Ministry placed on werewolves, as most werewolves found it hard to find jobs and provide for themselves. With his determination, he eventually succeeded in demolishing most of the restrictions."

"And how was he able to do that?" Harry found himself asking, sensing that Remus was intentionally hiding something from him.

Remus sighed. "Greyback infected as many children as possible with lycanthropy. Eventually, the number of werewolves increased and they were no longer a major minority in the Wizarding World." He ignored Harry's look of extreme disgust and abhor. "It was horrible, yes, but it was… effective. The Ministry was forced to loosen their restrictions, and consequently, the werewolves obtained more rights, more freedom. More particularly, the Ministry appointed four Alphas to the Wizengamot. Greyback holds a chair in the Wizengamot and he also gets paid a hefty amount of gold each month for housing a large pack and keeping them under control."

"So, essentially, they're rewarding a man who destroyed countless of lives," Harry murmured bitterly.

"Yes," Remus agreed quietly. "But Greyback isn't alone in that privilege. Three other Alphas joined forces with him in the First War. Like Greyback, they now have large packs under their control and also claim a seat in the Wizengamot." The werewolf paused, considering. "The Ministry found it a great proposal, as the attacks during the full moons decreased thanks to the Alphas keeping a tight rein on their members. However, even though regulations have improved, and the Ministry recognizes werewolves within a power-pack, the general public still finds it easy to discriminate them."

A heavy silence spread between them and Harry wasn't inclined to fill it. He didn't want to hear all this, but it was useful to know something about what he was now. They didn't learn any of this in class. Werewolves were just thought of as dangerous and discriminated animals. Before the incident, Harry hadn't thought any less of Remus when he found out the man was a werewolf. And now… now he didn't know what he thought besides the overwhelming sensation of hate.

"It's considered an honor to be in a good pack, Harry, especially with one of four Power Alphas. They have influence and they have money to support you for life. They even offer political power. If you ever needed connections inside the Ministry, the Power Alphas would be able to assist you."

Green eyes turned into slits when he realized Remus' motive. "Why are you telling me this? I'm not going to be a part of their pack."

Remus straightened, sighing. "It would be good for you—"

"Are you part of a pack?" Harry demanded sharply.

The older man hesitated. "Not originally, no. I could have been in Greyback's pack because he is my sire. And there were times I wish I had gone to him and asked to join him." Amber eyes searched Harry. "After this incident… after biting you, I swallowed my pride and asked to be a part of his pack. I will need his financial assistance with my tarnished reputation. No one will hire me."

Harry had to remind himself that he shouldn't feel pity for this man. He was the victim in all this, not Remus. "Well that's great," he said sarcastically.

There was a heavy pause, a pregnant silence that indicated there was something more to come. "They're waiting to see you. Now, near the wards of the castle." Remus appeared even guiltier.

Angry, Harry sat up. "I'm not going—"

"I know you don't want to see them, Harry, and I don't blame you. You're still ill and you haven't come to terms with what has happened, but it's best to get it over with. They will not stop until they speak to you. It's better to do it now when they're all gathered than to have them approach you separately."

Without meaning to, Harry's face crumbled and he gave a dry sob. He looked away from Remus, refusing to let the man see more of his vulnerability. "I never asked for this…" he whispered hoarsely.

Remus crouched down next to Harry's bed. "And I am so sorry, Harry," the man whispered just as brokenly as Harry had. "You don't realize how sorry I am for taking away your chance of normalcy. I know how much you must hate me and I can never make it up to you—"

"It's not just about me!" Harry cried, flinching away from Remus before the man's comforting hand could touch him. "It's about Sirius." The silence that met his statement was even heavier than the ones before it. Remus' grief joined Harry's, bringing a dark atmosphere to the already grim room.

"I know, Harry."

Those words easily wrought with Harry's misery and added his own brand of sorrow. The rich grief reminded Harry that Remus had also lost a good friend. He couldn't fathom the conflicting emotions Remus felt. For twelve years, the werewolf believed his best mate had betrayed the people he had loved, only to find out that he passed too quick of judgment. Not hours later, before they could truly reconnect, Sirius was all but dead.

Somehow losing a potential father, a man he had never known, seemed dull in comparison to that.

Minutes later, Harry forced his solemnity away and threw off his blankets. His fevered skin clashed horribly with the chilly air. Even if it was just a cool summer night, to Harry, it felt like winter. "Does Dumbledore or Pomfrey know you're bringing me out of the castle?" He didn't know why he trusted Remus when he hated the man at the same time. While he was angry with Remus, he never once stopped believing that he was an honest man who would never intentionally put him in danger.

"No," Remus responded quietly. "I will come with you. We will stay on one side of the wards and the four Alphas will stay on the other side. Under no circumstances will you put a hair past the wards. They're all interested in having you in their pack and they, Greyback especially, do not play fairly."

The words sent a chill down Harry's spine. He didn't want to go. This was all happening so fast, so surreally. But he could sense the distress and the urgency in Remus' tone. This was something that may have to be done despite his qualms. Now was the time to do it. The Alphas were outside the wards and Harry could face them all at once. He wouldn't have to deal with these… these monsters any longer than tonight.

Remus transfigured a blanket into a black cloak and draped it over Harry's small frame. He secured it underneath Harry's neck, his fingers lingering around the younger wizard's throat. The touch set Harry on edge and he stumbled backward, a pathetic growl escaping his lips.

"I'm sorry," Remus apologized again, offering only the smallest hint of a smile. "But you feel abnormally warm, Harry. The curse isn't known to leave you bedridden this long." He peered across the distance at Harry's subdue form. "In all actuality, you should be feeling the best you've ever felt."

Harry shrugged, tightening his hands into fists in the transfigured cloak. "Madame Pomfrey said the bite was infected." He paused, giving Remus a pointed look. "Infected with more than just the curse, mind you."

Despite the cutting words, Remus' deep-seeded concern didn't falter. He held out a hand. "Then we should make this quick so you can get back to bed. I will make sure they don't keep you long."

Bypassing the hand, Harry walked across the hospital wing with Remus at his shoulder. Pushing his nausea and fevered-illness away, Harry focused on the task at hand. He was more irritable than nervous, though the nervousness was also present. He didn't understand why the Alphas would want him in their pack, but there was also a nagging in the back of his mind at that uncertainty.

"Remus?" Harry inquired tightly. "You said that werewolves have more lenience now than they had before. But you also said that the public still looks down on them." Harry frowned, becoming more nauseated by the second. "The Alphas wouldn't happen to want me in their pack just because I'm Harry Potter, a famous wizard who could earn the werewolves admiration of the public, would they?"

Remus closed his eyes in exasperation. "I have no reason to lie to you, Harry. In part, you are right. The Alphas would and will vie for a chance at having you in their pack. It will bring extra publicity, extra sympathy, and overall more exposure and high prestige." The man was quick to soften the words. "But in the end, they also want to make a home for you. They want to protect you. You are one of them now."

Clenching his jaw, Harry followed Remus out into the summer night. Even without his glasses and a lantern, Harry was able to see his way around the grounds. It didn't look like daylight, but he was able to discern colors and fine lines. The world was more vivid, more surreal.

As they turned and looped around the entrance to the castle, Harry spotted the start of the forest. He couldn't distinguish them, but he could sense them. The closer they approached, the more unnerved Harry became. Surely they would be like Remus. He'd never encountered another werewolf before, and he couldn't imagine anything different from Remus' wounded persona.

Unfortunately, Harry realized they were everything opposite of Remus.

The four figures began to take shape and Harry was painfully aware that they carried themselves like predators, like superior beings. Two of them were leaning against tree trunks, a man and a woman. The women had a tall and muscular frame, though she was still feminine. The man next to her had a similar build, both female and male obviously twins with their identical blonde hair and cold grey eyes. They watched Harry approach through interested eyes, but their expressions remained blank.

Another man was sitting on a low-hanging tree branch. His wild brown hair fell to his shoulders in crimped waves, looking as if he had stuck his finger in an electrical socket. A wide grin stretched his cheeks as he watched Harry through bold, amber eyes. His legs swung back and forth merrily and he bobbed his head in sync. There was something about him that drew Harry to him. It was a sort of wild, carefree thrill that promised excitement and adventure.

For a moment, Harry thought the lithe and springy male was Greyback, but then he noticed the fourth and last figure among the group. The man was huge, not Hagrid-huge, but close enough. There wasn't an ounce of fat on the man. His arms were all muscle, his whole bloody body was muscle. Even his neck was thick. He was tall too, intimidating Harry with his looming height alone.

However, while he was muscular, there was also grace in his posture, a sort of predator poise. His face was also noticeably attractive, rustic in appearance. He had high cheekbones and a square and chiseled jawline. Unlike the other three Alphas, who had medium to long hair, this man's black hair was shaved close to his head and his beard was just a dusting of stubble across his cheeks and jaw.

What frightened Harry the most about the man, aside from his stature, were his eyes. They were artic-blue and they glowed fiercely.

"Ohh, you already frightened the poor boy, Greyback," the man on the tree sang, a fat grin on his face. "He's absolutely petrified."

Harry stumbled behind Remus, suddenly uncertain. His pulse raced through his chest and up his throat. He didn't know how they could identify his fear, as Harry's hood covered the majority of his face.

"Harry," Remus called softly. He reached out and placed a hand on the thirteen-year-old's shoulder. "You are behind the wards. They won't touch you."

"For now," a deep, baritone voice warned in amusement. Greyback prowled closer to Remus and Harry, suddenly forsaking the shadows in favor of getting as close as he could. He stalked the length of an imaginary line, catching as much of Harry as he could from behind Remus' body. "Just what did you bring me, Lupin?" He sounded oddly pleased. "Come closer, pup."

With his confidence gone and hiding, Harry reached out and fisted Remus' cloak. He didn't want to be here. This had been a mistake. When he had thought about Alphas, he had imagined a figure similar to Remus. Only, all of them were dangerous; they were all monsters underneath human façades.

Remus took out his wand and cast a spell Harry didn't recognize. The spell seemed to attach to the wards and lighten them into a noticeable wall of glowing-purple ripples. Seeing the wards as a physical barrier seemed to reassure Harry more than the invisible ward-line had. He lessened his clutch on Remus' cloak and tried to retain some of his courage. Somehow, it seemed difficult through his fever and nausea.

"There," Remus said, satisfied. "You can stay as far back as you want, Harry. They can't cross over." He looked pointedly at Greyback. "They just want to talk with you."

Harry stepped away from Remus and surveyed the four Alphas from underneath his hood. They did seem to be wary of the wards, as most of them kept a respectable distance away. Only Greyback was standing toe-to-toe with the wards, his eyes never wavering from Harry. There was no welcoming smile on the Alpha's face. His eyes only carried an intensity that was indescribable as he studied the small teen.

The female Alpha stepped forward, wearing a more welcoming countenance than Greyback. "I would first like to say that it is an honor to meet you, Harry Potter. I've heard great things about you."

At her words, the other Alphas seemed to snap out of their observation. A heavy air of competition and tension settled around the group as they realized they had to vie for Harry Potter's favor.

"I am Andrea Marvel, one of the Power Alphas here in Britain. You can be certain you will have a wide-range of political power at your back if you choose to join my pack."

Her brother stepped forward quickly with an air of cool nonchalance. "And I am Andrew Marvel, another Power Alpha." He and his sister not only had an aura of power, but regal dignity surrounded them like a second skin. All four Alphas were dressed richly, but these twins were almost Malfoy-like in their narcissist richery. "If you joined my pack, you will be guaranteed over fifty Gallons a month."

Cries of uproar and disgust spread across the group at Andrew's bribery. Harry stood before the Alphas, unimpressed and exhausted.

"I have more money in my vault than I know what to do with," Harry said softly, though his voice seemed to carry as the Alphas became silent. "I'm not joining any pack."

The Alpha on the branch, the one with the wild chocolate hair, grinned widely. "That is a rather bold statement. A boy your age should be surrounded by family, by pack members."

Harry found his eyes swiveling up to survey the Alpha in the tree. The werewolf didn't seem too concerned with being stared down by a child, as he kept kicking his legs back and forth merrily. "What's your name?" Harry questioned curiously. "You haven't offered me anything yet."

"Harry…" Remus warned quietly from behind him.

The shaggy-haired Alpha leaped from his branch and lunged toward the wards. Inches before crossing over, he stopped, crouched down, and peered up at Harry with a toothy-grin. "You can call me Caleb, pup." He inched his finger out and wiggled it toward Harry, a gesture to come closer. He grinned even wider when Harry obediently stepped forward. "I wish you all the luck in the world," Caleb breathed, catching Harry's appearance in the light of the wards. "But my pack is full. I can't offer you anything but companionship. Because we will keep in touch, it was predestined."

He was insane, Harry thought as he stared down at the lithe and lanky Alpha. Besides his suspicions on the man's mental health, there was also a flicker of disappointment rushing through him. If he was forced to choose one of the Alphas, Caleb would definitely be the one he'd pick to live with.

"He's part seer," Remus explained from behind Harry. "Or, he believes he's a seer."

Caleb held up a finger to halt any sense of rebuttal. "I am a seer. I just don't share my visions with outsiders."

"Your pack isn't full," Andrea exclaimed suspiciously. "Just who did you see him going with, Caleb?"

Harry watched Caleb open his mouth in mock ignition. "I simply don't want to screw with fate and stand in the way of the Alpha who does get him. It's a butterfly effect, don't you know? If he goes to a different pack than what I have foreseen, then the future would turn out remarkably different from the way it's supposed to go." He swung his head back around to look at Harry.

"And trust me, pup, you will enjoy this future. I know I will have a hell of a time watching it. You are destined for great things, explosive, but great and exciting things." He pointed his finger at Greyback. "And you, Fenrir? Just what will you give the boy? He doesn't seem to want political power or money… it's up to you to tempt him with something he'll agree to."

All eyes turned to the silent Alpha. Even Harry found himself looking away from Caleb and toward the intimidating figure, wondering just what the Alpha would offer.

Greyback cocked his head to the side, reaching toward the wards and barely brushing his fingertips against the magic. "A home." His blue eyes were piercing, staring directly into the young teen and striking a chord so deep, Harry hadn't known it was there.

Harry took a step back, emotion thick in his throat.

"Well… your parents appointed me your guardian. If anything happened to them…"

"I'll understand, of course, if you want to stay with your aunt and uncle," said Black. "But…well… think about it. Once my name's cleared…if you wanted a… a different home…"

He wanted nothing more than to have a home, but it wasn't with this man, this monster. This man had turned Remus into a werewolf as a child. This man was responsible for Remus becoming a werewolf, and in turn, directly responsible for what happened to Sirius. Remus probably talked with Greyback and told the Alpha how pathetic Harry was, how much he just wanted a place to belong.

How easy it would be to sway him, twist him.

"No," Harry choked out. "I don't want to go with any of you. All of you are idiots!"

"Harry!" Remus scolded, reaching to restrain Harry's shoulder warningly.

The young wizard ducked away from the hand and backpedaled away from the wards. "All of you would choose prestige in having Harry Potter in your pack over protecting the ones under your care. Voldemort is not dead. He's coming back!" Hysteria made it difficult for him to breathe. "And when he comes back, you can be sure he'll come after the pack who houses me. He'll slaughter all of you. Is that something you want?"

The Alphas hardly seemed fazed at Harry's outburst, though, they appeared far grimmer than before. Even Caleb straightened from his crouch and lost his grin. All of them looked at Harry with varying degrees of pity.

"You poor boy," Andrea gushed.


Everyone started as the school grounds trembled with fury. Harry whirled around, watching Dumbledore stride down the grounds and round on them. At his back, the distant figures of Poppy Pomfrey and Snape could be seen. Green eyes widened a fraction at the sheer anger coming from Dumbledore; never have seeing the Headmaster that angry. If the situation weren't so severe, Harry might have thought the man's flapping beard and robes were somewhat humorous.

Dumbledore's gnarled hand reached out and grabbed Harry firmly around the shoulder, nudging him toward an unsuspecting Snape. After registering who was in his arms, the Potions Master quickly pushed him into Madame Pomfrey.

Through the whiplash, Harry could hear Dumbledore reprimanding Remus. No matter how angry Harry was with Remus, he felt sorry for the other man. He heard phrases like 'mentally unstable' and 'vulnerable to deception'. After registering the words, Harry had a sinking feeling that Dumbledore wasn't talking about Remus, but about Harry himself.

"Come now, Albus, you didn't honestly think you could keep him from us, did you? You are now on turf that you hold no legal power," Greyback calmly interrupted Dumbledore's tirade. Apparently, judging from his voice, the Alpha hardly saw Dumbledore as a figure to be frightened of.

"Take Harry back to the Hospital Wing, Poppy. Make sure there aren't any more unwelcome visitors tonight."

Harry bowed his head, far too fatigued to care if he looked like a pathetic, weak child. Because, in all actuality, he was a child. And for the first time in ages, he was willing to step back and let the adults take care of matters. However, in the back of Harry's mind, he knew of the dangers of trusting adults to take care of things. After all, everything that had recently transpired was from the adults' lack of performance.

Never before had he felt so alone, so lost.