Switched by Magic (South Italy x Spain and North Italy x Germany)- The Twin nations were sick of it. Asking England to use his magic, they finally gave their lovers the present they always wanted. A switched personality.

~Switched By Magic~

Lovino was looking at the clock, 11:24 am it read. "The fuck is Feliciano?"

He quickly rose from his wooden chair, and started to pace around the room while eating a fresh juicy tomato.

Another 20 minutes past from the previous time when he finally heard another person's voice. "Ve~ Fratello! Sorry I'm late!" Feliciano jumped into the room.

"Where were you!" Lovino stopped pacing and walked in front of the trembling Italian.

"Ve! Well I was at this really~ good pasta place and the past was really good, so I stayed there and ate a lot of pasta! Then a really pretty girl was leaving and I walked her home! She was really nice!" replied the hyper active nation.

Lovino sat back down dragging Feli on to the other chair. He gritted his teeth, no wanting to hear anymore nonsense from the younger nation. "Feliciano… shut up! This is serious!"

"Ve.." Feliciano looked at the table in front of him. "sì.. How will we make us.. The way they always wanted?" He started to grip his blue jeans, he knew Germany loved him, and of course he loved Germany even more. But he always knew, Germany wanted him more… aggressive, smarter, and less weak.

"I.. don't know for sure… but.." Lovino sighed. Like Feliciano, he and the stupid Tomato-Bastard loved each other. But, Spain like Germany wished for a cheerful Lovino. "B-but… The only way is… B-by... England…"

"England!" Feliciano stared at Lovino. "How will he help us with our predicament?"

"A while ago I called England if he could help us… He said yes, and meet him today at 2 pm in his house. "

"Ve! We should go now! It's now 1:20! But how will we get there by 2!" He cried out.

"Idiota!" Lovino yelled. "Where are we currently?" He pointed to a map on the wall. Once again the Northern Italian forgot they were currently staying at one of England's home he let other nations use. "We are only 10 minutes away from his house!"

"Ve! We are!" Feli bolted out of the room and went into the bright red car, owned by Lovino. He waved the keys in the air. "Fratello! Ho ottenuto le chiavi! (I got the keys!)"

"You are not driving again!" Lovino jumped into the driver's seat and took the keys away. He started the car, and drove out of the garage. "Time to meet.." He shivered. "E-england."

~England's house~

10:23 am

England was reading a book, Sherlock Homes to be exact; A wonderful book in Englands option, when his cell phone started to ring. "Arthur Kirkland speaking."

"E-england?" A voiced said quietly. "This is Lovino Vargas, South Italy."

"Italy, hello there." England quickly replied wondering why would South Italy call on his phone just after he saw him from the Europe Meeting. "For what purpose have you called?"

"Well..." Lovino paused. "I heard you know m-magic.. If you won't mind would you help me and my... younger brother in a problem?"

"Problem that will be fixed by magic?" England replied. He looked at his watch and softly sighed. "I'll help, but i can only help you today, I'm very busy this week. Meet me at my house around 2 pm."

"Grazie." He thanked the other nation.

"Good bye for now then."

Around 2, England was prepared, he was waiting near the door, anytime soon the twins would knock.

*Knock Knock*

England opened the door for the 2 Italians. "Hello North and South Italy."

"Ciao England!" North Italy laughed and entered the room.

"Ciao.." South Italy soon followed.

"Come over here, let me hear about the problem you currently have on your hands." England gestured to the living room. "Sit down."

"Well..." Feliciano looked at England. "We want.."

"Our personalities switched." The twins said in unison.

"Why is that?" Arthur started to pay more attention.

"The Bas- Our... partners always wanted us to be more... like each other." Lovino swiftly replied. "because you know magic, we want you to switch our personalities."

England closed his eyes and thought. "Okay then, I am not sure that it will work. This spell is a powerful spell." England stood up again. "Follow me."

The trio walked into the basement. England put on a olive green cloak and opened a large and dusty book.

"Ve~ what is that?" Feliciano pointed at the detailed circle.

England opened up to a page and replied. "It is a magical circle, do not touch it with your hands or you can mess up the spell. Now please quiet down. I am starting. Stand on the circle."

"Fine/Ve~" The twins stood on the circle, facing each other.

England started to mumble something, a faint light appered on the lines of the circle. Slowly, a bright light engulfed the twins. "Fuck is this!" Lovino shouted. "This better be right!"

"mnak-" England kept chanting from the book. Within seconds the light completely covered the two standing on the circle, and flashed out and beautiful color of red, white, and green. "It's done..."

They were laying on the ground, softly snoring. "Better get their boyfriends over here." England dragged them out and laid them on the red couch. He took the phone and dialed a number.

"Hola!" Said a happy Spanish.

"Spain, this is England." He replied.

"Eh-... why you calling?" Spain said nervously.

"Well, South Italy is currently at my house sleeping with his younger brother." England answered. "I will be delighted if you pick him up right now, I will have Germany pick North Italy up."

"Okay!" Antonio laughed. "adiós!"

"Annoying git." England hung up and dialed another number.

"Hallo?" said Germany. "Dies ist Deutschland."

"Germany?" England answered. "This is England, your friend, North Italy is at my house sleeping with his older brother, North Italy."

"und warum are they there?" Germany almost kept talking in German.

"You may find out yourself." England replied siting back down next to his cup of tea. "Please, pick Italy up today."

"I'll be there in 20 minutes." Germany sighed. "Auf Wiedersehen Herr England."

"Goodbye Germany." England hung up again. "I'm betting Spain will be here very- very soon."