Switched by Magic (South Italy x Spain and North Italy x Germany)- The Twin nations were sick of it. Asking England to use his magic, they finally gave their lovers the present they always wanted. A switched personality.

~Switched By Magic~


~Day Six: Movie~

The long meeting finally ended. Spain and South Italy was walking to their car hugging, while Germany and North Italy followed them, well more like Germany was holding North Italy so he wouldn't kill a certain Spanish bastard as North Italy put it.

The group was going to watch this popular movie Lovino wanted to watch called Rise of the Guardians. It was an interesting sounding movie. The nearest movie theater was only 12 blocks away, and the tickets for adults were £7.50 (British Pound Sterling).

They bought 4 tickets, 2 boxes of large, buttery, and salty popcorn, 4 medium cups of soda, and 2 large boxes of pasta for the Italians. The room had no one in there, most likely because it was 9 and they kind of rented out the whole movie in a way. Feliciano was scaring everyone who tried to buy the movie ticket for Rise of the Guardians.

Lovino picked a seat in the middle. He grabbed one of the soda and popcorn, and started to munch on the buttery popcorn which would give you a heart attack if you eat the whole thing. They sat in this order, Ludwig, Feliciano, Lovino, and Antonio. They had a small table in front of them to let them put the box of popcorn and pasta on.

The movie wasn't starting yet, so they waited 10 minutes. Finally, it started. Lovino was hooked into the movie within 10 minutes. Feliciano thought it was cool by 16 minutes. Antonio liked the story line after he found out what the movie was about, and Ludwig just watched it... maybe shedding a couple of (manly) tears.

In the middle of the movie, South Italy turned to Spain and whispered sadly. "Its so sad that Jack Frost died in the water and never got to talk to any one until now. I feel bad for him!"

Spain patted the crying Italy on the head, and gave him a kiss. "But now he has friends, right?"

"Uh huh..." He replied. Feli was holding his tears... well tried to and it fell like a water fall. To his right his fratello was hugging Spain from crying. His (Feliciano) curl bounced every so slightly and crumbled a bit.

Germany also patted the Italian, who was now crying on the head like Spain. Feli softly swatted it off. Ludwig held Feli, which Feli let him... only for the movie! was what North Italy whispered.

The Italians finally opened the pasta box and started eating it. It was enough to feed all of them 2 times, but Germany and Spain said they could eat it all for them self.

When Sandy, a guardian that died, came back to life, Lovino jumped in joy and cried. Feliciano had a small grin and sipped his Coca Cola. Well Sandy had on entrance, America would have loved it, but they were not, NEVER will tell him about the entrance.

After the movie ended, the group parted away. Feli a bit harder to pull away but Ludwig finally got him in the car.

Spain looked at South Italy was was dancing and singing in Italian. "Hey Lovi~"

"Yeah?" Italy paused at looked back. His shirt was a bit messy, but presentable, his hair was mess as well.

"Can you please.. pleaseee tell me what you did at England?" Spain asked. He hoped Lovi would remember and willingly answer him.

"Well..." Lovino paused. He bit his lips. Should he tell Spain? What if something bad happens? What if Feli be upset? What.. what... what if?! "...I'll tell you if Feli agrees... we...we...we'll tell you and Germany... sniff..."

"Eh! Eh! Lovi! Why are you crying?" Spain became confused on why Lovino started to cry by his simple question. He tried to calm the Italian down by the time they started to drive back home.

Lovino wouldn't tell him why he was crying. He was afraid of the outcome. He just kept crying until he deemed it enough. Spain drove back to the temporary home.

-Feliciano's Side-

Germany was dragging North Italy to the car. Feliciano wanted to take his fratello back with him, and make him stay with him. He sighed at he finally got the Italian into the car. It took a while, just to make him sit down and have his seat belt on.

When he started to drive... Germany knew he might regret asking the same question from the morning again. But he was really wondering what England do to him there.

Ludwig kept driving. Feliciano was pouting in the seat next to him. "Feli." Germany said.

"What?" North Italy replied in a annoyed tone. He turned his head around and looked at Germany straight in the eyes, glaring. Italy was still upset about not getting Romano away from the Tomato-Bastard.

"..." Germany paused. "Why can't you tell me what you did at England's?"

"...Hell... fucking no will I nor fratello tell you or the Tomato-Bastard!" Feliciano exclaimed.

"No sex for the month then..." Germany noted it in his mind. "Hope you don't mind it."


Ludwig nodded. The light was red for the moment, and Feliciano took advantage of it. He punch the German in the face to get his anger out. "You so deserved that."

"Ugh..." The German drove when it was green. He just hoped he doesn't get another red...


Looks like he did...

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