My eyes snapped opened. The air was thick with smoke and ash. Screams pierced the air. Grey. Grey was everywhere. The sky, the smoke, the


I lay there, perfectly still. Then I remembered the bomb.

I pushed myself up, despite the pain. Everywhere I looked was in ruins. Blood trickled through the scene. The only reminder of what had been was

the ocean just beyond the cliff.

A short distance away I could see Alfie.

"Alfie! Thank God! Oh Alfie…"

Then I saw his eyes. Empty, dead. They stared off into nothing.

"Alfie?" I yelled.

I shook him, slapped him


Pain like I've never felt before swept over me. I screamed in agony. But this was no cut, or broken bone. This pain. It was loss. It was the pain of your soul breaking, shattering, into millions of pieces, never to be whole again.

"Amber?" Someone said.

I turned in the direction I heard the voice. Patricia stumbled out from under the rubble of the ruined café.

"Amber! I can't find Eddie! He was just next to me…"

She saw my tears, then she saw Alfie's broken body. And his unseeing eyes.

"Oh Amber." She whispered.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I fell to the ground. Tears streamed down my face as I screamed.

Patricia's arms wrapped around me.

"Shh. It'll be alright." She whispered.

Nothing would be all right. My world was over.

Another explosion in the distance, more screams. More cries.

Patricia reached over and closed Alfie's eyes for the last time.

"We need to go now." She choked out, barely a whisper.



"NO!" I screamed.

But Patricia has always been stronger than me.

She dragged me away, while I sobbed.

I didn't even care anymore. Nothing mattered.