Hello everyone, I'm back again and this time with a fanfic from a movie that I really enjoyed and I hope there might be a sequel soon; Wreck-it Ralph; before reading the story I'd like to put some things in clear:

1: According to the director of the film, Vanellope is 12 years old in the movie

2: The story takes place 5 years after the movie

3: Vanellope got an upgrade in her game and now she looks older, she's 17 now

4: Though I'm not a supporter of the bond between Ralph and Vanellope as a couple, I wanted to write a story with such situation because I only had this fanfic in my mind since some weeks ago and I didn't want to forget it.

Well, after all this I just have to say… enjoy the story.

Musical Valentine

Chapter 1: With a little help…

It was one day before Valentine's Day; after finishing their jobs, Felix and Ralph went to Tapper's to have a drink but Ralph could see that his partner was nervous.

Felix: (worried tone) What are we gonna do Ralph?

Ralph: We? What do you mean "we"?

Felix: Well, yeah… tomorrow is Valentine's day and we don't know any idea to a gift to our…

Ralph: Whoa Whoa… hold it right there Felix; I've told you before, Vanellope's not…

Felix: (Arguing) Oh, come on Ralph, why do you still deny it? We both know you're in love with her and she feels the same for you; you both are just too shy and fool to face the truth. Well… I know that before she got her upgrade last year you just cared for her as a big brother but after that it was obvious to see that you developed stronger feelings, I've seen the way you look each other. And you can't deny either that she's now more beautiful than ever.

Ralph stayed quiet for a moment, it was true; all of it, now Ralph felt nervous too; How could he forget to get something beautiful to Vanellope in a special day?

Ralph: OK Felix, you're right; I admit it, I love her. It's just that I'm afraid that if we become a couple then maybe our relationship might not work out as we expected and then maybe we break it out and… what if after that she doesn't want to see me anymore?. I don't want to lose her.

Felix pat his back

Felix: Don't worry brother, if I'm honest with you Vanellope thinks the same thing

Ralph: Really? How do you know that?

Felix: You know Calhoun and Vanellope became best friends and even more after the upgrade; sometimes Calhoun has told me what they've talked about; and for what I've heard the same fear you're feeling she feels it too.

Ralph: Well… thank you brother for telling me this; at least I know now that I'm not alone

Felix: You're welcome Ralph, just don't tell my wife that I told you

Ralph (smiling): Got it buddy; (sigh) well… what are we gonna do now?

Ralph and Felix were making suggestions to each other for a couple of minutes till they heard a foreign and gentile voice behind them

Voice: Perhaps we can help you.

Both friends turned back and saw four men who were smiling; one of them began to talk

Man: We're sorry for listening to your conversation but I think we have a great suggestion and solution to your problem.

For now I'll leave it till here but I'll continue soon; write some reviews if you want to; I know it's too soon yet to write a fanfic involving Valentine's Day but I didn't want to wait for 2 months. Take care and have a nice day