Hello fellow fanfictioners. It's been a while… This has been brooding on my mind for… a few weeks now. I've recently gotten into the anime part of the fanfiction world, and something struck me: in all the "normal people travel to FMA world" fanfics I've read, not one of them has been about a boy. It's always a girl, and there's usually some romantic hinting/suggested/grotesquely obvious inclinations later on. And I thought: why? It was that bit of information which leads to this story: about a BOY who ends up in the world of our favorite Fullmetal Pipsqueak. There might be a girl popping in later, but the character I have planned is so ambiguous thus far it could go either way.

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My hand flung out and slapped the offensive noise lazily, shutting off the alarm on my clock. Grumbling, I rolled over and glared at the glowing blue numbers.


I frowned at the clock. Hadn't I set it to 7 last night? Whatever, too late to fix it now. I'd just have to be late for school… again. It wasn't exactly the first time I had overslept, and it certainly wasn't going to be the last. Mr. Eckart, my homeroom teacher, had warned me that I would have detention the next time I was late for school. It didn't matter anyway, though. I would always be late, and he would always give me that disapproving "I'm going to lower my head to you and glare to make you feel chagrined" look that all adults seemed to have mastered.

I sighed, kicking my disheveled sheets off of the remainder of my bed as I rose to get ready. Upon standing, I caught sight of myself in the mirror on the wall. I smirked. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is good at rhyming?

Not you. My reflection seemed to say. Now put a shirt on, it's against the dress code to show up half naked.

An old T-shirt lay on the floor, half crumpled, half worn. I sniffed the pits passively. Good enough for me. Grabbing some deodorant, I made my way to the bathroom and made sure I was... more or less presentable. After splashing water in my face to fully wake myself up, I glanced at my reflection again.

Apparently, my eyes were unnatural, making me appear "supernatural" to the superstitious freaks at school. I didn't see it. They were blue. Boring old light blue. A lot of people have blue eyes, and mine were just as ordinary as any of theirs. But no, they seemed to be magnets for every girl with an eye for eyes in the entire damn word. They always came up and wanted to talk to me, but they either couldn't look me in the eye because they too busy blushing or they just kept staring at my eyes and eventually stopped talking. It was freaking annoying. And they were never my type of girl, either, just more hopeless chicks with hopeless dreams of becoming big. The girls I had my eyes on were always either taken or deterred by my wonderful charming and totally badass personality. Alas, 'tis the life I live.

Grabbing my bag and some food from the fridge, I began mozying along to school. I'd already missed the bus, and my parents had gone to work, so I had to fend for myself against the cold, harsh, biting wind that—whatever. It was cold. I had to walk to school. Hooray for me.

I crossed street after street, making my way towards the place where I could "make a future for myself". That was the biggest bull I'd ever heard. School was nothing if you didn't want to go to college. I could get just as good a job and future by doing what I always did: what I wanted. It's not like I'm selfish or lazy or anything, but throughout my time I'd found that doing things my way always ended up making me happier. So I just stuck with it.

I was almost at the school now, its bleak walls oppressing my very soul. How anyone could construct a building of such boring architecture was far beyond m—


Suddenly I was in the air, sailing toward the asphalt. How had I gotten in the air? I was floating for a pretty long time, too. Trying to twist my body so as to see just what the hell was going on, I realized that I was moving in slow motion. Wonderful. Here I was, just crossing the street, minding my own business, when somebody just had to—


I'd been hit by a car.

Time seemed to speed up once I figured out my dilemma, and I hit the ground with a sickening squelch, a splat, and a crunch. Something, if not a lot of somethings, were definitely broken. I tried to move my head and examine my predicament further, but it was stuck solid, unmoving. Perfect. Now if I even managed to survive, I would probably live paralyzed forever.

Sorry Mr. Eckart, I won't be coming to class today. Got hit by a car. Won't be doing much… of… anything… any….more…..

Slowly, I lost sight of even the sky above me, and my world turned black.


And then the world turned white, like some magic light switch in my brain had been flipped on.

I glanced around, trying to take in what had happened. I was late for school, I crossed the street, and… I died.

So this is the afterlife huh? Rather boring, if you ask me.

"Not quite the afterlife, but you're close enough where it doesn't really matter" a disembodied collage of voices said, coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Confused, I turned around, and saw… something.

The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't in a room, just white. Or, if I was in a room, the walls went on so far that I couldn't see the end. In front of me were two doors. The door on the left was beautifully carved out of mahogany, depicting warm scenes of joys come and gone. It was pretty inviting, and I almost seemed attracted to it. The door on the right was a bit more ominous, carved out of stone, there was what looked like an upside-down tree carved into its face, with a lot of circles and symbols and words that I didn't understand. Both doors were truly works of art.

Then I glanced between them, and saw what had spoken to me.

It was in the figure of a person, no definition of either gender, and it was completely white and featureless, just like the rest of the room. The only thing separating it's whiteness from the whiteness of the room was a thin black… shadowy outline thing surrounding it. Then it grinned, and I realized that it wasn't completely featureless. It had a really freaking huge mouth, though…

"Welcome, Jack. I see you're doing well" it said, mouth moving, but the voices still coming from everywhere. Creepy bastard.

"Yeah, I guess you could call 'not dead yet' well. Who are you again?" I asked, my voice sadly just coming from me. No cool effect for the newbie.

The thing grinned at me. "They call me by many names. I am the Truth. I am God. I am the world. I am one. I am all. And I am you."

I stared at… I guess it's a him now. I stared at him, confused, but not entirely surprised. This was the almost afterlife, anything was possible. "…Right. So anyways, Truth, I was wondering what I'm doing here and all. If I'm about to die, what is it I'm here for?" My voice sounded surprisingly calm, all things considered. I mean, I was practically dead. Should I have sounded a little more scared?

Truth just kept on grinning at me. "The process of death is a rather amusing one. Normally, when people die, they move on to the afterlife. Some people refer to it as Heaven, others Hell, some even call it Limbo. Whatever you want to call it, it's right through those gates" he gestured to the mahogany door on the left. Then he frowned. "If you had died a normal death, you would be passing through those doors right now. Unfortunately, you weren't supposed to come here yet. You died too soon. Now that you're here, I have to give you something in return for the toll you've paid."

This was seriously weird. "What toll? I don't have any cash on me…"

"That's easy, you gave me a good 50 years of your life."

I paused. 50 years? I was only gonna make it up to… 64 years old? There go my dreams of breaking the world record for "oldest bastard ever."

"So I've paid my toll," I said, waiting for the punch line. "What are you gonna give me in return?"

Truth's grin was back in place. "A choice."

The words echoed more than usual. "A… choice? I give you the next 50 years of my totally awesome life, and all you can offer me is a choice?"

Truth tilted his head. "Yes, that's the idea. Equivalent exchange, and all that. It's the one rule for which there is no loophole."

"How is that equivalent?"

"Most people just get ferried off into the eternity of the afterlife. You get the option for something else" he said, his blank face almost eyeing me. "You can chose the door to the left, and you'll live for eternity, never aging, never dying, see all those people you've lost over the years. Everyone you've ever known is beyond those doors. Or, you can chose something more exciting, and live life on the wild side—the afterlife, anyways. Through those other doors" he gestured to the stone beside him "lies another chance at life. There will be danger, adventure, challenges, and thrills beyond your wildest dreams. Another chance to take on the world." His grin turned evil "so long as you survive, that is. This door is another life, the same you elsewhere. If you screw up here, you're done. You won't be heading through those doors, either. You'll go somewhere terrible, where you'll regret every bad decision you've ever made for the rest of eternity."

"Sounds like a real treat. Where's the choice in this?"

"Should you succeed in this new world, you will get something amazing." My eyes widened, my interest peaked. "Anything you want, it can be yours. Absolutely. Anything." His words stopped echoing for those last two words.

Absolutely anything. That was something I could work with.

"So I get to choose between eternal happiness and my greatest desire?" I inquired, leaning forward with anticipation.

"After you pass all the challenges, yes." Truth looked excited now, too. As if even he wasn't expecting me to jump for his offer so readily.

"No way in Hell."

His smile froze. If he could've blinked, I think he would have. "What was that?"

I waved my hand nonchalantly. "Your offer seems great, but it doesn't seem equivalent. Throw something else in, and you might have yourself a deal. Until then…" I began to turn around, hoping my white little friend wouldn't call my bluff.

Truth appeared in front of me instantly, readying his rebuttal. "You get one freebie."

A smile began to form on my face. "Define freebie."

"One extra life. You die once, you can continue your journey where you left off. You die twice, you're done for. End of story." Truth pushed forcefully. "That is my final offer. Now chose your door, Jack."

I mirrored his earlier grin. "Pleasure doing business with you."

With that, I walked up to the stone doors and opened them.


Truth watched Jack be deconstructed by the tiny terrors, grinning all the way. Once he was gone, he said to no one in particular "foolish mortal. What price will you pay to use that 'freebie,' I wonder…"

He laughed, the sound echoing back to his lonely ears.

This was going to be fun.

A/N: So here it is: chapter 1! I'm probably not gonna update regularly, I've gotta figure out how to piece the story together first. I have the general ideas for the story down, and a couple of scenes, but I still need to figure out how to get from point A to point B successfully.

Now, many of you know about the shooting that happened in Connecticut earlier today (December 14, 2012). I just want to remind you all about the innocent lives that were lost there. Say a prayer, post something on facebook, but let people know that you care. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but that massacre helped a lot with the ideas for this first chapter. Please, just think about them, and never forget those kids.

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