Warning: a character you sorta know goes on a bit of a rage spree and… ahem, yeah.

Summary: They've been to Liore, Youswell, and done the Tucker incident. But Jack saved Nina! Which may or may not have changed some stuff… teehee.


"I already said, I had a hunch!" Jack huffed angrily, crossing his arms.

They were in a rather bleak hospital room, standing around the lone occupied bed. A scent of disturbing cleanliness hung in the air and the light from the windows was nearly blinding. But none of that mattered to the very pissed off Flame Alchemist, who was glaring at the inhabitant of the boring room.

"Well then explain it to me!" He snapped angrily. "How could you possibly have known about what was going to happen?"

"I had. A theory." Jack started again, very slowly. "And then. I followed it. And I was proved right. I see no need to delve into this any further." He made a face. "Besides, why do you care how I came to the conclusion? I saved Nina, shouldn't that be what you're focusing on? Speaking of, what's going to happen to her now? She doesn't exactly have a family to take her in…"

Mustang pinched the bridge of his nose. "She's going into foster care until we can figure out something better. Now tell me how you reckoned that Shou Tucker was going to use his daughter to make another chimera."

"Still don't see why you need to know…" A growl from Mustang had him raising his hands in surrender. "Fine, fine. I was wondering about that chimera he made. Eventually I got bored and realized it would be easier to just start with something that could talk. Badda-bing, badda-boom, one shocking theory clicked into place." Jack turned his head pointedly away. "Happy now?"

Mustang furrowed his brows. "Not really, but I suppose it's as good as I'll get from a kid like you."

"Hey! Who are you calling a kid, wrinkles?" Jack snapped back.

"Perhaps the concussed child before me with the marred feet!" He replied hotly. "And I'll let you know I am not wrinkly!"

"And I'll let you know that I'm not concussed anymore!"

He scowled at the insolent brat before him. "Nobody heals from a concussion that quickly!"

"Well apparently I do, because the doctor has cleared me for the concussion!" said insolent brat barked. "And as soon as my feet are better, I am leaving this darn hospital!"

"You'll leave when I say you can leave!"

"I'll leave when I freaking feel like it!"

They glared at each other for a good minute, dark eyes meeting light in a head-to-head fight for the upper hand. Finally, Mustang decided to change the subject. "Why were you so interested in the Fuhrer before?"

Jack scowled. "Checking up on another hunch."

The Colonel raised a perfect eyebrow. "Care to let me in on this one before you go and nearly get yourself killed again?"

He mirrored the gesture. "And let you report it to the man himself? I think not." He turned his face away from the light. "Besides, I'm not about to go trusting some old geezer who doesn't trust me back." There was that cocky smile again. "Equivalent exchange, right?"

Irritated beyond his limit, Mustang turned on his heel and started walking away. "You can hold this information for now, but know that I will find out soon."

Jack snorted. "Yeah, when I feel like freaking explaining it to you."

Growling, the Colonel left the room in a huff, his trusty Lieutenant following a step behind. That kid needed to learn a little something about respecting those above him. Given, he wasn't a part of the military, so he couldn't just have the nuisance court marshaled for insubordination, but something had to be done about him!

As he stormed the halls, he caught sight of his face in the reflection of a window. He stopped and stared at his face for a minute before unfurrowing his brows and continuing his trek. And I am NOT wrinkly!


They were sitting at the base of some fountain, brother with his head in his hands. This had to have been the worst Al had ever seen him, aside from… that day when they were kids.

"I can't believe I didn't see it sooner, Al." He sighed into his hands. "I didn't see it at all until it was right there in front of me. And I wouldn't have gotten there at all if Jack-the-freaking-savior hadn't run out in the middle of the night."

Brother slapped his hands against the ledge. "We never would have gotten there in time! If it weren't for Jack, we would have showed up there this morning and found her there as… as a damn chimera! And then her life would have been almost over anyways! There wouldn't have been anything we could do for her after that!" He leaned back and stared at the darkening clouds above them. "We couldn't even save one little girl on our own. What good are we if we can't even manage that one?"

"It doesn't matter that we didn't save her by ourselves." Al replied quietly. "What matters is that we did get there in time and that she is going to have a life now because of it. We saved her, Ed, even if we had help. You should stop wasting away in what would have been and just keep moving forward."

He shook his head, golden hair swaying. "Yeah, but I can't just forget that if he hadn't been there, she would be—"

"You are Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, yes?" A deep voice questioned from beside them. Ed looked up with sad, tired eyes at the dark skinned man.

"Yeah, what of it?" He replied, sounding like he didn't care for anything at the moment.

The man, who Al noticed had an 'X' shaped scar on his forehead, reared back a hand to attack. But Ed wasn't moving! Without thinking, Al grabbed his brother's shoulder and yanked him out of harm's way. "Brother!"

And not a moment too soon. The ledge of the fountain that they had been sitting on just seconds before had exploded into rubble upon contact. But the man still stood, and he still looked like he was going to attack. Taking in the moment, Ed snapped out of his stupor. "Run!" He shouted as they turned and booked it to anywhere-but-there.


I glared at the wall, angry with my circumstances. I was just about alone in this mini Germany, and had to save everyone from mini Hitler. Which was certainly going to be a feat, especially in a world with the fabled 'alchemy'. A technique which I doubted I could do, given I didn't understand chemistry at all. In addition to the task I had accepted from the bastard, I had to put up with Mustang prying into my business all the tame. Granted, I probably shouldn't have tempted him with the information during our first meeting, but that was before I knew the guy was such a pesky dick! I could reason with Edward a lot better in that aspect now.

Speaking of Edward, I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do with the guy. He seemed to get into enough business where I could tell he was kinda important, but I didn't see how that would help me overthrow the Fuhrer. And I couldn't do anything until my feet healed up more. They felt fine for now, but I knew I shouldn't push them, due to the plethora of cuts from the window I had broken getting into the Tucker estate.

I could always escape from the hospital now… the doctors would hardly be expecting a kid with feet this badly injured to go running around on his own. It would really only take running below the horizon of the windows on my first-floor room, and leaving my escape window open for a quick return later. They would hardly miss—


An explosion sounded from somewhere surprisingly close to me. Grinning at the distraction's perfect timing, I quickly shoved on my sneakers and made my way out the window, being sure to leave it open enough to pry open later. I landed on the ground with a soft oof, barely noticing the slight sting of my bandaged feet. I made my way across to the road like a stealthy ninja, and then ran in the general direction of the explosion.

As I ran toward the billowing smoke, a piano rendition of the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean started playing in my head. My grin grew even wider. Finally! Some decent background music! I continued on my jog through the city, idly wondering what I was going to do once I actually got there. Me being me, I hadn't actually thought about the reason why I wanted to get out of the hospital, just that I had to get out of the white room of cleanliness. Maybe it was because Mustang had implied he controlled when I could leave, and that he would eventually find out everything about me. Which was complete bull, that jerk would only find out as much as I wanted him to, and only when I decided I would tell him. He could just stick his nose somewhere el—


The sudden outburst had come after a horrendously wrong chord on the piano, which had caused me to jump a good two feet in the air. What the heck? That wasn't… I didn't…

Always that chord! The voice continued. At this point I had stopped running and stood in front of a very confused vendor, wondering exactly what the hell was going on. Always that fucking chord! Damn it all to hell, why are my hands so small?!

I don't have small—

I can reach an octave just fine!

-What the hell are you—

Even with the stupid notes in between the octave—

-These aren't my thoughts—

-I can reach the damn thing just fine!—

-Is there someone in my—

-But then the damn composers had to make that fucking chord—

-This is starting to freak me—

-Just a LITTLE BIT LONGER than an octave!—

-Are you even listening to—

-And that just takes my beautiful playing—

Seriously lost here…


Well, not that I could tell, but—

This song always sounds so good, and then I reach that one part, and—

WILL YOU SHUT THE HEL UP?! I snapped at my own head, desperately trying to get the voice to stop yelling at me. Who are you and how did you get inside of my HEAD?!

There was a pregnant pause, and I almost thought I had made the whole argument up, when the voice responded, much quieter now.

Oh shit, you heard me? Now that I could think clearly, the voice sounded kinda…female. Like I had a girl living inside my head. Which was definitely a new experience.

Yes I heard you, you were screaming inside my head! I snapped back. At my own head. Which was such a WEIRD feeling…

Oh… Sorry 'bout that… You weren't supposed to find out I was here…

Yeah, but I did find out! And you never answered my question!

Which was…

Who ARE you and how did you get INSIDE MY HEAD?!

Oh, that. Well, I established an empathy link—sorry, a sort of telepathy brain connection—with you about… three nights ago? I don't remember exactly, you were on the train…

I blinked. There had been some chick in my head for three days, and I had failed to notice? Speaking of… You still haven't told me WHO you are.

That's right, I haven't, she murmured. But you already know I'm here, and then there's the matter of you having my… but he said that was ok… Uh… It's a secret!

a secret?

Yeah! I can't tell you who I am just yet because it's a secret!

But don't I get to know who else is inhabiting my body?

Just your mind, dearie, I'm not that cruel. And you do, just not quite yet. That would completely defeat the purpose!

Just then, I heard Ed's voice calling out "—be trying to kill me!" It sounded like he was relatively close, just a street or so over.

You know, the girl's voice began, you seem kinda busy. I'll just let you get back to what you were doing before… Do you still want background music?

Shaking my head, I started walking again. Nothing that will make you start yelling in my head. As awesome as that was, this seems relatively important.

You got it! She sounded so happy. As my pace quickened back into a run, a new piano song started up again, this one much slower, which almost seemed counterintuitive, given that I was sprinting towards the scene of an explosion.




I arrived at the scene of the action not long after another explosion. In fact, I would have run right by it had I not been nearly impaled by bits of exploding armor.

"AL!" Ed cried in surprise. I looked over my right shoulder, skidding to a halt. They were in what could have been an alley, but was more likely a side street. Well, it was a side street, before the other opening collapsed in a mountain of building corners and bricks. Alphonse's armor had a giant gaping hole in the side, little pieces just about everywhere else. Ed had what looked like a tricked out pirate sword in his hand, and was facing off against a buff dark skinned guy wearing an awesome tan jacket and sunglasses, despite the drizzling rain and utter lack of sun. He also just so happened to have a big scar on his forehead. Maybe he was a Harry Potter fan or something.

With a growl of frustration, Ed lunged at the guy. The man, whom I had dubbed 'HP', quickly dodged to the side, taunting "too slow!" He grabbed Ed's robot arm and there was what sounded like one of those transfiguration thingies, but no flash of light. The pirate sword flew in my direction, forcing me to leap to the side. Startled, HP let go of his arm as Ed stumbled back, ripping off his coat for some reason.

"A steel prosthetic." HP said to himself. "That would explain why it didn't work."

Glaring daggers at the man, Ed clapped his hands and formed a metal blade out of the forearm plate of his automail. Taking his cue, I grabbed the fallen pirate sword. HP looked at him for a moment before stating, "You use your arms to create a circle, then transmute." He started walking towards the midget. "I'll simply have to destroy that right arm of yours!"

Being the complete moron he is, Ed chose that moment to lunge in for another attack instead of running away. Moving at a rather remarkable speed, HP placed one hand on Ed's wrist and another one his shoulder. Oh shit, Ed! I stumbled forward, sword raised, but it didn't matter.


Ed's arm became a mess of wires, steel, and other obscure mechanical bits. He fell to the ground, a couple stray wires and a metal circle the only remaining sign that his shoulder sported an arm. Completely ignoring all the advice I had ever yelled at an action movie, (don't yell out before you attack! That tells them exactly where you are!) I swung out with a cry.

Now, similar to the gun, which I just remembered was in the waist of my pants, I had no experience with swords. Which meant that while swinging a sharp object at HP was certainly buying us time, it wasn't effective at all. The two of us were basically circling each other.

"Brother, RUN AWAY!" Alphonse cried from his crumpled state. While Ed and I had been doing our things, Al had been struggling to get up with one leg and half a chest plate. Unfortunately, this distracted me just enough for HP to grab my sword and explode it in my hands.

The force blew me backwards into the side of a building, and I hit my head. Dear God, I had better not have another freaking concussion.

You're fine, just pretend to be out and watch the show. The girl in my head suddenly reappeared. I idly noticed that her piano solo had stopped a while back, but I hadn't realized it.

Ed and HP started going back and forth about stuff like 'god' and 'heretics' and 'justice' and a bunch of crap that I didn't buy at all. I mean, come on, Sunday was yesterday. Whatever, the gist of the story was that HP was going around killing alchemists for defying nature.

"And what about my brother?" Ed asked angrily. "And Jack? Are you going to kill them, too?"

HP jutted his chin. "I am only here to kill you today, state alchemist. However, should they interfere again I will have no choice but to kill them."

Edward nodded slowly, as if that made everything OK. And it made me mad! It would NOT be OK if he just up and died, leaving a little brother behind. Pissed off beyond belief, I pulled the gun out of my pants and fired in their general direction.

"You DUMBASS!" I shouted, stumbling to my feet. "That is NOT what you do when you face death! You get your ass off the ground, you stand up, and you FIGHT UNTIL THE END!"

HP turned around in surprise, but I wasn't done yet. "Take it from someone who has died once already," I continued, "it is NOT fun! It hurts like a bitch and in the end nobody wins. And you leave people behind." I waved my gun behind me in Al's general direction. "You have a BROTHER dammit. A little brother who loves you and relies on you more than you could ever know. And you would just LEAVE HIM like that? What about your quest? What about your bodies?" He was still just sitting on the ground, staring at me in shock. "I SAID GET UP!" I grabbed his left arm, HP having moved back a bit.

"Now," I placed a hand on each shoulder, careful not to let the gun go off. "You go over there and NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN OR I SWEAR TO EVERY GOD OUT THERE I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF!" I shoved him back with an enraged huff.

"I couldn't have said it better myself."

I blinked, looking over my shoulder. Sometime during my fury, a boat load of military peeps had blocked off the road. Mustang was putting on a pair of gloves and slowly walking towards us. "Now stand down, Scar, you're under arrest for the murder of twelve citizens."

HP, who was apparently Scar now (my name was better), seemed to consider Mustang's offer for a moment. "…Are you by chance the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang?"

He smirked. "So you know who I am."

"God has blessed me indeed for putting you in my path today." Scar started towards him.

"If a fight is what you want then a fight is what you'll get!" Mustang moved his hand forward, like that would do anything substantial when two things happened.

Hawkeye, bless her beautiful soul, lunged forward with guns trained on Scar. Scar, that ass, lunged his hand towards Mustang's face. Just as the Colonel snapped his fingers, a pathetic puff of smoke flew from his gloves and Hawkeye kicked his legs out from under him. Mustang fell on his butt (ha) and Riza started shooting at Scar. Scar, being the pro he is, somehow dodged every bullet.

"Hawkeye, what the hell?!" Mustang snapped from the ground.

The Lieutenant cocked her gun. "Sir, you know as well as I do that you're useless on rainy days!"

Mustang flinched at the word 'useless', while some blonde smoking guy held out a hand and noted "oh yeah, 's kinda hard to create a spark in the rain."

And all the while, we had just been standing there. Shaking my head, I grabbed Ed's arm and yanked him towards the uniforms. He still seemed to be in a daze, so he stumbled with me until we were safe behind the line of weapons.

Another explosion cut off whatever conversation the military was having with Scar as the tallest, most buff muscle man I had EVER seen threw a punch. The newcomer had to be as tall as Alphonse, so seven feet, and was bald except for one little curl of blonde hair on his forehead. He also had an impressive Mario mustache and some awesome… I think the term is gauntlets? Yeah, some awesome gauntlets on his hands.

"…ALEX LOUIS ARMSTRONG, THE STRONG ARM ALCHEMIST!" The guy announced his title, and for some reason ripped off his military jacket and shirt, revealing even more toned muscles and… were those… pink sparkles?

Armstrong picked up some rubble and threw it at Scar, where it changed into arrowheads through an alchemy technique which had been "passed down the Armstrong line FOR GENERATIONS!"

Scar merely stuck his hand out, catching the arrowhead and blowing it up before it could do any substantial damage.

"I don't get it." I complained. "How is he doing that?"

"…Stops at stage two…" Ed mumbled beside me.

I blinked. At stage… OH! I remembered the way Alphonse had explained alchemy to me earlier, and that there were three stages in the process. You understood what you were doing, you broke it down, and then you built it back up. "So this guy just deconstructs… using the same alchemy that he wants to kill you for?" I looked at Ed confused. He just shrugged in response. "You darn hypocrite!" I yelled out to Scar.

Hawkeye chose that moment to start shooting again. Most of them missed, but one of them grazed Scar's head, knocking off his glasses.

That was when I saw them. Red eyes and white hair…

"You're an albino!" I shouted, right as Mustang cried "He's an Ishvalan!"

We blinked at each other. "…huh?" I ventured.

Just then, there was ANOTHER explosion. After the dust had cleared, all that remained of the battle was Armstrong and a hole into what appeared to be the sewer system. Mustang growled under his breath and started issuing orders when a guy popped out from behind the 'splatter zone'.

"Oh, is the fighting over now?" He had black hair that was slicked back and a stubbly beard. His eyes were a bright shade of green hidden behind rectangular glasses.

"Where the hell were you?" Mustang asked the newcomer.

"I thought it best to lay low."

Mustang snapped. "You didn't think about maybe BACKING US UP?!"

I shrugged. "So he didn't want to die. I don't blame the man, you guys are one big freak show."

Edward finally snapped out of his daze. Straightening up, he ran towards what remained of his brother. "Al!"

Leaving the upcoming chewing out for Alphonse, I turned back towards the conversation beside me.

"Speaking of death," Mustang turned towards me. Oh crap. "What did you mean before when you said you had died before?"

I furrowed my brows and crossed my arms. "I already told you that. Or have you forgotten already, wrinkles?"

"I am NOT wrinkly!" He shouted. Then he forced his eyes closed and let out a drawn breath. "Would you care to explain it to me a little better now?"

I sighed. I wasn't getting out of this one, especially since I had used it on Edward… "Fine, but only if you explain Ishvalans to me, and only after we can gather everyone together. I feel like they should know this, too."


"As most of you know," Jack began his explanation, "I came here quite suddenly a week ago. Actually, I arrived in this very room.

"Before that, I had been crossing a street. Not paying attention, I was run over by some vehicle or other and died." He held up a hand to stop the questions that everyone wanted to ask.

"Next thing I knew, I was—" he cut off suddenly with a jump. He angled his head slightly to the side, almost as if listening to something, then frowned. After a moment he regained himself. "Right, sorry. Next thing I knew I was talking to some divine stalker dude. He explained to me that I had died too early, so to keep the balance he had to give me something back. That something," he paused dramatically, "was another chance at life, and a task. I had to 'find Edward Elric' and 'save them'." He grinned cheekily. "But you already knew that. Next thing I knew, I was handcuffed to this very couch, and the story you already know began."

Hughes frowned. "Is that even possible?"

Jack snorted. "Clearly it is, or I wouldn't be here."


"Save it." He held up a hand. "I'm done with my story. Now, I believe Mustang has some Ishy people explaining to do." He looked pointedly at the dark haired man.

Roy nodded, though he didn't appear to be pleased with the situation. "The Ishvalans were a race of people who lived in the East. They believed in the one creator and god, Ishvala. Because of the drastic differences in beliefs, there was a constant state of conflict. Then, 13 years ago, a soldier accidentally shot and killed an Ishvalan child. The result was immediate. A civil war broke out, eventually spanning over the entire east area. After several years of this, the Fuhrer had had enough. He sent out the State Alchemists, giving the order to exterminate Ishval. And we did." Mustang looked up from his hands. "In a way, Scar's revenge is justified."

Edward growled, slapping a fist on the table. "No, it isn't! He's using the name of his 'god' to justify murder! I won't just sit by and let that happen!"

"then what are you gonna do, Ed?" Havoc questioned. "Without an arm, you won't stand a chance against Scar."

Sighing, Edward answered. "I guess there's no other choice then." He grinned. "It's been a long time, but it looks like I'm going to have to visit my mechanic!"


"God has given us a great trial, my children! Wicked heathens have spread insidious rumors trying to shake our faith!" Father Cornello cried to the crowd, arms raised high above his head. "And now the military seeks to oppress us! But we must hold tight to our faith! The time has come for us to rise up, weapon in hand, and fight for the great god LETO!"

"Yeah! We fight under the protection of Leto! Down with heathens and heresy!"

"No! Don't be fooled!"

"That man speaks nothing but lies! Can't you see that?!"

"Hold your tongue!"

"We aren't pawns of the heathens like all of you are!"

Watching the scene unfold from up above, a very busty young woman with dark, wavy locks and lips like blood laughed. "Human foolishness never ceases to amaze me!"

Down below, a riot had broken out. Windows were shattered, men were beating each other half to death with fists and clubs. Women were dragged into dark corners by their hair and children sat alone, wailing and waiting for it all to stop. But it didn't.

"Wouldn't you agree, Gluttony?"

A high, childish voice responded. "Fools! All of them!"

"Fools indeed, sad but true." Father Cornello agreed, climbing the steps to join the pair.

"Well, well," the woman smiled "if it isn't the father."

"Yeah, Father!" Gluttony chirped, flab swaying.

"Sorry to have to put you to all this trouble." She purred.

Cornello grinned. "As soon as we have everything settled here, I have my own responsibilities I need to get back to."

The night beauty smirked and turned to face the uproar again. "The Fullmetal boy's interference was irritating, but at least we were able to make it work in our favor. Looks like we'll finish up ahead of schedule."

"Manipulate a little information, spout a little redirect to the 'believers', and you have a fine recipe for instant violence. Humans are such simple creatures."

"Bloodshed gives way to bloodshed, hatred breeds more hatred before all of the violence soaks into the land, carving rivers of blood. And no matter how many times it happens, they never learn. The human race is made up of violent, miserable fools."

"Who seem more than willing to play into our hands." She smiled in agreement.

Gluttony was peering over the edge of the tower. "Are lots of people gonna die again?"

"Yes, they will." The woman responded with glee.

The stout man grinned in excitement. "OOH! Can I eat all of them after they die?"

"No, you may not." The woman's tone changed to one of gentle reprimand as she placed a gloved hand on his hairless head. She switched her focus to Father Cornello. "By the way, Envy, could you lose the old man costume? It's rather unattractive."

"Come on, I was just staying in character!" There was a flash of red light, and the balding man began to change from the friendly priest, starting at the feet and moving up. "But, if you insist, this time I'll go with a younger, cuter model! What do ya say?" Envy had changed garments into a black, tight fitting top and skort combo. He had slimmed into the body of someone in their upper teens, and had long black hair vaguely reminiscent of a palm tree.

A man behind them gasped in shock. "A-a-a-a mo-monster!" He stuttered. It was one of Father Cornello's followers. "W-what's going on here? What have you done? What have you done with the real Father Cornello?"

The woman smiled at Envy. "It's your call."

"He said I was a monster! I think that's quite rude, don't you?" Envy responded nonchalantly.

"Can I eat him? Can I?" Gluttony popped up. The two turned to him in mild surprise, but before they could say anything he had already lunged.

Envy leaned against the railing. "Oh hey, 'd'you hear the news? Shou Tucker, that alchemist in Central? Arrested for creating a chimera out of humans and attempting it again. He's been sentenced to death."

"Tucker?" The woman replied, clearly bored. "Why should we care about a little nothing like him?"

"Because it dragged him out into the open."

The woman bit her lip, then looked at the mess Gluttony was creating in the corner. "Speaking of Central, isn't that where the Flame Colonel is staying right now?"

"Yeah. And apparently the Fullmetal Brat's there, too."

"Oh, is he?" She replied in surprise. Then her gaze narrowed. "As furious as I am that he interfered with our work here, we can't very well let him die. He's a very important sacrifice, after all."

"OOH, THAT WAS SO YUMMY!" Glutton cried with glee, having finished his 'meal'.

"We'll find some way of handling the situation." She continued. "The other one you were speaking of, what was his name?"

"They call him Scar, for his disfigured face." Envy grinned.

"Yes." She purred. "We'll have to see what we can do about him as well."

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