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"Agent Booth. . . Uh . . . I have a favor to ask of you."

Leary, Booth looked up, "What's up, Sweets?"

Walking into Booth's office, Sweets twisted his hands together and blurted out, "I have to go into the hospital tomorrow morning to get my tonsils removed and I don't have any family and I was wondering if I could put you down as my next of kin just in case I die. I don't have anyone to arrange a funeral for me in case I die."

Feeling himself grow pale, Booth stood up, "What the Hell do you mean in case you die? Is it that serious?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Sweets replied, "All surgery has risk. Things happen and the worst case scenario is I could die on the operating table. I want to make sure I'm buried next to my adopted parents and I want to make you the executor of my will. I don't have any family Agent Booth. Will you do it?"

Walking around the desk, Booth stood next to Sweets, "Sure, kid. No problem. Do you have some paperwork for me to sign?"

Nodding his head, Sweets said, "Yeah, it's on my desk. I'll go get it. Thanks, Booth. If I couldn't get you to do it I was going to see if Cam would do it; but, you're my friend so I wanted it to be you."

Frowning, Booth clapped Sweets on his shoulder, "Sure, I'll do it. Just bring me your paper work and we'll make a list of the things you want done if something happens; although, you do know nothing is going to happen don't you? You're going to be ok."

Smiling sadly, Sweets replied, "Sure, I know that, thanks."

Watching Sweets leave his office, Booth shook his head and muttered, "Damn it Sweets. What am I going to do with you?"

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo

Sweets felt like hell. Opening his eyes, Sweets noticed that someone was in his room; but, he wasn't sure who it was. Not able to speak, Sweets lifted his hand and wiggled his wrist.

"Hey, the kid's awake. . . It's about time. I was beginning to think you're like Seeley and go into comas every time someone knocks you out. So . . . Kid, you want any ice chips? You can't have any water right now."

Nodding his head, Sweets opened his mouth. Hank, seeing that Sweets was ready, stood up and spooned a few ice chips into his mouth.

"This reminds me of the time that Jared had his tonsils yanked. He got this real bad coughing spasm and he broke his stitches and man you should have seen the blood."

Sweets, feeling nauseous, stared with big eyed dismay at Hank.

Nodding his head, "Yeah but it was ok. They just popped him back into the operating room and stitched him back up. . . So don't cough. . . You really don't want to do that."

Shaking his head, Sweets grunted.

Nodding his head, Hank looked up at Sweets' TV, "So, the game is pretty good so far, the Eagles are routing those damn Falcons. I mean come on, a quarter back sneak just before the end of the first half that's stupid. The quarterback should be fired for doing a dumbass thing like that."

Frowning, Sweets looked at the TV and then at Hank.

"Yeah, I used to go to the games when I lived in Philly; but, the game on TV is ok. . . Oh hey, Seeley wanted me to make sure that I call him when you wake up; so, let's call him now. That boy was worried about you. He does that."

Sweets staring at Hank while he sat down again, looked around and found a vase of flowers on the stand next to him. Pointing at the flowers, Sweets wiggled his hand at Hank.

Looking at Sweets, Hank frowned and let his eyes follow where Sweets was pointing, "Oh, those are from Seeley, Temperance and Christine. Seeley said that everyone needs flowers in the hospital to remind them of nice things when they feel like crap."

Turning his head, Hank spoke in his phone, "Oh hey, Shrimp, the baby shrink is awake. . . . No, he looks ok to me. . . no, he ate some ice chips. I'm going to give him some more in a bit . . . I'm not a complete idiot, Seeley, of course . . . .Yeah, yeah . . . . Sure, I'll tell him. . . . no, I didn't tell him that . . . I will don't worry about it. . . .When are you coming back? . . . sure, no I understand, you'll get here when you can. . . No I don't want you to do that, no I told you no . . . Shrimp. . . Seeley, I told you no and that should be final, don't ignore my wishes. . . . Ok. . . Fine. . . . I'll see you when you get here."

Ending his call, Hank smiled, "That boy likes to control everything. He wanted me to tell you that he was here earlier; but, he had some case come up and he and Temperance had to go look at some disgusting body. They'll be back as soon as they can. I'm also supposed to tell you that you'll be staying at their house for a couple of weeks. He wanted to send Jared over here to spell me; but, that's just silly. All I'm doing is sitting here watching TV and making sure you don't die at the hands of incompetent doctors. . . . Seeley doesn't trust doctors too much. Every time they have to put him under for surgery he ends up in a coma for several days. He says that the doctors that work on him are quacks and not to be trusted. We keep telling him that he's got a problem with anesthesia but he swears it's the doctors. . . Who knows maybe he's right. . . Anyway, I'm supposed to make sure that they don't kill you while Seeley isn't here. . . Make sure you don't die, it'll piss off Seeley if you die on my watch."

Shaking his head slowly, Sweets pointed to his mouth.

"Oh, yeah, ice chips. No problem."

Poking a spoon full of ice chips in Sweets' mouth, Hank looked up at the TV, "Damn it, the Falcons scored. How the hell did they do that? . . . Damn."

Looking at Sweets, Hank smiled, "You're in luck. . . They have another game on after this one. . . After those are finished, we can watch whatever you want. . . You like NCIS or the Mentalist? They're always on TV. Those shows are great. Oh, I found out that all three Godfather movies are being played on TV tonight. Talk about luck. . . . Yes sir, we can watch those and then we'll wing it. . . It's a good thing I only sleep about 5 hours a day; so, you'll have plenty of company tonight. . . Oh, damn it, how did the Falcons score again? . . Shit. . . What happened to the Eagles' defense? . . . Damn it! . . . "


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