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Walking into the kitchen, Booth and Brennan smelled the delicious aroma of coffee and bacon. Sweets, flipping French toast on the griddle, looked up and smiled, "Hey, I'm making you guys breakfast. I'm going to move back home today and I thought I'd show you my appreciation for letting me stay here for the last week."

Christine, racing into the kitchen, overheard Sweets talking to her parents. "No, Uncle Sweets. You can't go home yet. You promised to have a tea party with me this afternoon."

Blushing, Sweets replied, "I'm sure your parents are sick of having me around, Christine."

Shaking head, Booth smiled, "Oh, no, Sweets. If you told Christine you were going to have a tea party with her then you have to stay at least for that."

Nodding her head, Brennan remarked, "Yes, I concur. It's important that you keep your promise to your niece."

Pleased to hear Christine called his niece, Sweets replied, "Well, I guess I could go home this evening."

Walking over to the island and picking up a piece of bacon, Booth popped it into his mouth. Munching, Booth smiled, "You've never attended one of Christine's famous tea parties have you?"

Suddenly nervous, Sweets stared at Booth, "No why?"

Laughing Booth picked up the plate of bacon and French Toast and carried them over to the table, "Just making an observation."

Suspicious, Sweets watched Booth poke Brennan in the arm and point at him over his shoulder.


Christine, ready to have her tea party, marched into the man cave and crossed her arms across her chest, "Ok, tea party time."

Looking away from the game, Booth smiled, "Sweets is going to your party, not me Sweetheart."

Shaking her head, Christine replied, "Come on Daddy. You always play tea party with me."

Rolling his eyes, Booth stood up. Turing towards Hank, Booth smiled, "Pops, I . . ."

Interrupting his grandson, Hank remarked, "No way. I did it last weekend. My limit is one party a month."

Laughing, Booth shook his head, "Coward."

Nodding his head, Hank replied, "Sure am."

Worried, Sweets stood up and stared at Hank, "Uh, I really need to go home. . . "

Christine, noticing Sweets trying to escape, ran across the room and grabbed his right arm, "No Uncle Sweets, you promised." Turning to stare at her father, Christine implored, "Daddy, he promised. Make him come to my party."

Frowning, Booth walked over and clamped his hand on Sweets' left arm, "Oh, he's coming Sweetheart."

Pulling Sweets across the room, Sweets stared at Christine as she jumped up and down, "Oh goody."


Sitting on the floor in Christine's room, Sweets watched as Christine pulled a canvas bag out from under her bed and opened it. Booth, sitting cross-legged, held his hands in his lap and stared at the line of dolls sitting on the floor across from him. Rummaging in the bag, Christine pulled out several plastic flowers. Carrying them over to her father, she placed a few in his hair. Smiling, Booth sat still and watched Sweets.

Frowning, Sweets watched Christine advance towards him, holding several plastic daisies in her hand. Smiling she lifted them one by one and placed them in his hair.

Clearing his throat, Sweets asked, "Why do we have to wear flowers?"

Shaking her head, Christine answered, "Well to look pretty Uncle Sweets."

Sniggering Booth rubbed the side of his nose. "You haven't see the best part yet."

Worried, Sweets glanced around the room, "I . . . Uh . . I . . ."

Laughing Booth sat quietly and waited.

Christine nodding her head, turned and marched over to her closet. Rummaging in the closet, Christine soon straightened up and carried a Jedi sword over to her father and gave it to him. "You can be Luke."

Nodding his head, Booth took the plastic sword in his hand and swung it back and forth, "Cool."

Carrying a magnifying glass over to Sweets, Christine handed it to Sweets, "You can be Sid."

Puzzled, Sweets asked, "I thought we were having a tea party?"

Shaking her head, Christine responded, "We are."

Staring at Booth, Sweets held up the magnifier, "I don't understand."

Smiling, Booth swung his sword a few times, "That's ok. You will."

Donning an old Jeffersonian smock that had been resized, Christine remarked, "I'm Mommy."

Sitting on the floor, Christine called out, "Ok, Mommy, we're ready."

Carrying in a tray, Brennan stepped in between Sweets and Booth and placed it on the floor, "Don't make a mess."

Smiling, Christine replied, "Oh Mommy."

Laughing, Booth protested, "Now how can we have a tea party and not make a mess?"

Rolling her eyes, Brennan left the room.

Picking up one of her dolls, Christine placed it near the tray and exclaimed, "Oh no. Camille is dead. Luke why didn't you save her?"

Smiling, Booth replied, "I bet she drank some poisoned tea. You know I don't drink that stuff."

Nodding her head, Christine turned to Sweets, "You have to help me find who poisoned the tea."

Shaking his head, Sweets asked, "This is a tea party?"

Laughing, Booth replied, "She's got a good imagination."

Staring at Christine, Sweets replied, "I'll say."


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