Chapter nineteen

At the Burrow, all the Weasley's, minus Ginny were gathered in the kitchen ready to head out to watch Harry's first professional quidditch game. Between Lee and Harry, they got everyone tickets and would be sitting not far from Lee. Ron and Hermione saw Ginny looking down at them, and it was the first time they saw regret on her face but she still had a look of defiance as well.

At Lee and Harry's place, they stared at each other for a few minutes. Checked to make sure they had their coins before they left. Lee kissed Harry before he went in to join his team mates then Lee went to the commentary box. He smiled as all their friends started to take their seat, George and the rest of the DA that was there all held their coins up to show Lee who nodded.

The Puddlemere United team changed into their uniforms, had their brooms in their hands and were listening to Lorne go through his speech.

'How you holding up Harry?' Oliver asked.

'Nervous but also excited, I just want to get out there. Once I'm on my broom, the game is all I think about. But listen to that, the crowd sounds huge.'

'It is and it's a sell-out. I will tell you this, all of you but especially you Harry,' Spencer said as he stepped into the changing rooms, 'There are lots of signs with Harry Potter is our hero, that type of thing, but also there are a lot of reporters and photographers out there. We knew this would happen, so try and ignore them and concentrate on the game, because they will be yelling out to you more than anyone else.'

'When I play I basically block out any other noise, it's just something that happens when I get out on the pitch.'

'That's good, which you are about to do now. So Gary, get ready to lead your team out, we'll be in the stands,' Lorne and Spencer shook the players hands and left.

Gary looked at his team and his reserves, nodded, then stood right at the door, mounted their brooms and took off in their formation. They flew around the stadium and the crowd with everyone screaming Potter's name. The reserve team all landed and sat in their small shed to watch in case they were needed. The team all went to their positions, Harry looked over at Lee, blew him a kiss and saw Lee and his friends laugh before Lee blew him a kiss back, then the game started, and just like Harry said, the moment the game was on, he never heard anything, not his name being shouted, not the flashes from cameras, just the quidditch match. A few times both seekers saw the snitch, chased it and each other, then either getting hit by bludgers or bumped by the other seeker, they lost sight of the snitch. As the score for both teams climbed, Harry went high to search out the snitch, but he did glance at the crowd a lot. Harry did hear Lee's voice a lot, calling the plays, but he did block him out as well. The other seeker and Harry kept searching everywhere for the snitch, again one would either dive or take up high before they would lose it again. Harry did a quick fly past the crowd as he tried to see that small speck of gold and as he did, he caught a glimpse of two people in the crowd. Harry settled himself up high, kept looking for the snitch and the other seeker while he quickly put a message on his coin. He just stuck it back in his pocket when he spotted the snitch again, but he also spotted Rodolphus with his wand in his hand. So Harry dived for the snitch but had his wand out, sent spells at Lestrange and Umbridge as he dove, then grabbed the snitch just before the other seeker. He took off high with his hand in the air and got surrounded by his team mates before they slowly flew down to the ground. But the other team all came up to ask why Harry was firing spells into the crowd, they though he was aiming at their fans, they also kept shouting about wands not being allowed. That's when Kingsley, two aurors, Spencer, Lorne and the manager of Chudley Cannons stepped out and joined them.

'We were told Mr. Potter had his wand because there have been death threats against him. Now even though none of you are allowed a wand during a game, I agreed that he could, for his safety and for everyone else's. Imagine Stewart, you and Harry could have been right near each other trying to get the snitch and you got hit, not Harry,' the Chudley Cannons manager said looking at his team.

'We had plans in place in case this happened. Not all the spectators were here just to watch the game. Harry's DA were in the crowd, so were most of the order of the phoenix. We also had four aurors disguised,' Kingsley turned to Harry, 'But again, we didn't get to do a lot Harry, you seem to do it for us and win the game at the same time.'

'Sorry minister, but I saw Umbridge sneering at me, I hate that bitch. But Lestrange Kingsley, sorry minister, he had his wand pointed towards Mrs. Weasley, not me. She did kill his wife, so he was going after her and I wasn't going to let anyone hurt my family.'

'Blimey Harry, none of us heard anything about a threat against Molly. Well their caught now, so you're next game should just be that, a game,' Kingsley hugged Harry, 'Congratulations on your first win, I better go. But come to the Burrow later, everyone is going to be there waiting for you.'

'Lee and I will be there minister and thanks.'

'So even though those two are caught, Harry is going to keep his wand on him at every game. Now he has told us and from what the minister and others have said, Harry is an honest person, he has said that wand will only end up in his hand if he sees danger of dark witches or wizards, not to hurt or hex the other team. All the managers have been informed of this and have all agreed. Once the danger is passed, then Harry has agreed to leave his wand with his belongings.'

'So you really aren't going to use anything on the other teams, because watching the way you fly, you don't need it,' a tall woman from the other team said.

'I would never want to win a game unless it was fairly. I had enough of the Slytherin's always causing problems or breaking rules to win, that's not how I play. If I can't catch the snitch through fair play, than I don't deserve to be seeker.'

'Alright, then we agree as well because we did see Harry play and only used his wand that one time and it was aimed at death eaters, but he still caught the damn snitch even with saving that woman and himself. I think our seeker needs to get better,' the woman stuck her hand out to Harry, 'Congratulations, you are a seeker, not just Harry Potter, the one who defeated Voldemort. Can't wait until we go up against each other again.'

Harry smiled, 'Neither can I and it was fun.'

Both teams shook hands, then went to change, where the Puddlemere United team hugged each other before collecting their belongings. Harry turned and saw Lee standing at the door and he launched himself at Lee. Their bodies met along with their lips as everyone patted Harry's back as they walked past leaving the two men snogging.

'Even with binding those two, you still won love. That really shows how good you are.'

'Thanks Lee, but I told Kingsley who will probably tell the Weasley's, Rodolphus wasn't pointing his wand at me, he was after Mrs. Weasley. They must have realised the Weasley's and all my friends were going to be here for my first game.'

'Then if Kingsley is telling them, expected to be hugged until you can't breathe.'

'Yep, like how Mrs. Weasley usually hugs me. Let me have a quick shower, then we'll go.'

'Go, I'll just sit here and wait for you. Just remember, a lot of fans are outside waiting for you and they will want autographs.'

'Yeah, Spencer mentioned that and I have to be gracious,' Harry grimaced making Lee laugh before he went in to have his shower.

When Harry finished, he put his arm around Lee, picked up his bag and they left the changing room. They got outside and saw the huge crowd and when they spotted Harry, they started to chant his name again. Lee took Harry's bag while he started signing pictures of himself that had been released showing the team. He got asked for pictures, so he stood for those as well. Finally Lee and Harry apparated to the Burrow and stepped inside where Mrs. Weasley pulled Harry into one of her rib cracking hugs to smiles from all the Weasley's.

'First Ginny, then me, then Ron, now Molly, you've become this families guardian angel,' Arthur hugged Harry the moment his wife let him go.

Harry wasn't sure what to say as he hugged Mr. Weasley back, 'I couldn't let anything happen to Mrs. Weasley, she's practically raised me.'

'We're all glad you didn't mate,' Ron hugged Harry, 'Damn good win though.'

'It was Harry, but what took you so long to get here. Did you and Lee take a detour home?' Neville asked.

'No, the stadium was surrounded by fans, I had to stay and sign autographs. Spencer told me it's part of being a member of a profession quidditch team. My hand started to cramp up from holding the quill so long.'

'Lee told us what you saw, but none of us got a chance to do more than get our wand's out,' Seamus said.

'I saw her first and it was just the look she gave me, I just couldn't help myself. But I'm parched, I need a drink.'

Mrs. Weasley handed Harry and Lee a large glass of juice each, hugged Harry again before putting her dinner together.

Harry tensed when he spotted Ginny walking down the stairs. Lee put his arms around Harry, Ron, Hermione and their friends all stood around Harry.

'You don't need to protect him, I'm not going to do anything even if I could. I just wanted to say something,' Ginny stared at Harry who moved out from behind Ron. 'You saved mum, so I'm sorry Harry, for everything. Even though you know you're safe since I can't get near you and I don't have a wand anymore, I wanted to let you know that you have nothing to worry about anymore. After what I did, you could have locked me up, you could have stopped coming here, but you didn't. I don't just owe you my life, but like dad said, Ron, dad and now mum. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I wanted you to know that I'm really sorry.'

Harry nodded, but never said anything. Then everyone watched as Ginny went back upstairs. She was finally realising how wrong she was, but also that Harry was gay and no matter what, he could never love her. After that everyone kept talking, then eating as Mrs. Weasley put food on the table, but even Harry smiled when she took a tray of her wonderful food up to Ginny. Molly knew like everyone else, Ginny was feeling remorse for what she did, so it was time to show her that now she can be part of the family. Harry sighed as he put his head on Lee's shoulder knowing that he could come to the home his loved for so long without the feeling of being watched or stressed thinking something was going to happen. Finally he got to enjoy his time with his friends because his life was finally ending up normal.

The end: