Imagine your OTP eating lunch together in a crowded place, perhaps with their friends. They are unaware of their feelings for each other. Suddenly, Person A's foot accidentally brushes against Person B's, and with a flustered apology, they shrug the incident off. But then, Person B, realizing they liked the feeling, brushes their foot against Person A's on purpose, and soon they find themselves playing an intimate game of footsies.

This is a humanstuck, highschool AU.

You sigh. The cafeteria food looked utterly disgusting. You could've sworn it was going to get up, fucking walk across his plate, and eat scurry away to freedom. Upon thinking this, you grimace in distaste and push the plate away.

Kankri plopped himself next to you, taking a breath before beginning the day's rant. The lovely topic of the day was: Wasting Food.

You groaned and put your head down as Kankri went on and on.

"-frica starve every single day and even though we have food we complain about it because it looks gross. I'm sure that they would salivate over the mere scraps we have an-"

You rolled your eyes and shift your feet, nudging the other's on accident.

"Shit, sorry, Kankri," you say, moving your feet away as your head lifts a little. However, the older boy didn't seem to notice as he went on and on, so you thunked your head back onto the table.

After what seemed like forever, you realized that Kankri wasn't really talking anymore, just sort of mumbling as his feet nudged your's. You look under the table, watching as his feet rubbed against your's, nudging and prodding.

What is your natural response?


Your feet nudge and trap his, rubbing them as he giggled quietly next to you, trying to free them. You smile a little, letting his feet go just so they can rub and nudge your's.

His hand falls on the bench next to you and your's sits on top of it, interlacing your fingers as your feet wrestle gently. You're smiling and so is he. You're feeling happy and he's chuckling softly.

Suddenly, he grabs your shirt and you're surprised as lips touch. Your feet stop and your heart speeds up, then it melts. Leaning into the kiss a bit, he holds you with the hand that isn't occupied with your's.

Then, all too soon, he pulls away, your face feels like it's on fire as you look around, hoping to god no one saw that. He squeezes your hand and mutters something into your ear.

"Meet me in the bathroom before next period."