A/N: So after the falure of my other stories, I started this one. As cliche as it sounds; it came to me in a dream, one of the weirdest ones ever. So after thinking about it a little I decided to just go for it and see how it goes over. So please let me know if you want to read more or if you like it, because if not im not going to put up anymore of it. Simple as that. Your opinion is important!

Chapter One:

The bell rang at its usual three-thirty time, marking the end of another tedious school day. All the other students rushed frantically towards the door, all except Rayna. She took her day in strides, not hindered by what made most unnecessarily happy. She made her through the maze of hallways while everyone else stopped to talk to their friends. She just simply turned her nose up to them; someone such as herself has no use for such menial things. Outside of her school she was approached by a small boy who eagerly awaited her presence. He was about ten, with short black hair and bright brown eyes; that always seem to sparkle the most when he greeted her.

"Good afternoon, Lady Rayna, did you have a good day at school?" She looked down at him out of the corner of her eyes; he had the same smile he always had when he walked with her. She just folded her arms across her chest and focused back on the road in front of her. He had been following her home from school ever since she saved him from getting hit by a car a few months back. Usually she brushed him off, ignored him, or even took a different path home from school. That didn't stop him though, he was bent on following her around. It surprised her more than anything that he wasn't easily swayed by her looks like the others were. Rayna had spent most of her life ostracized by others for her apearence. She had long flowing white hair that she normally kept tied back in a small yellow ribbon; what wasn't easily tamed back surrounded her near perfect porcelain complexion, accentuating her strange gold eyes.

"Go home, Kaito." She mumbled out, turning the street corner they usually parted on. He walked so far out of his way just to be with her every day. Though she would never understand his strange fascination with her, something inside of her yearned for attention and understanding. Not that she would ever admit it; her strange nature would never allow her to succumb to useless emotions. She had always been that way; her family described her heart to be made of stone or ice. Not that she really cared about what their opinion was of her anyway, her life was just the way she wanted it to be and no one would change that.

"I'm home…" she took a deep breath and set her bag down against the wall beside the door.

"How was your day, Rayna?" Her cheerful mother called to her from the kitchen.

"Fine," this was her usual reply when her mother asked.

"Did anything interesting happen?"

"No" she hated when her mother pestered her with questions. Her overall cheerful nature was more or less sickening. Her mother of course got the hint; she was used to the way Rayna was and knew better then to question her needlessly. Rayna and her mother were nothing alike, complete opposites actually. Her mother was always happy and enjoyed everything; Rayna on the other hand did not. She never cried, she never got angry, and she rarely ever smiled. Not to mention their looks were far off as well, while Rayna's were strange and unusual, her mothers were normal. Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a normal complexion; her skin was not nearly as flawless as her daughters.

Rayna sat down at the desk in her room and turned on her laptop. This is usually how she spent her days, sitting alone in her room; reading, studying and not much else. Though to everyone around her, her life was unusual and boring, she was content with it. Her laptop flickered on and a small window popped up, informing her of an email from her father. Her usual emotionless face turned into a rather large frown as she opened the email, the audacity of that man, contacting her after what he had done to her family. The email was rather short and to the point: 'Rayna, your sister and I would love it if you would come visit us for the holidays.' She stood up from her desk and the chair she sat in fell back against the floor as she felt a low growl coming from the pit of her stomach. My sister, she scoffed. There wasn't a chance in hell she would ever in her life call that child her sister, and the fact that her father had the back bone to do so was just disgusting.

He left my family for the arms of another woman, he has not even the slightest clue what hell he's put my life through! She fought off another growl, snapping her laptop shut as she reached for the white coat on her bed. She always made sure to remove herself from any situation that would cause her to use such unnecessary emotion. Her father was the only one who could ever get her anywhere close to being angry. She hurried casually down the steps and across the kitchen towards the front door.

"Going somewhere? Dinner will be ready soon." Her mother questioned her from the kitchen, watching as she dug through her bag for her wallet.

"To the store."

"O-okay" she knew better then to tell her no, Rayna did what she pleased whether or not her mother wanted her too. "Please be careful, it's snowing and the roads may be icy."

"I'm not taking the car." She slid the door shut quickly, not really wanting to hear mother anymore. She was always so bothersome, worrying about every little thing that Rayna did. Things happen, there's no use fussing so irrationally.

Even though it hadn't been snowing for very long the ground and rooftops were covered in a think white blanket of it. The store would more than likely be closed due to the weather, but that didn't matter; it was just an excuse to ease the questioning from her mother anyway. Her thoughts were then broken by the sight of a familiar face looking at her from the snow covered park. What was Kaito doing out in this weather? Had he never gone home? Putting all other things aside she approached him. He was shivering rather violently and his eyes were filled with tears, he didn't even stop crying to give her the usual smile.

"Kaito, why aren't you home?" Her eyes were then drawn to a bright green bruise on one of his arms. It was in the shape of fingers, like someone had grabbed him with all their might. "What happened to your arm?"He just shook his head at her question. Of all the times he yearned for her to finally converse with him, he was too scared to tell her the truth. He just looked up at her; his sobbing brown eyes met hers; as if he wanted to tell her what was going on but couldn't. "Wont your mother and father be worried about you?" she tried to get some kind of answer out of him, but he just shook his head. It was obvious to her now, someone at home had done this to him, and he was too fearful to return. She rubbed the side of her face with her right hand, fighting the part of her that cared what happened to this child. She wasn't a heartless person, she just didn't shed any sort of compassion for anyone; and that was the way she liked it. She turned around and began to walk off, motioning for him to follow behind her.

She slid the door of her house open and kicked off her now snow covered shoes, setting them against the wall with Kaito's. Her mother greeted them both cheerfully and hung up their coats.

"This is Kaito, mind if he joins us for dinner?" Rayna walked into the kitchen and sat down in one of the small wooden chairs at the table. Her mother of course didn't object or ask questions, she figured Rayna had a perfectly good reason for what she was doing. Kaito was back to his normal energetic self as well, as soon as the pair began their way back to Rayna's house he was bouncing with conversation. She fought herself with what to do after dinner was finished though, could she really be heartless enough to allow him back into a house with someone so abusive? Still, she couldn't just let him stay here forever, that would be kidnapping. It continued to baffle her why she even cared what was happening to him, it wasn't any concern of hers, so why should she care?

Dinner went by tormenting slow, so many annoying questions arose; most of which couldn't be answered. Kaito bombarded her mother with curiosity of why Rayna was the way that she was; her white hair, her perfect completion, and her bright gold eyes. Her mother of course didn't have the answered to any of them; 'She was born that way' was her only answer. Still, it ran around her mind in circles even after her mother had taken him home. It never really bothered her, the way that she looked; something that always seemed to be a problem for everyone else. She relaxed into her pillow as the thoughts consumed her. Why am I this way? Why do I look this way? This was the first time someone had ever actually made her think about it.

The next day started out just as normal as any other day. She made her way to school through the snow, Kaito following happily behind her. He was a lot more talkative now that he had stayed at her house for dinner. That didn't bother her though, it's not like she ever really replied to him anyway. Kaito was just happy to be in her company and she was fine with it. Rayna just sat in her chair drawing in a notebook while the teacher droned on with his lecture. She wasn't an amazing artist, and most of her doodles consisted of a small girl that often appeared in her dreams. Not exactly sure who the girl is, or why she's always dreaming of her; all she really knows is her looks. She had long black hair, brown eyes; sort of like Kaito, and she always wore an orange checkered kimono. It was if she was carrying around someone else's memories of her, that she perceived only through her own dreams.

Rayna's thoughts were broken away by the lunch bell ringing. While everyone else rushed to be first in line, she just slowly gathered her books off the desk, ready to leave for the day. As she went to leave the classroom, she just stood there as a girl knocked the books from her hands. The girl's friends joined her in laughter. How mature, she sighed internally; trying not to give them the satisfaction from their actions. She just crouched down and picked them up one by one, but just as she was ready to leave; once again, they were knocked from her hands. Rayna just stood there, and unamused expression across her face, a fist balled slightly at her side; daring them to do it again.

"Aw, that's cute, shes getting angry!" The girl snickered again as her friends joined her. Rayna once again picked her books up, walking closer to the girl.

"Do it again…" She held her books out on front of her with one hand. "I dare you." The girl looked back at her friends, rolled her eyes, and reached her hand up to do it again. Before she had the chance though, Rayna grabbed the girls wrist with her free hand and bent it backwards with one swift motion; forcing the girl down on her knees with a squeal of pain. Her glare shifted back up to the other girls as a low growl hung in her throat. "Anyone else want to fuck with me?" Their eyes were all wide as they shook her heads. "You're going to want to ice that later." She glared back down at the girl before letting go of her wrist. She hated that all the other girls think that she's such an easy target just because of her looks. That didn't fool her though; Rayna knew they were all jealous of her overpowering beauty.

She stopped and looked around as she left the schools courtyard, only to notice that Kaito wasn't waiting for her. He always seemed to leave early on the days that she did, but for some reason he wasn't there. Of course as odd as it was, she just brushed it off. There were numerous reasons why he might not have been there, so there was no use wasting her energy being worried. She just slung her bag over her shoulder and continued on about her business. Without Kaito there, she could take the long way home from school, avoiding her mother as much as possible. Not that she hated her mother; she was more or less indifferent of her, she just hated the pestering. Rayna took a deep breath and looked up at the now graying sky; it was going to snow again. Which was fine by her, winter just so happened to be her favorite month. Not because of all the holidays, she told her mother early on in life she never planned on celebrating them. It was because of the way the snow was able to get people to go away, to stay indoors; this made it much more peaceful.

Rayna paused as she passed in front of the Higurashi shrine. She had always gotten a weird feeling from that shrine whenever she happened to pass by. This time was different though, it was if something had called to her, telling her to go. To where, she wasn't quite sure, but it told her she needed to be somewhere. So instead of ignoring it as she usually did, she decided to take a look. After making her way up the rather large set of stairs she approached the shrine. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, just looked like a snow covered shrine. Then she noticed it; a small blue light coming from a small shed. She approached at and stuck her hand out to grab for the door. All of a sudden there was a shock of light that hit her hand, she yanked it back quickly and examined her palm. Whatever it was didn't want her to go in there, that light had burned her hand, so bad that it even started to bleed.

"Is there something I can help you with?" She was approached by a girl a little bit older than her. She had black hair that went down a little past her shoulders, and dark brown eyes that seemed to examine Rayna up and down with curiosity. It was if she had a million questions going through her mind all at once, though Rayna could only assume it was about her strange looks. "Do you want to come inside? I just made lunch and it's really starting to get cold…" She paused mid sentence when she noticed the blood dripping down from her hand. "Are you okay? Let me take a look at that." She reached down to grab for her hand but Rayna pulled away.

"I'm fine, but thank you for your kind offer." She tried not to be nasty, that way the next time she came back the girl wouldn't be angry with her.

"But your hand... It will only take a second." She insisted.

"No thank you, I need to be on my way now." With that she just turned around and walked away, leaving the girl baffled and speechless. Something inside Rayna told her that she knew who that girl was, but she had never seen her before.

"Lady Rayna!" She was greeted with a familiar voice as she left the shrines steps. Of course it was Kaito, the same bright smile on his face as he ran full speed across the street towards her. Her eyes grew quite large, and he heart skipped as a truck sped down the road past her, blowing her hair into her face. When it passed though; she took a deep breath, it had just barely missed him. She ran over to him and yanked him from the street by his wrist.

"Are you crazy?" She swallowed back a growl.

"I'm sorry I scared you…" He trembled slightly in her grasp. Scared me, she scoffed internally at the thought. As if she would ever worry about anyone, such an unnecessary burden of an emotion. She let go of his hand and began to walk off. "Did I make you angry?" She looked down at him from her peripheral vision. His eyes looked like they were about to well up.

"I'm not angry." She decided to reply instead of seeing his tears.

"Lady Rayna, are you bleeding?" She didn't realize that she had grabbed him with her bloody hand. She looked down at him and he was rubbing his arm off on his pants.

"I didn't mean to get blood on you…"

"Are you okay? Let me see!" She shook her head at him and held her hand above her head, out of his reach.

"I'm fine, think nothing of it."

"Wow, you're really brave, Lady Rayna! If that were me I'd be crying my eyes out." He laughed. How does he think it's funny to be a cry baby?

Rayna entered her house in the usually fashion, setting her books and shoes down by the door, answering her mother's questions with as few words as possible, then heading up to her room. When she went to take off her coat she noticed that her hand was no longer bloody, there was just a small pink mark where she had been burned, and it didn't even hurt. Something was really strange about that shrine; something there both wanted her and didn't want her at the same time. She took a deep breath and flopped down on her bed

"Rayna, someone's here to see you, I'm sending her up okay?" Her mother woke her from her small nap as she yelled from the bottom of the stairs. She only had enough time to rub her eyes and sit up on her bed before her door slid open. It was the girl from the shrine, but what was she doing here? How did she find me?

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