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Chapter Two:

"What are you doing here?" Rayna watched as the girl entered her room as if she belonged there. She just took it upon herself to take her jacket off and sit down in Rayna's computer chair. She didn't answer at first while she continued to make herself comfortable in the unfamiliar room. Rayna didn't seem to really care one way or another why she had come, but was slightly hindered by the nonchalant use of her room. "How did you get here?" She decided to take a different approach to her questions, seeing as the other wasn't answered.

"Oh, I just told your mom we were friends." She finally spoke

"She didn't believe you I presume?" Rayna snickered slightly, leaning herself against the wall alongside her bed.

"How did you know?" The girl's eyes narrowed in slight confusion.

"I'm not the type to have friends. Something my mother knows better than anyone." She folded her arms across her chest.

"Because of your looks?" She seemed to get right to the point.

"Is that what this is about?" the corner of Rayna's lips curled into a small smile. "Is there something wrong with my looks?"

"N-no not at all! What if I told you I may know why you look the way that you do?" She seemed to struggle to get the words out. Rayna just gave her the 'I'm listening' shoulder shrug. She had heard it all before; freak, diseased, and even demon by more religious. Though just as entertainment she might as well hear the girl out; not as if she had anything better to do. The girl's dark brown eyes just shifted to her twiddling fingers, as if not knowing where to start. Obviously she had thought this through before coming here. "I know this is hard to believe…" She started, her eyes going back up the meet Rayna's gold ones. "The shack at my family's shrine, the one that we met at earlier today; there is a well in that shack. For some reason that well seems to link the past with today. I've been using that well the past few months to travel between now and feudal Japan. There are a lot of crazy things that go on in that era, including demons, which roam the entire lands. There's a certain…"

"Let me stop you there." Rayna held her hand out in front of her to stop the girl from continuing her story. "You think I'm a demon don't you?" The side of her lip curled back again.

"Well... Yes and no."

"As entertaining as your story is, and it is really interesting, I've heard it all before."

"You don't understand..."

"Oh I don't?"

"You may be the only one that can help me get back to that era, and I need you to believe me." Her voice seemed to get a little strained. Maybe she was serious.

"Okay, say I can help you, why should I?"

"Don't you want to find out who you are?"

"I know exactly who I am, and I don't need you or anyone else to keep prying into my life to find answered that I don't need."

"Just please hear me out…" She folded her hands together, as if begging her to just give her a chance. Rayna shook her head, almost rolling her eyes, but signaled her to continue.

"I think that you're the reincarnation of one of my friends… and if that's true, I really need your help."

"This friend of yours, is she just like me? Look just like me?" Rayna interrupted her again, seemingly interested this time.

"Not exactly…"

"So what makes you think I'm her reincarnation?"

"It's not a she..." Her face flustered a little.

"So you think I'm the recantation of a guy? That makes so much more sense…"

"Well you two do have the same eyes, and the same hair color, your attitudes are a little bit similar too. Only real difference is the sex, and the fact that he has dog ears." She pointed to the top of her head.

"Dog ears, really?" Rayna shook her head in disbelief, but the girl just nodded. "Okay, let's get to the point here; say I was to help you out, then what?"

"I'm not exactly sure yet what to do, the well is sealed from the other side. You even saw firsthand what it does when you tried to enter." The girl held up her palms. There was burn marks wrapped all around them all the way to her wrists. Rayna did the same, but the mark was no longer even visible.

"If it's sealed than how do you expect anyone to get through?"

"I don't know…"

"Well, I'll tell you what; why don't you go home and figure it out, then when you come back and tell me your plan I'll think about helping you out."

"Should I just tell your mom were friends again?" she laughed slightly

"No, we are by no means friends." Rayna's expression was cold and thoughtless, stopping her laughter quickly.

"I'm Kagome, by the way. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier." She stood up from the chair and grabbed her coat.

"Rayna..." Was all she said back before Kagome left her room. She thought about maybe offering her a ride home, but then again she didn't really care how that girl got home, of if she even did. All the information kept buzzing around in her head, making her laugh to herself. Of all the people that had told her she was a demon throughout her life, and now she was actually starting to believe it.

The next day at school Rayna was more or less preoccupied as well. She attempted numerous times to draw herself as a guy with dog ears, just to try and get an image of this guy Kagome had compared her too. She didn't really care to pay attention to any of what the teacher was saying anyway. What use was it to learn another language anyway? It's not like she had ever planned to travel to Spain. Besides, there were only two more days until the end of the week, marking the start to the break for the holidays. The time where everyone usually slacks off, including the teachers. That's why Rayna always goes home early, but this time she decided to stay and endure her language class. It didn't seem to be too bothersome, until the teacher decided he needed to interrupt her drawing.

"Is this all you have been doing all class?" He closed the book he was reading from and crossed his arms. "Maybe you'd like to share with the class your drawings?" She just shook her head and closed the book. "I'm not asking." He curled his fingers a few times, motioning for her to hand it over. "Or would you rather write a 12 page report on why you can't pay attention in my class?" She fought off a low growl in her stomach. Was he threatening me? She stood up from her desk and gathered her books, not taking her scowl away from his eyes for a moment.

"Your class is unnecessary anyway; I shouldn't have even wasted my time drawing in it." She spat, pushing past him as she left the classroom. Other students just whispered things behind her.

The bell rang to leave school before she could even finish gathering her bag from her locker. Sometimes she used it, and others she didn't. Today was one of those 'shouldn't have' days. Seeing as she had to struggle once again through the crowds of loud, obnoxious people. Before she left the courtyard she was approached by three girls; one with long blonde hair and a bandage on her wrist. Rayna laughed internally at the sight of the pathetic girls. Did she want me to break her other wrist? She attempted to walk past them as if they didn't exist, but the blonde girl stopped her; pushing her back with the other hand.

"Where do you think you're going, freak? We have some unfinished business." She laughed a little, looking at the other girls to join in. Of course they did, they were more or less just there to be annoying. Rayna just stood there and watched; her usual unamused expression plastered across her face.

"Lady Rayna!" Their tension was broken by Kaito running up to them.

"Aw, is that your little brother? Cute, do you need him to hold your hand 'cuz you're too scared?" she laughed, grabbing Kaito by the hood of his black coat as he ran by.

"Don't touch him…" She fought off a low growl, but before she could stop the blonde girl someone was behind her; holding her arms back with all their strength.

"What are you gunna do about it?" She pushed Kaito with the palm of her hand, causing him to fall face first into the concrete. Kaito struggled to get up and looked Rayna right in the eyes. Tears flowing from his as blood dripped slowly from his nose. Something in Rayna snapped; she let out a loud growl and her eyes narrowed as the side of her lip curled. The girl that was holding her arms back was quickly flipped over her shoulders, and with a flash, Rayna had tackled the blonde girl. She straddled the girl's chest with her hands wrapped tightly around the girl's neck. Everyone around them gasped in horror.

"You ever touch him again and I swear I'll kill you. "She growled again, only inches away from the girls face. She climbed off her, her eyes not moving from hers. She had no idea what came over her, or why she had done what she did. She just grabbed Kaito's hand, her bag and walked off without another word. Kaito was too shocked to ask her what has happened either, part of him was glad that she stuck up for him, but another part of him was a little scared of her.

When Rayna got home she had calmed down some, her mother cleaned Kaito's nose and took him home. She sighed and hung her yellow towels on the small rack beside the tub and got in. She was angry at herself for letting emotion get the better of her. Especially over a child; one she didn't even care about at that. She had seen him cry many number of times, so why was this time any different? Those girls shouldn't have even touched him; he's just a little kid. She sunk down until the steaming water was over her head as her mind fought through the ideas and events that took place. Things were so much easier when she had only cared about herself. She shook her head. I still only care about myself…

Having relaxed enough; Rayna climbed out of the now empty tub and dried off. One yellow towel wrapped around her slender pale body, the other wrapped tightly around her long silver hair. She made her way down the hallway towards her room and slid the door shut behind her. The small white laptop on her desk made a small ding as an email popped up. It was another one from her father. She sat down in front of it and her eyes narrowed as she opened the letter. 'I know you're still mad at me, but your sister and I really want you to come over for Christmas.' She stopped reading mid-way through the email and hit the reply button. 'No' was the only thing she typed back before hitting send. No matter how many emails he sent her, she would never go see him. She wanted nothing to do with him after what he did to her family, leaving her to take care of her mother's beginning alcohol problem. Even now Rayna's come home from school and had to clean up the couch, her clothes, and give her a bath because she was too intoxicated to do it herself.

She sighed to herself, throwing the towels into her hamper and getting dressed in a simple black tank top and a pair of white sweatpants. She sat back down at her computer and noticed she had another email, but this time it was from Kagome. How the hell did she get my email? However it happened, it must be important for Kagome to contact her so suddenly. 'Something's happened, how soon can you be over here?' was all the email said. Without further thought Rayna went back over to her dresser to put some proper clothes on. She never liked leaving the house without looking decent. Grabbing her jacket off her bed she headed down the hallway stumbling with her socks as she put them on.

"I'll be back later." She called to her mother that was laying half on and half off the couch. She was obviously passed out when she didn't object or ask questions. Rayna just shook her head as she slipped on her boots and headed out the door into the snow.

Kagome was at the top of the long steps waiting for Rayna to reach the shrine. She didn't really say anything, only motioned for Rayna to follow her into the house. The steps were right there as soon as you open the house so there wasn't much to look around at. It was rather quiet as well; Kagome was probably the only one home at the moment. Which was probably a good thing, who knows how Rayna's looks would go over with the rest of her family. Once the door to Kagome's room slid open, a pair of familiar golden eyes met Rayna's and she just stood there a little shocked at the sight. He looked just as Kagome had explained to her yesterday; long silver hair, golden eyes, and little white doggy ears. So this is who I'm supposed to be? She watched him circle around her, examining her with very intense eyes. As if she wasn't real or something about her just wasn't right.

"That's enough, Inuyasha. Can't you see you're making her feel uncomfortable?" Kagome sighed and sat down in the chair at her desk. Instead of listening to her though, he got really close to Rayna's face as if to examine her further. Her eyes narrowed and she pushed him away from her, just enough to get past him.

"I don't see why you think this girl is such a 'big deal,' Kagome." He stuck his nose in the air and sat down on the floor with his legs crossed.

"I'm telling you, Inuyasha, she has to be your reincarnation." It was like they were talking about her as if she wasn't there at all. Not that it really bothered her though; she just took a seat on Kagome's bed and watched them.

"She's not me, that's for sure." He huffed. What was that suppose to mean? She scoffed internally at the way he said it.

"So then who is she? She has to be a demon." She stared across her room over to Rayna, eyeing her intently.

"She's a demon all right, but she's not me."

"Then who am I exactly?" Rayna finally decided to join the conversation after hearing enough of his attitude towards her.

"The looks, the emotionless facial expressions; there's no doubt in my mind. That's Sesshomaru." He practically spat the words out.

"Oh…" Kagome stared at Rayna a bit harder. "I guess I see what you mean now…"

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