Hi guys! I'm writing this in between my Art History/US history studies, so sorry if I'm a little scattered. I've literally become a slave to the books the last couple of days, honestly I haven't even had time to do a legitimate run since Sunday (for a track nut that's about 2873842843 years), so it's safe to say that Shake it Out has remained untouched. It looks like the next chapter will be posted either sometime this weekend, if not the middle of next week, and I'm really sorry. Just thought I'd let you guys know, since I personally hate it when authors leave us with a fanfiction drought and don't give much of an explanation. Again, I'm sososososososo incredibly sorry : ( Thank you all so much to your incredibly kind reception to the last chapter though, I really appreciate it and definitely hope that you'll all be just as satisfied with the next one. Lots of love and hugs from little miss sleep-deprived over here.

xx Nina