AN: Hi, everybody. I'm back with a new story! Cool, huh? Ok, lately this pairing has been sticking on me more than ever. I just wanted to write this to ventilate my ideas. I still adore Trunks and Usagi, and they will always be my favorite! But now, I think something new won't hurt…Okay, on with the first chapter!

Chapter 1: A Rough Start

"Crap," Son Goten muttered. "I'm running out of cash. What more can go wrong?!" He cursed under his breath.

Goten was 18 years of age. He had black, spiky hair that shot out in all directions. His matching black eyes glared down at his soon to be empty wallet. He sat down in front of a campfire in the middle of the woods and sighed.

Three months ago, he had moved out of his parents' house to start living life on his own. Problem was, he couldn't hold a job for more than a week and didn't make enough money to pay rent everywhere he resided. How come? Well…Goten was the type of guy that got sidetracked easily, especially around girls. The last place he had worked had to close down because of a flood that he caused by spending more time flirting with the female customers than washing the dishes.

Now, with no job, a place to live, and little money, there was no way he could continue living by himself. He even went over to Capsule Corp and asked if he could temporarily stay there, but Vegeta was completely against it. He should have thought about that before replacing Vegeta's shampoo with pink hair dye. Goten ran his hand through his shaggy mane and continued to mope.

"I can't just go back to mom and dad's, that'd be embarrassing. Not only that, but I would have to live with all of mom's rules all over again!" He let out a growl of frustration. Chi-Chi had always been an overbearing and overprotective mother, but her actions had a tendency to stifle his social life. Goten wanted to prove to her that he was grown up and finally ready to take care of himself, without her having to hover all the time.

So far he wasn't doing too well on that, since it was his third day living in the forest and all... he was thankful that he had at least grown up surrounded by nature. He managed by sleeping in treetops, eating fruit, and bathing in the river. Still, it wasn't enough. As convenient as it was, he didn't belong there.

The young half-saiyan stood back up with a determined look on his face. "All right!" he started. "I'm not giving up. I'm going back to the city to get myself a job-!" However, his growling stomach loudly interrupted his noble declaration. "…Tomorrow!"

'You can't go looking for work on an empty stomach.' He thought before making his merry way towards the river to catch some lunch.

"Wow, this place is gorgeous!" Usagi exclaimed in awe.

The girls were on the last few days of their vacation before starting their senior year of high school, so Ami had suggested that they go swimming together. Makoto then recommended a forest up in the mountain district that she had visited once while on a training expedition. She claimed to have only been there once but she had been fond of the place ever since. They stood on the grass patch, free of trees, watching the river flow.

"Yeah, you were right, Mako-chan! This is the perfect place for a swim." Minako grinned cheerfully.

They set up blankets on the ground to assemble their lunches and snacks. Usagi and Minako were the first to dig in, savoring Makoto's homemade meals. Ami took out a sandwich to eat while cracking open a text book. The other girls frowned; leave it to Ami to study on vacation…

Rei slipped off her sundress and matching sandals, now wearing only her bikini.

Makoto stared at her inquisitively. "You're not going to eat?"

Rei simply shook her head. "Nah, I'd rather swim first." She didn't want to eat, and then swim, only to get hungry again. "Save some sandwiches for me." She waved back at them as she ran towards the river.

"Okay," Makoto called out before Rei dove in the water. She relished the cold temperature of the water; this was just what she needed after enduring the long hike under the scorching sun to get there.

Her vacation so far was less than what she had hoped for. Grandpa had gotten sick and it was up to Rei to manage the temple all by herself. It was both exhausting and time consuming. Her schedule would consist of: wake up at dawn, sweep at the entrance, run to the pharmacy, give Grandpa his medications, mind the charm stand, cook, and then spend the night cleaning the entire temple. She hardly had time for herself or her friends. She even stressed over the possibility that this would continue even when she went back to school. She shuddered at the thought; her grades would slip dramatically, no doubt. If she didn't have time for herself how in blazes could she make time to study?

She continued to swim forward, letting the current sweep her away. She needed some time to herself to reflect and gather her thoughts. Listening to the girls chat would be a distraction at the moment. She backstroked along the stream, looking up at the sky and tall trees. She looked to the side, staring deep into the woods, glancing in wonder at all the plant and animal life. She felt something in her mind click for an instance but didn't know what it was. She ignored it and continued swimming.


"Hello?" She looked around, thinking she was hearing voices. "Where did that come from?" She asked herself, puzzled.

After her violet eyes searched the forest, she didn't see anybody around and shuddered. She shook the thought away for her own well-being.

"Now's not the time to act crazy!" She scolded herself. "Oh, great…I'm talking to myself. Perfect." She sighed bitterly and submerged herself back in the water, swimming onward.

She came up for air and took a deep breath to submerge herself once more. She looked around at all the fish swimming by and smiled. She felt pretty envious of them; they probably didn't have a care in the world.

Her gaze focused ahead and she noticed enormous tree roots digging into the dirt and looping under the water as if forming a cave. She decided to swim through it since she could see an opening big enough for her to squeeze through. She slid her head and arms through easily but suddenly came to a halt at her torso area. She tried to her hardest to push herself forward but was caught by her bikini top. Her body began to writhe, attempting to wiggle loose. It proved to be a bad idea as unfriendly branches dug into her skin. The shrine maiden clenched her teeth in pain, feeling a couple prod her deep enough to break skin. Tiny bubbles began to escape her nostrils, remnants of the precious oxygen she had left. Her mind began to race in panic. She had to get free!

Her hands reached up to the strings of her bikini and tugged as hard as she could while kicking her feet frantically from the other side. Her eyes shut tight as she felt the twigs prodding her once more; she felt her body inch forward yet was caught again, this time by her hair. Rei began to flail her limbs desperately as she felt her chest tighten and her ears hurting. If she didn't get out, the possibility of her drowning was imminent. Her heart was racing as the thought plagued her mind. Out of nowhere a monstrous sized fish came into view and was hurling towards her. A mass of bright blue and silver scales parted to reveal a collection of dangerously sharp teeth in its mouth.

A scream escaped her lips in the form of large bubbles, the last bit of air she had left to rely on. Suddenly the fish was pulled back against its will, its body thrashed upon the rock beneath it. Rei reached her arms out in a final attempt to get herself free but her vision began to give out on her and the exhaustion was closing in. She could only make out a dark figure of a human before going black. Her mind slipped through the cracks of unconsciousness as water began to enter her respiratory system.

Goten had thrashed the fish until it was less resistant before his senses zoned in on a human ki, a fading one. He looked around and to his surprise he was correct. His eyes fell upon a mass of long black hair brushing against pale slender arms.

'Is that a girl?! What is she doing all the way out here?' He thought as he let his meal slip past his fingers and hurriedly kicked towards the limp figure.

He tried to pull her out but realized she was wedged deep in between the roots. He saw blood begin to rise from the fresh cuts on her arms and ribcage. Definitely wasn't a wise idea to pull her; he then decided to punch at the roots and they snapped like Popsicle sticks under the force of his fists. Once the grip on the girl slacked he untangled her hair and top strings from the branches and shot up to the surface with her in his arms.

His feet touched the dry surface and he laid her down flat as Gohan instructed him when teaching him CPR. He pushed away the wet locks that concealed her face and nearly stopped in his tracks. She was beautiful! At least compared to all the other girls he'd seen. He then remembered the crisis at hand and pinched her nostrils closed and locked lips with hers to flow hair back into her body. He pulled away to take a deep breath before going back down to blow it back into her. He pulled away once more to press his hands against the center of her chest and pump to help induce the flow. He repeated the routine persistently, determined to breathe life back into her.

"Come on, don't you give out on me. I don't even know your name!" He pleaded.

"I'll come back."


"I promise."

The raven haired woman coughed up water and gasped breaths of fresh air. Her back arched with each breath as her body temporarily convulsed. He pulled away in relief.

"Thank goodness. I almost thought you were a goner," he said with a reassuring smile.

Rei's vision was foggy from all the water as it was fixed upon what was possibly the same silhouette she'd seen underwater. Her eyelids fluttered open and closed in order to restore the blurry image of her rescuer. Rei moved her arms as if to prop herself to sit up, yet a strong hand lightly pressed down her shoulder.

"Easy there. Don't try and sit up yet. You might get woozy," a soothing voice graced her ears.

She blinked as she was now able to make out the young man's face. A collection of soaked messy locks of black hair framed a wholesome yet roughly masculine face decorated by thick eyebrows and dark colored eyes to match his tresses. She was quite fixated on his eyes once she caught sight of them. There was something about them, something warm, kind. She couldn't help but feel reminded of something, possibly something she'd felt a long time ago.

Goten brushed his bangs out of the way to get a better view of her and gulped. Her eyes were just as pretty as her face. He couldn't help but get nervous with the way they intently stared at him. Was he funny looking to her? Did she find him ugly? Was Trunks right about his haircut being awful? The fact that she hadn't said anything yet was making him all the more uncomfortable. Just what were the odds? A gorgeous woman like her out here in the smack dab middle of nowhere. He wasn't sure if this was pure luck or if the heavens were taunting him. After all, there she was in a bikini like she had come out of a swimsuit magazine. A blush crept up on his cheeks as he tried his hardest to keep eye contact. He was now becoming desperate for her to say something.

"U-Um…" he stuttered, having nothing to say.

Rei got a better look at him and her cheeks reddened to match his when she realized he was in nothing but his boxers. He was so well-built, his arms decorated with rippling muscles. Her head got fuzzy with having his warm body hover over hers, supported by his striking arms. Her ears then processed that he had spoken once more.

"Ah, I mean, are you okay?" He cleared his throat.

He hoped he wasn't embarrassing himself by being so inarticulate. She blinked and was pulled back into reality, grasping the probability that she had been laying there for more than just a couple of minutes.

"Ah. I-! Thank you..." she finally spoke up.

Goten's heart began to quicken its pace as her voice reached his ears; it was like music to him. This girl was the total package. He then slowly moved back as he saw her try to sit up once more.

"Y-You're welcome!" He said and gave her a big smile.

She raised her hand up to push her hair back and the loose bikini strings around her neck then slid off from the shift in gravity. Time then slowed down as Goten's eyes widened while unintentionally witnessing her chest being exposed. As they locked in on her bare torso it was nearly impossible for him to look away at that instant.

She then let out a piercing scream of horror which snapped him out of his stupor and found the will to look away.

"I'm sorry!" He exclaimed.

Rei covered her chest with her arms and rose to her feet, proceeding to kick him. "Y-You pig! You pervert, bastard!"

Each surprisingly rough kick smacked his thick noggin. Goten let out yelps of pain as he felt his head get whipped around from the force of each blow. He was in too much surprise and pain to fight back or stop her. He fell over on his back in defeat when she stopped her assault.

"I'll never forgive you!" She shouted before running off.

Goten winced and held his head as he sat up. Just who was that girl?