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Naru Uzumaki, born with her mother's red hair is off on her journey to greatness. She is going to take on the ninja world by storm! The daughter of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze is going on her destiny and deal with some love issues along the way.

Pairings; NaruSasu, SakuSasu - Onesided, ShikaTem, Ino - I dunno, Choji - I dunno, NejiTen, Lee - I dunno.

Disclaimer; I don't own Naruto, or ever will.

Prologue: Love

As the blue orb filled with love and hatred flew towards the black electrical chakra source as they smashed into each other. The surge of chakra from them colliding could be felt from across the land.

The boy in front of her looked at her lips as it moved, he was stunned at what she said, tears filled his dark black eyes filled of no light as the blue ball in front of him vanished.

Then a big black ball of chakra, encased them and exploded. Completely disappearing and a big splash of water flew up towards the sky as rain fell down on the two and the boy got up.

"Naru, why... Why did you do it," The black haired Uchiha asked the red haired Uzumaki. "Why did you stop me, I wanted power."

She looked at him and smiled into her loving smile that always cheered the boy up, gazed into his eyes and said. "Because," She paused for a moment then continued to speak after stuttering for a long time.

"I love you."

Everything made sense to the Uchiha after that as he looked up towards the sky. He looked down went closer towards the red haired girl lying on the floor then swooped her up for a kiss on her lips.

He had finally let out all of his feelings that were kept deep inside of him, locked away from the public eye. He needed to or he would not be able to defeat his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. But now they were unlocked.

"I love you too." He quickly whispered.

That was what had happened after all, I'm going to tell you what happened from the start. Before this all happened. To the day the academy started also known as when I was put in her team.

Prologue End.

Wow, barely any words for this chapter. Anyways, next chapter will be out really late since I still gotta work on my other story. "Naruto; Fuinjutsu" Haven't updated for along time due to me not having access to the computer for awhile.

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