Sup guys, Sieler here, I've been reading lots of fantastic stories lately, I just wish I had their skill in writing, one of the specific stories I have read is. "The Melt" by "pudgypudge"

Daym, I can't believe the story hasn't been updated since 2009, I'm so sad, it was such a great story.

Oh also, I got a fanfic recommendation, it's a story that I have been reading since it first came out, I knew it was going to be awesome and it is! It's called. The Sealmaster of Konoha. One of the BEST stories I have EVER read.

Link - s/8736915/1/The-Sealmaster-of-Konoha

It is an extremely good story, I recommend ALL OF YOU to go read it if you like Fem!NaruSasu. Really good, I knew it had a lot of potential but not that much! Seriously, you should check it out!

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A Misfortunate Day

Naru held her breath waiting for the perfect time to get out of the water, however, Kakashi was already gone, perhaps he went to look for Sakura, or maybe even Sasuke. The girl knew that she couldn't take the jounin but all she had to take was the bells.

That would be hard anyways, the man was skilled. Very skilled from what she had read.

She slowly floated up towards the surface trying to get clear view of where their sensei had gone. She saw nothing, just a giant tree. With a bell under it, she wasn't that stupid, but she was going to get the bell.

'I wonder if one of jutsus I learned over the past years will work...' The girl thought to herself, thinking of every single jutsu she used, then she got it. 'Maybe, just maybe the wind dart along with the wind ropes combined will work, I just have to get it fast enough.'

"Wind Style; Wind Dart." She aimed for the small opening that most bells had then once it went, she quickly did the seals for the wind ropes. "Wind Style; Wind Rope." When the darts hit the bell, the ropes grabbed it and pulled the bell towards Naru and then a trap was set off causing a net to come up off the ground, but the bell was already within the reach of the girl.

As swift as she was, a sudden force was blocking the bell from reaching her hand. "Why, you sure are smart." Kakashi said, playfully. 'At least she inherited sensei's smartness and not Kushina-san's.' Not that Kakashi meant any harm, but his sensei's wife was a bit... Crazy at times. Then again, Naru was just as crazy but smart like Minato Namikaze.

Naru didn't look back as she jumped away within the forest, sealing her scent with the smell that bushes usually had.

After the white haired man disappeared, she went off to look for Sasuke. She finally found him near the great tree, when she reached him she covered his mouth with her hand so he wouldn't talk and fall down the tree from surprise.

"I can't take him alone, he's a jounin, we need to work together so we can take the bell." The red haired girl told her teammate.

"Fine," He knew she was right. "So what will be our first move?"

"Hmm, first I'll distract him with my jutsus, I'm not as strong as you in taijutsu so, you'll aim to get the bell from him, at most I can probably hold him." Naru told the plan.

"Okay..." Sasuke had to agree with the plan, he was stronger at taijutsu and the girl apparently did know more jutsus then him, so this was perfect.

They jumped out of the tree and launched their attack. "Wind Style: Drilling Air Bullet!" Naru shouted, a large compressed amount of wind hit was about to hit the white haired man but he dodged, just barely since wind was invisible he couldn't really see it, however he could hear the sound of the wind move, as the sheer force of it give out sound.

"Dobe, get ready." Sasuke said. Naru gave a thumbs up.

The boy stuck his kunai to the side of a random tree and swung himself up into the air, as he came down he was prepared to take the bell from Kakashi.

"Wind Style; Air Strike." Two gusts of wind quickly hit the two bells on the man's pants. As the bells flew away, Sasuke fell down and caught it in his hands then proceeded to turning around and kicking Kakashi's face then quickly throwing the bells to Naru.

"We did it!" Naru shouted.

'I'm closer to power... Itachi.' Sasuke throught to himself.

Kakashi smiled. "You all failed." He then told them to get over to the logs.

From behind the giant tree, he grabbed Sakura and tied her up to the middle log.

"You left Sakura, you didn't even search for her, you have failed this test, you can eat this food, but do NOT give it to Sakura, she was the most pathetic." Kakashi said then left them.

Sakura soon woke up after that and her stomach growled.

"Here, you can have some of my food Sakura." Naru smiled.

"Ew, no." Sakura bluntly said out loud.

'Why is everyone like this to me... I'm just trying to be nice...' Naru thought to herself.

"Hn." Sasuke said.

It was soon the end of the day and Sakura still hadn't taken up the offer. Soon... It turned night.

Kakashi came back and saw them.

"Sakura, you have failed, for not cooperating with your teammates, it doesn't matter who it's from, on the battlefield, do you think they'll give you the food you want? Do you think your lover will be there? No, you have to take what you get, or die." The white haired man said sternly then told Sasuke and Naru to meet him personally back here.


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