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It was a beautiful Friday morning in upper Michigan, a girl with bright red hair was walking to school. Her red hair worn down and two bobby pins held her bangs out of her face. she wore a pair of light blue jeans, a grey tank top, her favorite bracelets and her converse sneakers.

" good morning my crazy friend. you ready for the party of a life time today at school. I am so happy today is the last day of school and we will be considered seniors!" her friend Tonie cheered and the red-head laughed at her.

" well next year we are going to have to treasure since it will be our last year together ever," she responded and Tonie looked at her.

" Don't say that," she grumbled and the red-head smiled.

" well come on I don't want to be late for the all day party," she said and they jogged to the high school.

- at school

"okay everyone I know you all have been dying to get on with the all day party. I just wanted to make a few reminders that all the games will be outside and or in the classrooms there will be food all day so fill up on food or you can take naps (laughs) now if your teacher has taken attendance please release your students at this time and can Alia Carter come to my office," Mr. Zimmerman (principle) announced and everyone took off out the door.

"okay I will see you later Tonie. I will text you once I'm talking to Mr. Z," Alia called to her hyper friend.

"Okay see ya later. I want a future challenge of "just dance 3" with you," she called back to her laughing friend.

" challenge accepted," she laughed and she walked into the office.

" you wanted to see me Mr. Z," Alia asked peeking through the door.

" yes come on in dear. I wish to introduce you to someone," Mr. Z said ad she walked in with a smile.

" Allen this is the student I was telling you about. Alia this is Allen Rains," he said putting a hand on the young teen's shoulder.

" hello, it's nice to meet you Mr. Rains," she smiled and she took her hand.

" It's a pleasure to meet the famous Alia Carter, you principle talks very highly of you young lady," the pale skinned man said and kissed her hand.

" Alright let us get down to business, Alia, Mr. Rains would like to ask you something," Mr. Z said sitting down at her desk.

" yes of course. Alia, have you heard of Blood academy," Mr. rains asked and she nodded her head yes.

" Yes I have. I heard it was an all boy academy and only certain boys get to go there," she answered and he nodded.

"and it's true. but you are going to be an acception. I wish for you to attend my academy. by looking at your grades and test scores I think you would do just fine there. of course you will be given other benefits that most f my students don't have," he said crossing his legs.

" But what about my mom. Mr. Z have you called her and told about this," the red-head asked looking at her principle and he nodded.

" yes I have and she said it was okay for you to go. she has actually started packing your cloths for you," he said and she looked back at Mr. Rains.

" what kind of benefits are we talking about here," she asked and he smirked.

" well for starters, you will be given a free ride there. you will be given your own dorm, you will be able to use the teacher bathrooms since we don't have girl bathrooms for students, you will be given new school supplies such as a backpack and basic need for your education, also you will stocked with basic living needs such as toiletries, tooth paste and brush, hair brush and bathing you will be getting college courses after next year. the list goes on," he said and Alia couldn't pass it up.

" well I would love to take your offer. but today is the last day of school here. is it summer break at your academy," she asked and he shook his head.

"yes it is my students have been out for three days now. some are still at the school so you will not be completely alone. I will have one of them show you around of course," he said and she smiled.

" So I would basically be a test," she wondered out loud.

" yes exactly. I am glad we see eye to eye now," he chuckled and she smiled again.

' then I would love to attend your school Mr. Rains, thank you so much," she laughed and he shook her small hand.

" I am glad you have accepted. I will have someone pick you up here after school. in that time your belongings should be at the academy and ready for you to unpack," he said and walked her out of the office.

" until then. I bid you farewell Ms. Carter,' he said as he walked away.

" good-bye Mr. rains," she said a bit loud so he could hear her and he just waved in response.

- After the all day party

" Well this is good-bye Tonie," Alia said as the two girls hugged good bye.

" I will miss you. I'm glad you got this chance. just call me if there is anything you want to do. I would like to spend time over summer," she said and the driver opened her door.

" I will do that for sure," she laughed and gave her friend another hug good-bye.

" okay see ya later Al," she said as the door was shut.

Alia rolled down the window and smiled at her black-haired friend.

" see ya, i will keep in touch. BYE!" she said as the car began to pull out of the parking lot.

- half hour later

" we're here Ms. carter," the driver said as he opened her door and helped her out of the car.

" thank you for driving me," she smiled and he nodded in response.

He walked her into the massive entrance hall and brought her to Mr. Rain's office.

" thank you Ron, you may leave," the pale-faced man said and the driver walked out without a word.

' good to see you again Ms. Carter. I hope the ride here was pleasant," he asked as he turned around from looking out of his window.

" it was quiet but it was fine," she answered and shifted in her seat.

" well that's good. let me show you to your dorm. it is all ready for you to start living in. here is your schedule for next year," he said as they walked out of the dark office.

- at her dorm door

" here you are Alia. here are your keys. I should explain something now before you find out for yourself. The reason certain boys are allowed here is that all the students here are vampires. I have assigned you a protector because I don't want you to be hurt while you are studying here. I am trying to teach these boys that humans aren't just something to snack on. But we can be friends with them. you are going o prove that theory for me," and Alia didn't argue that fact.

' okay, I understand Mr. Rains thank you for telling me," she said as she sat on her over sized bed.

" alright I will leave you to yourself. I will have that protector come here and you may get acquainted with him," he said and walked out of the room and Alia started to unpack.