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- After few years after the college graduation from blood academy

( Alia is now twenty-five years old)

Alia graduated from blood academy and became what she wanted to be... a music teacher at Blood academy along with Kane who was an English teacher ( since it was his favorite subject). Kane often came to visit her while she was teaching her class ( he was on prep hour).

- the school bell chimes

" well that's it for today's class, have a great winter vacation everyone," Alia waved with a smile.

" Bye Ms. Carter, see ya next year" her class called out as they all gave her hugs.

Kane moved out-of-the-way of the charging vampire teens. He peeked around the corner and saw that his girlfriend was straightening her classroom up a bit.

" I see you had a party without me,' Kane said with a smile.

" Well the kids wanted a party before they left to visit their parents so they all gave me the puppy eyes and they won," she laughed.

" You are such a softy to these kids here," he chuckled in his deep voice.

" I know," she smiled and threw garbage away.

" You know... I have a few idea for you tonight when we get home," He purred in her ear.

' oh yeah, what did you have in mind," she asked as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

" Yeah... I was thinking we can go out to dinner, maybe a walk through the park. then maybe into bed," he listed off as he kissed her after every suggestion.

" Hm, I think that sounds really good," she smiled and she started to kiss him.

" Oh get a room you two," Alex chuckled.

" Hey there stranger, we haven't seen you in years. How ya been," Kane said as he gave his friend a hug.

" Been good, I have some news," Alex said as he gave Alia a hug.

" Oh and what would that be," she asked and she saw her friend Tonie walk in.

" We're getting married," she laughed.

" Oh my god! I'm so happy for you guys!" Alia squealed as she tackled Tonie with a hug.

" congrats Alex," Kane said playfully punching his friend in the shoulder.

" Thanks, by the way did you ask Alia yet," Alex whispered.

" no, not yet, I was going to ask her after we had dinner," Kane assured and Alex nodded his head.

" I'm sure she will say yes. You two have been together since we were in Juniors in high school," Alex laughed and nudged Kane a little.

" Alex, we have to go tell our parents," Tonie said and started to drag Alex away.

" Alright see you guys later. I will make sure you two get in invitation to the wedding," Alex called out and the door closed behind the couple.

" Well, shall we get out of here," Kane smiled and alia nodded her head.

- Later that night in the park ( 3:00am)

" Alia," Kane asked in a nervous tone.

" yeah," she answered looking up at him.

" I have a question for you," Kane said looking down at her.

" And what is this question," she smiled.

" What are you going to do with the rest of your life," he was dead serious.

" what?" she asked giving him a questionable look. He chuckled.

" maybe this will help with your answer... Will you marry me? You would make me so happy if you say yes," he said as he knelt to the ground and revealed a white gold ring with a heart-shaped 14 krat diamond.

" Kane you know my answer! Of course I'll marry you," she laughed as he slipped the ring on her finger. She jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly as they both chuckled.

" I love you," she mumbled into his neck.

" I love you to babe," he replied.

- another year after the engagement ( honeymoon)

Alia and Kane just arrived back at their two-story house in Gladstone, Michigan.

" It feels great to be home," Alia sighed and Kane put the luggage on the ground.

" You said it... Mrs. Princeton," he purred as he hugged her from behind Kane started to kiss her soft lips.

" You know I love it when you looked me with you bright blue eyes of yours. I think it was right for me to turn you into a vampire," he smiled and kissed her some more.

"I think so too," she smirked and revealed her pearl white fangs.

" let's unpack and get settled back in our home," Alia said and kissed her husband. Kane wrapped his arms tighter around her waist.

" I have something else in mind," he purred and started to kiss her some more.

" Kane... we just got home," she breathed as she ran her hands through his hair.

" i know," he said as he rubbed her side.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck and he picked her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist as he walked to the bedroom.

- one week later

" morning," Alia chirped as her husband stumbled out of the bedroom.

" morning," he yawned, " Man I'm glad we have the weekend off. I have tons of assignments to correct."

" well you know I can always help you," Alia said as she put a plate of breakfast in front of him.

" you made my favorite," he said licking his lips and started to eat his breakfast.

" Your welcome," she laughed and she turned around to finish washing dishes. Kane got the sense that she was acting a bit off.

after his breakfast Kane walked behind Alia who was doing a few dishes and wrapped his arms around her waist. he placed his hands on her stomach and nuzzled his face in her neck. when he felt something move inside the red-head and was surprized.

" what," Alia asked looking up at Kane.

" Alia... have you taken a pregnancy test after we had sex," Kane asked and she shook her head.

" you need to take one. I think we might be expecting," Kane said as he pulled away from her and dug through his wallet for some money.

" Are you sure Kane," she asked as she stood next to him.

" Well i felt something move inside you. I don't think you are hungry," Kane said as he handed her fifteen dollars.

" go buy one and come home to take it. I just want to make sure if I'm right or not," he said and she nodded her head.

" Okay I'll be right back then," she said and kissed her husband quickly. once she walked out the front door Kane ran a hand through his lack hair and sighed.

" Let me be right...please," he prayed and waited for his wife to return. she was back in ten minutes.

She hurried to the bathroom and took the test. she leaned on the sink and waited for the results... positive. she was shocked.

"I'm pregnant," she gasped and there was a knock at the door.

" Alia... you okay in there," she heard Kane's muffled voice.

" yeah...Kane start calling everyone," she yelled out.

" why," Kane knew the answer. Alia walked out of the bathroom and held the test.

" it's positive," she smiled.

" I'm gonna be father," he cheered as he swung her around in a circle.

" well are you gonna tell everyone, even your dad too," Alia said and Kane grunted.

" oh come on. if you call him I will tell him. I know he will be happy for the both of us," she assured.

" I know, but my dad isn't really the nicest now that he is getting old," he pointed out.

" Kane he is almost eight hundred years old, yeah he is going to be grumpy because he is old," she said with a smiled.

" fine. you can tell him. we had a bit of an argument over you becoming a vampire. I'm sure he doesn't want to talk to me," he said and started to punch in his father's cell phone number.

" Hello," Roy answered in a cracking tone.

" Hi Roy it's Alia. how are you," Alia said sweetly.

" oh I'm doing good, how about you two over there? Still have your jobs at Blood academy?" he asked Alia had him on speaker.

" we're good great over here and yes we still have our jobs. we have some news for you and you are the first to know," Alia said getting straight to the point.

" Oh and what is this news," he asked playfully.

" Kane and I are expecting a baby. we just found out today," she giggled.

" that's great to hear. congratulations. Is Kane there? I would like to speak to him," he asked and she handed him the phone.

" hear you can talk to your dad while I got and tell everyone else," she said and he took the phone from her.

" Okay," was all he said and he talked to his father for about two hours.

- nine months later

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Kane came home from work around 4am like he always did. he walked into the living room where Alia was sitting reading a book, she looked at him and rested the small book on her stomach at held their baby.

" did you have a good day at work," she asked and he lend and kissed.

" yeah. the kids say hi to you. How is the baby," he asked as he loosened his tie.

" the baby has moved a lot all day," she giggled as she rubbed her baby bump.

" really," he replied as he sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

" yeah," she sighed and snuggled up to his side. after a few minutes in that place. Alia sat up quickly and held her belly.

" what's wrong,' he asked as he felt the couch get wet all of a sudden.

" Kane... my water broke," Alia gasped.

" Oh shit. really? Come on we gotta get you to Dr. Smith, he is the only person that has delivered vampire children," Kane said as he helped Alia off the couch.

" I'll go get you things," Kane said as he rushed upstairs to the bedroom. Alia had her shoes on just in time as Kane came running down the stairs with the small duffel bag in hand.

" Okay let's go, the faster we get there the more time we will have to get ready," Kane said as he slipped his work shoes back on and they rushed out to door.

- few hours later

Alia and Kane arrived safely at the Doctor's home and he quickly placed her in a room big enough for the delivery. Kane sat by Alia's side as she had to contractions.

" it's almost time, Mr. Princeton I need you to wait outside the room," Dr. smith said and shooed the worried husband out of the room.

" I'll be right out here Al," he called out to his wife and the door closed. He started to call his parents and Alia's parent. they were at the home in minutes.

" is she okay," her mother asked as they could hear Alia holler in pain.

" I hope," Kane said as he paced.

" Kane she is a stong woman. she will be fine," Roy said trying to reassure his son.

" I know dad but this is my first kid. of course I'm going to worry," he said and paced some more. it got worse after the crying and screaming calmed down. it was quiet for a few minutes and soon there was a baby's cry. Kane sighed in relieve.

Dr. Smith came out with a smile on his face.

" well, are they both okay doctor," Kane asked and he nodded.

" of course. it took a lot of pushing but she made it through. we have a few nurses tending to her now. oh and congratulations the baby is a little girl," he smiled and Kane smiled.

" can I go in and see them," he asked nad the doctor shook his head.

' well now the nurses are cleaning Alia and your daughter up now. they will tell you when you can see them,' he smiled and Kane thanked him. Kane sat down in a chair and sighed in relief.

After about a half hour of waiting Kane was able to go in the room alone and see his worn out wife and his new baby girl. Alia cradled the small baby in her arms. The baby was twenty-one inches long and weight 8 pounds and 16 ounces, she had jet black hair like Kane's the eye color wasn't known yet.

Alia smiled at her husband who sat next to her and looked down at the baby in her arms.

" she's perfect," he whispered as he lightly brushed a finger on his daughter's cheek.

" she looks like you," Alia added as she giggled lightly.

" I love you so much Alia," Kane said as he kissed her softly.

" I love you too Kane," she smiled and looked down at the baby.

" what are we going to name her," she asked and Kane thought about it.

" Keira," he threw out and Alia didn't like that name.

" no I don't like that name. she doesn't look like a Keira... How about...Molly," she smiled and Kane nodded his head.

" even better. Molly May Princeton," he smiled and Alia nodded her head.

" Perfect," she whispered and she kissed Molly lightly on the forehead, she looked up at Kane.

" Do you want to hold her," she asked and he nodded his head.

" watch her head," she warned and Kane cradled his baby girl in his arms.

" she so tiny," he pointed out.

" Of course silly. but she is going to grow really fast," she said and Kane nested his daughter back in Alia's arms that is when Molly opened her eyes.

" she has your eyes Alia," Kane whispered as the baby's eyes wandered back and forth between the parents.

" but she has your eyes color," she laughed lightly, Kane looked down at her and kissed her.

" Can we come in yet," Jessica asked in a whisper.

' I guess, but be quiet," Kane whispered back and they came in.

" She so cute," both mothers said as the smiled down at the baby.

" Welcome to the world sweetheart," Amanda smiled as she played with the baby's hands.

the baby looked at her grand mother with wide eyes and Alia giggled.

two hours later.

" Okay I guess we gotta get going," Jessica said as she kissed her daughter in law on the side of the head.

" okay thanks for coming," Alia said with a tired smile.

" yeah we should go to. you must be really tired," Brent said as he hugged Alia and Kane.

" Alright by daddy, tell everyone i said Hi I will send pictures soon for them." Alia said as Kane took Molly from Alia.

" alright honey have a good rest. you deserve it," Amanda cooed as she kissed all three of them good-bye.

" bye mom," Kane and Alia whispered and they walked out of the room.

" Alright go to sleep Alia. I can handle Molly while your asleep," he said and kissed his wife good night.

" alright, love you," she yawned.

" night I love you too," he answered and she was out like a light...