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Words: 682

We were drunk. That much I knew. If it wasn't for my blurry vision and lack of coordination, it was the fact that Alfred's lips were currently wrapped around my neck, sucking and biting the tender skin.

I heard a moan escape my lips as I finished unbuttoning the last button on his shirt, discarding the shirt on the floor where other bits of clothing laid.

"Iggy..." Alfred moaned in my ear as he grindded my clothed erection with his. His hands traveled down my bare chest, placing them on my hips. He hooked his fingers under the waistband and slid the cloth over my legs, throwing them to the side.

"Lube?" I heard him whisper into my ear. I extended my hand to the nightstand next to me, opening the drawer and extracting the bottle.

He took the bottle from me and poured a generous amount of the substance on his fingers.

He returned the lube to its original place. His fingers swirled around my hole, and he quickly slid on it.

"Nnngh..." I moaned as I felt him enter me. I watched the grin that plastered his face as he inserted another finger.

"Damn Iggy, you're so tight." He moaned as he began to stretch me.

"A-Alfred!" I yelped when his finger pushed against my sweet spot. Alfred smiled as he thrust into the spot again.

I felt him remove his fingers from inside of me and I whimpered at the loss of contact.

I watched as Alfred used the remaining lube on his fingers to slick up his cock. When he was done, he lined it up at my entrance before thrusting in.

I clenched tightly around him as he waited for me to adjust. He slowly pumped me.

"M-move." I whispered out. Alfred didn't need to be told before he began to thrust at a rapid pace, pumping my cock in rhythm.

"Alfred!" I shouted when he thrusted into my prostate, the pressure building. I felt the hot coil in the pit of my stomach began to grow hotter and I knew I was close.

"Alfred, I'm close." I managed to breathe out and in response he began to quicken his pace.

"Alfred!" I shouted as I released onto him.

"Mm, Iggy." Alfred said, taking the fingers that were coated in my cum and placing them in his mouth. "Your delicious." He moaned when he pulled his fingers out and came inside of me.

Alfred pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me. "That was great Iggs." He said, as his fingers wound themselves into my hair.

"Indeed." I said, still panting. I turned on my side and saw that Alfred's eyes were closed and his breathing was even.

I didn't know where we would go from here. I had been in love with Alfred for centuries, but he was always to oblivious to notice any of the hints that I would drop. It took him being drunk off his rocker for him to even make a move. One thing led to another and found us here.

I looked once more at Alfred before I too fell asleep.

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