Harry Potter and The Founder's Chamber

Chapter 4 – The Heart of Hogwarts Cont.

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Harry assumes the title of Lord Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Protector of the Mystical Forest (Now called the Forbidden Forest) and is answerable only to the Crown. Ancient Treaties come back into play.

As Head of 5 Most Noble and Most Ancient families, Harry must wed/betroth women to reestablish the family lines. (6 if Harry is Lord Black too).

My Harry will end up with more than that – you'll just have to read to find out how and why. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A HAREM STORY

This is an Alternative Universe (AU).

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'Thought or mind speak'



From the previous chapter:

The big mystery for the day however was why Professor Dumbledore was still in stasis? He didn't wear the dark mark. Why did the map say he was a 'Dangerous Person'? Dangerous to whom? 'Lord Hogwarts'? The other students in the school? The wizarding world in general?

Who was this 'Lord Hogwarts'? She did notice that there was only one student that could not be accounted for in the castle right now – Harry Potter. Where had he gone? What was he doing? How was he coping with the loss of his godfather?

Quietly she got up out of her chair and moved back to her own room where she hoped to catch a few hours rest before having to face the challenges of being the temporary Headmistress of the largest magical school in all of Great Britain.


Chapter 4 – The Heart of Hogwarts Cont.


All he could feel right now was endless, unrelenting pain. It seemed like he was being pulled through a tunnel from a very dark place in an upward direction. He couldn't see anything around him, but every now and then he would feel like he was breaking through one barrier after another. Slowly the pain began to lift as the sensation of movement came to an end.

'Well, I must not be dead yet. I don't think I would be in this much pain if I were dead.'

He took a few moments to take stock of his current situation. After determining that all his limbs were still attached and seemed to be functioning properly, he tried to figure out just where he was at.

He knew he was on someone's lap; that they were stroking his hair, singing or humming to him. He could feel something wet landing on his forehead and running into the corner of his eyes then down his cheeks.

He tried to speak, but found his vocal cords where too raw and very painful. With his mouth open, he felt some drops of liquid being gently poured down his throat making the pain go away.

"I don't know," he said hoarsely, "Maybe I have died and gone to Heaven."

A mature laugh told him his hostess had heard his comment.

"Just be glad Fawkes is so fond of you my Lord." She said quietly.

Slowly Harry tried opening his eyes. His vision was immediately greeted by Lady Hogwarts holding his head on her lap, and Fawkes, who was sitting next to him on the bed, started singing a happy, uplifting tune.

He tried getting up, but was prevented by the gentle hands of Lady Hogwarts.

"Be still my Lord, you are still recovering from removing that soul fragment from your cursed scar. It is still early in the morning. You have time to rest before you must present yourself before the goblins at Gringotts. Though the Headmistress is concerned for your well being."

Harry was still groggy enough to not fully understand what was being said, but with a shake of his head, he closed his eyes again and drifted into the land of Morpheus.

"He really is a Gryffindor isn't he?" Godric's portrait asked.

"Don't be silly, anyone can see he's as loyal as any Hufflepuff has ever been." Helga's portrait replied.

"While I don't disagree with either of you, I think he may need a little help with the Slytherin and Ravenclaw side of things." Salazar said with Rowena shaking her head in agreement.


Harry woke up later feeling warm and safe. He couldn't remember the last time he felt so rested. He marveled that for the first time he could remember, he didn't feel pressure on his mind. It had been there so long he thought feeling that pressure was normal.

He had a thousand different, foreign thoughts going through his mind at one time. Among them were some dark, evil thoughts that did not belong to him. Those thoughts and memories he placed in a 'box' he found in his mindscape and closed the box, and put it away for the time being.

"Ah my Lord, I am glad to see you are awake. No doubt you are confused as to the foreign thoughts in your mind. They are a remnant of the life and learning of the person who gave you that scar. Place them aside for now and do not think on them. They are not you, and you are not them. We will teach you how you can remove the evil from that knowledge and better learn how to handle such evil in the future. Come, there is much to do before you meet with the Goblins this afternoon."

Harry looked around to see Lady Hogwarts sitting in a chair over by the pulsating crystal in the center of the room.

"My Lady? While I am grateful for all you have done for me this day, could you please explain just what has happened last night and this morning?"

Lady Hogwarts smiled at him and pointed to a space across from her. A plush, comfortable chair appeared and Harry sat in it. Lady Hogwarts then reviewed everything that had transpired. Harry claiming Hogwarts; him being brought to the Founder's Chamber (The Room of Requirements), and his encounter with the portraits of the Founders.

She told him of the soul fragment that Tom Riddle had planted in his cursed scar and how he removed the fragment not only from his scar, but also from Lady Ravenclaw's diadem. She explained that he had been resting since then, but that when he activated all the wards, several students and one professor had been identified as being a danger to the students in the castle and had been placed in stasis.

She also explained how Professor Dumbledore had tried to get to Gringotts so he could prevent Harry or anyone else from accessing the vaults of the Founders. If the Goblins' would not cooperate with him, he was willing to go out to the steps of the bank and stun any wizard who looked like they were going to enter Gringotts. That was why he had been labeled a 'Dangerous Person' and had been placed in stasis. Professor McGonagall was acting Headmistress, and all 'Dangerous Persons' except Dumbledore had been removed from the school.

"My Lord, I do not know if you were aware of it, but last night, as you claimed me, you also freed Fawkes from a powerful bonding ritual Dumbledore had placed on him when he first became Headmaster. Fawkes has always been bound to Hogwarts itself, and not to any one headmaster or mistress. Likewise, all the house elves are now bound to Hogwarts again and draw power directly from it, not Professor Dumbledore.

"Now there is one thing more you must do before meeting with the Goblins. You must join with the Heart of Hogwarts," pointing to the glowing crystal, "and learn of the Founders and your destiny as Lord of Hogwarts."

"What do I do?"

"Just place your hands on the crystal and think about the Founders."

Standing, he moved over to the crystal, but first looked back to see Lady Hogwarts nod her head. Looking up at the portraits of the Founders, he also found them nodding – giving their permission for him to continue.

Taking a deep breath, he looked deep within the crystal and brought both hands up, placing them on opposite sides.

At once he felt a great rush of feelings and emotions. It was as if he were seeing the life and times of each founder simultaneously – yet one at a time. He witnessed the building of Hogwarts, the spells used and the secret passageways, rooms and chambers that were hidden within.

He was taught charms, occlumency and divination from Lady Ravenclaw; potions, politics and legilimens from Lord Slytherin; herbology, healing and care of magical animals from Lady Hufflepuff; dueling, defense against the dark arts and transfiguration from Lord Gryffindor. He saw the history of Hogwarts spread out before him in an instant and found if he concentrated on one specific time or person, he could see and study them.

He saw his parents as they arrived as first year students, eyes full of wonder at the chance of learning magic.

He saw their trials and triumphs; their heartbreaks and healing. He saw them fall in love, and he saw Snape's betrayal that finally drove Lily into James' arms.

He saw himself coming to Hogwarts, and could now feel the castle's trying to cry out to him to release her from her bondage. He saw Dumbledore's manipulations year after year as he tested Harry's strength of will and character without helping him understand what was going on around him. He saw people he thought were his friends conspire with Dumbledore to hold him back in his studies, while others, Hermione, Luna, Susan, Hannah, Daphne, Tracey and surprisingly Tonks while she was there all worried about him and tried, directly or indirectly to help him face the challenges placed before him.

The Founders taught him how to find his core, and join it to the Heart of Hogwarts. At the present time, his core looked like a wrinkly, shriveled bag just starting to inflate (granted it was at least four times the size of a football pitch). He could see where the core had been folded and bound so he could not get access to most of it. He was told that Dumbledore was the one responsible for this, and it was those bonds he broke while he was coming out of the darkness this morning.

He saw the Founders relationship with Merlin, the greatest of all wizards, and learned from him how to interact with other species and to become multiple animagus and lessons on the very foundations of magic and how to control it.

None of this was painful to Harry in the physical form, however mentally, seeing his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore and the others had him nearing a breakdown.

'Use your occlumency training to put all this information aside for a moment Harry,' Lady Ravenclaw said, 'all this information will have to be gone over later when you have more time. Then you can morn or be angry and deal with the pain and heartache you're feeling right now. Now we need you to go to Gringotts and activate our accounts again. Follow the instructions you learned from Merlin as to how to do business with the Goblins and everything will be fine.'

It took more than a few minutes for Harry to stamp down all his feelings and take control of them again. After doing that, he released the crystal, and found himself back in the room beneath the Founders Chamber.

"Welcome back my Lord. I pray you had an enlightening experience with the Heart of Hogwarts?"

Harry had his hands on his knees breathing hard, trying to collect himself from his recent experience.

"It was very enlightening. Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I NEVER experience anything like that again!" Taking a few more breaths, he straightened up. "Where are the Founder's keys and just how am I going to get to Gringotts without being seen?"

Lady Hogwarts pointed to a little box at the bottom of each of the Founders portrait. "Within each box is a key to the Founder's main vault. If you are successful in claiming all of them, the key to the Hogwarts account will make itself known to you."

"As for how you will get there, Fawkes will be more than happy to take you directly to the Founder's waiting room in the London Gringotts branch. It has been nearly 900 years since it has been used, but still should be accessible."

"Remember what Merlin told you about the Goblin nation. They are a very proud and power hungry people, but they also respect power. You may have to show them that they cannot hurt you and that you have no desire to hurt them as long as they do not try to cross you."

Harry took a few minutes to review what Merlin had said about Goblins. He hoped that after one thousand years his information was still correct. He then went to each portrait and retrieved the key within each box. Each of the Founders gave him encouragement in completing the task in front of him.

When he was ready, Fawkes came over, and hovering above Harry, spread out his tail feathers. As soon as he grabbed on, Fawkes flash transported him to the Founder's waiting room.


At Gringotts:

Alarms were sounding throughout the building. Goblins at the counting tables and counters immediately secured their area and told the witches and wizards they were waiting on to leave, now, if they valued their lives. It didn't take much convincing when they saw the Goblin army pouring out of every door in full battle armor.

As the last wizard exited the building, the doors were shut and bars came down inside the lobby and out in Diagon Alley as well.

The alarm could clearly be heard throughout the alley and soon the curious started crowding around to see what was going on.

Inside, Ragnok, High Chieftain of the Goblin nation and local branch manager, was approaching the main lobby with his armed detail surrounding him.

"Goldtooth! What is going on?"

"My Lord, the ward around the Founders waiting area has been set off! This has not happened since Helena Ravenclaw came to retrieve her mother's diadem! The wards indicate there are two magical beings in there, but we think only one wizard."

"And for this you thought it wise to clear the lobby during business hours? If this is a joke or a mistake the losses for the time we are closed will come out of your clan and your profits!"

Goldtooth nodded his head in understanding and then fell in behind the High Chieftain and his group to see who had dropped by. If this was a mistake, not only would he and all his clansmen be killed, but their lands, possessions and profits would revert back to the Goblin nation.


Inside the Founder's waiting room

As soon as Harry and Fawkes flashed into the waiting room, the torches around the room lit up. Harry heard small chime go off. 'Must be something like a doorbell to let them know someone is in here. I think we should stay here until they come to get us.'

Looking around, he found a room that definitely had seen better days. Nine hundred years of dust and decay had taken its toll.

Subconsciously, he recalled how the chamber looked in its former days, and with a wave of his hand removed all the dust and rot, and replaced it with pristine floors, walls and furniture. Another wave of the hand provided a snack tray for both Harry and Fawkes.

They had been there about a half an hour when Harry started getting nervous. Maybe things had changed more than Merlin and the Founders had thought.

Just as he was thinking of leaving and coming in the front door, he heard the locks on the old door tumble.

'Well, I better get presentable' thought Harry. Standing, he waved his hand and his robes went from the plain, Hogwarts student robes, to something much more in line as to what one would wear when meeting a head of a nation.

As the door opened, twelve guards filed in, breaking off to the right and the left as they entered. Goblins are a very hard race of people to 'read' their expressions, but even Harry could tell they were impressed and a bit worried about what they were seeing.

Finally Ragnok and Goldtooth came in and were surprised to see a young man standing before them with a phoenix on his shoulder.

"I am Ragnok, High Chieftain of the Goblin nation and branch manager of the London Gringotts branch. Whom do I have the pleasure of meeting in the Founders chamber today?" There was a bit of sneer in his posture as he addressed Harry.

Inclining his head in a show of respect, Harry brought his right arm up and placed it across his chest in a salute, and returned it to his side.

"I greet you Lord Ragnok, High Chieftain of the Goblin nation. May your gold be multiplied and your enemies be crushed under your feet.

"I am Harry James Potter. I have come to claim my title of Lord Slytherin by conquest in addition to my title of Lord Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff by blood. I have been instructed to open the Founders vaults again, and to fulfill any contract or obligation outstanding.

"Should I be successful in making these claims, I also intend to claim my title of Lord Hogwarts and open that vault also. So mote it be."

A bright flash shocked the goblins in the room. Some of the guards thought Harry was attacking their High Chieftain and charged him bent of making short work of this wizard.

Harry held up his hand showing that it was empty; however, the guards that had been advancing in him were frozen in their advance.

"I mean you no harm my lord, please, let us continue this profitable venture in peace."

Goldtooth felt a wave of relief come over him when he heard there was profit to be made today. Maybe he and his clan would see the next sunrise after all.

Ragnok ordered his men to stand down and Harry released them. Then he invited Harry and Fawkes to accompany him to his office.

Harry was surprised to see that they were deep within Gringotts. It took nearly fifteen minutes to get to the main lobby where the alarm was still ringing.

"Is there a problem Lord Ragnok?" Harry asked innocently.

"No Master Potter, just a security drill to check our response time should a thief break through and attempt to take that which does not belong to them. Goldtooth, cancel the drill and see that the lobby is open again. When that is done, bring the tools for the inheritance test ritual to my office."

"Yes, Lord Ragnok, at once."

As the group continued on to Ragnok's office, he asked one of the other goblins to have the account managers bring him the account files for Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Potter, and Black.

Harry almost stumbled when he heard the last family name, but clamped down on his emotions with his new occlumency training and continued on.

"May I offer you some refreshments Master Potter?" Ragnok asked as he took his seat behind a huge desk.

"Thank you no, I'm fine. Maybe Fawkes would like some fresh fruit though?"

"Of course and he nodded to one of the guards who left quickly and returned with a platter full of fruits of every type and size. Fawkes, for his part, trilled a happy note and flew over to the platter and soon had every grape and slice of cantaloupe eaten.

As the account managers entered Ragnok's office, each bowed in a show of respect to their leader, and then cast a wary eye at Harry. Harry found it interesting that regardless of how many people came in and sat down at the side of Ragnok's desk, there was always room for one more, and he was no further from Ragnok then he was when he first entered the office.

One of the last goblins to enter looked familiar to Harry. After a few moments he asked: "Griphook?"

Griphook stopped and looked at the young wizard. "Yes indeed Mr. Potter. I have been your Potter's family's account manager for the last seventy five years. I must congratulate you on remembering me and my name. That is something your father never managed to do." Griphook bowed to Harry then took his place at Ragnok's desk.

Last to enter was Goldtooth with a silver bowl, an ornamental dagger, and a stack of parchment.

"My apologies my Lord, the wizarding Ministry of Magic sent their Aurors to see why we had closed. There were also several members of the Daily Prophet asking for an explanation. I told them it was none of their business and to just go away. They were not pleased, but I think they got the point."

The goblins in the room laughed loudly at the incident. Harry laughed also, but was a bit uneasy to see all those goblins smiling so widely and showing all those teeth.

He then felt that he was not alone in the room. Yes he knew there was a room full of goblins with himself and Fawkes, but he felt as if there was another 'magical' user in their mist. Looking at the parchment that had been brought in, he noticed an ugly beetle trying to hide around the corner.

Taking a chance Harry addressed Ragnok without being given permission to speak first – a major breech of etiquette.

"My Lord, if you please, I feel there may be an unwanted guest in our mist. If I may be permitted to try to confirm my suspicions?"

Receiving an approving nod from Ragnok, Harry, waved his hand in front of him. An ugly beetle that was trying to get as far away from Harry as possible changed into Rita Skeeter in midair and fell quite unceremoniously to the floor.


"My Lord if I may? Miss Skeeter is an unregistered animagus – an ugly beetle if you must know. It is one of the ways she is able to get stories no one else can. I would have thought she'd learned her lesson after what Hermione did to her last year, but apparently not."

"The people have a right to know what is going on in here and why good, hardworking witches and wizards where kicked out of here without any explanation. Why is young Mr. Potter meeting with what looks like the war council in Gringotts. Why isn't he back in school where he has been reported missing since yesterday? Is there anything you'd like to say Harry?" Rita was trying to talk her way out of a very sticky situation. She knew she was in big trouble, but surely Dumbledore's golden boy would help her get out of this mess.

"Miss Skeeter what I am doing here is purely family business and does not concern you or the Ministry." Harry replied.

"What you fail to understand Miss Skeeter," Ragnok started saying through clinched teeth, "is that this is NOT part of the British wizarding world. You are in fact SPYING in Goblin territory in violation of Goblin law! Take her to a holding cell until we can deal with her. Make sure it is warded to prevent her from changing back into her animagus form. In the meantime, if anyone sees a beetle anywhere in this bank, SMASH IT!"

Rita tried to get Harry to vouch for her and prevent the goblins from taking her to the holding cell, but Harry could only point out that she had violated Goblin law in Goblin controlled territory and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Thank you Master Potter, for looking out for the Goblin Nations best interest."

"Now that that unpleasantness is taken care of, we will perform the inheritance test ritual. This is done by placing an inheritance potion into the bowl, then using the ornamental dagger to cut the palm of the claimants hand, placing seven drops of blood into the silver bowl and stir. The potion is then divided into seven parts – since that is the number of houses you are claiming today."

"Pardon me Lord Ragnok, but I only came here to claim five houses. Not seven."

"Your magical guardian should have brought you here earlier this summer on your fifteenth birthday to claim the Lordship of the House of Potter. The House of Black is a recent addition but you are the heir presumptive of one Sirius Orion Black, recently deceased. Should you refuse this title, it will be passed to the next in line, one Draco Malfoy. The choice is yours to make."

Again Harry was hit with the loss of his Godfather. Closing his eyes tightly he tried thinking what would be the best course of action to take. He really didn't want to accept the Lordship from the House of Black. Doing that would mean that Sirius was really dead and that he wasn't coming back.

On the other hand, if he did not take it, it would go to 'the amazing bouncing ferret' and straight into the hands of Voldemort.

'It's okay Harry. This is what I want for you. I love you like a son and if given a chance to do it over again, I would have done the same thing – well, maybe I would have stepped to the side on that last spell Bella through.'

'Sirius? Is that really you?'

'No Harry, this is just what your Sirius would say based on what I knew of him when he was at school, and what I saw of him in your mind when you merged with the Heart of Hogwarts.'

'Lady Hogwarts?'

'Yes Harry. Where ever you go, I will be there with you to help you whenever I can. Please, this is what Sirius would want for you.'

'Okay, I'll do it, but I still miss him.'

'You're supposed to miss him Harry. Just remember that he loved you as if you were his own child.'

The goblins in the room were surprised to see this young wizard close his eyes and have a light blue aura surround him for several minutes. It was well known that only the strongest wizards had auras. To find one in a person so young was shocking. A feeling of love and loss filled the room, and the goblins were sure they were witnessing something very special in this young man's life.

As the aura faded, a single tear escaped Harry's eye as he took a few moments to settle himself.

"Thank you for your patients today. I am still coming to terms with the loss of my Godfather. I was hoping he would live long enough to have his name cleared and I could have lived with him and gotten to know him better."

"But wasn't he your parent's secret keeper? Didn't he betray your family to You-know-who?" one of the goblins asked.

"Let me answer that question with two questions of my own. Who was Sirius accused of killing in the middle of a muggle street, and what is the current status of his will and account at Gringotts?"

Ragnok looked surprised at Harry and then asked one of the guards to bring in the account manager for the Pettigrew family account. A few moments later, a small pudgy goblin came into the Branch Managers office with all his files on the Pettigrew family.

"Snotgrass, what is the current status of the Pettigrew account?"

"I'm pleased to announce my Lord that after almost thirteen years, gold is flowing in and out of the account and a small profit is being made with each transaction."

"And who is the Head of House for the family Pettigrew?"

The account manager just stood there blinking at the others before looking back into his account folder.

"It would appear that young Peter is the head of the Pettigrew family."

"The DMLE only found a finger as the crime scene. I guess Peter got better from his bout with 'death'." Harry said coldly. "Sirius Black was never my parent's secret keeper. It was always Peter. HE'S the one that betrayed my family to Voldemort!

"Sirius Black spent twelve years in HELL for a crime he didn't commit. The Ministry should have known that my Godfather would not have been able to do anything that would place me in harm's way due to the oath he took when he took that position, but did the Ministry care? Did they bother to check if Peter's will was activated? NO! They just threw him into Azkaban without a trial and left him there to die!"

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Harry addressed the goblins in the room, "My apologies for my outburst. Let's just get this over with."

Harry walked over to the table and picked up the dagger. Taking a deep breath, he quickly drew the blade across his palm and placed seven drops of blood into the bowl. The wound healed immediately, and the blade of the dagger was a clean as the day it was made. Goldtooth stirred the potion and divided it into seven parts to place on each of the seven pieces of parchment he had placed on the Branch Managers desk.

After a few moments the name of the house appeared on the top of the form and the response to see if Harry was in fact the heir of that house:

House of Gryffindor
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic and Blood

House of Hufflepuff
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic and Blood

House of Ravenclaw
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic and Blood

House of Slytherin
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic and Conquest

House of Hogwarts
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic and Deeds

House of Potter
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic, Blood and Lineage

House of Black
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic and Inheritance

"Quite an impressive list Master Potter. Let's get the Head of House rings and complete the ritual." Ragnok said.

"Ah, begging your pardon Lord Ragnok, but there appears to be more potion in the bowl." Goldtooth said.

"How is that possible? This ritual has been used for thousands of years and there has never been any potion remaining."

"Magic." Harry answered.

Getting a not too amused look from the Head Chieftain of the Goblin nation, he just shrugged his shoulders and remained quiet.

"Goldtooth, place another parchment on the table and put the remaining potion on it. Let's see what other house Master Potter has claimed to."

Goldtooth did as he was told, and joined with the others around the table as they watched the results. Soon, the words began to appear:

House of Peverell
Head of House: Harry James Potter
by Right of Magic, Blood, Conquest and Lineage

The goblins in the room started whispering amongst themselves of 'The Deathly Hollows'.

"Excuse me Lord Ragnok, just what are 'The Deathly Hollows'?" Harry asked.

"It refers to a child's fable that tells of how three brothers cheated Death and received artifacts from him. These artifacts are the Elder Wand or Death stick, a wand that was unbeatable in a duel; a Resurrection Stone, which, when turned three times, summons souls from the afterlife to the living world; and Death's own Cloak of Invisibility. Together, these items form the Deathly Hollows. It is said that if a person possesses all three of these items they become the master of Death."

"They were rumored to have been given to the Peverell brothers, but have been lost track of through time. It is thought that the Resurrection Stone was an heirloom passed down from father to son through the line of Slytherin, while the Cloak of Invisibility was passed through the Potter line. The Death stick has always been taken through bloodshed and trickery. Tell me Master Potter, have you ever seen a cloak of invisibility?"

Harry blushed lightly as he reached inside his robe and pulled out the cloak that had been given to him by Dumbledore when he was eleven. With a swish and a swirl, he wrapped the cloak around him and disappeared before the goblins.

A gasp went up from the goblins as he disappeared before them. He quickly took it back off to show that he meant no harm to anyone in the room.

"This was given to me my first year at Hogwarts. It had a note attached saying it had belonged to my father."

"It would look as if the Hollows are resurfacing again." Ragnok stated. "It has been long believed that Professor Dumbledore holds the Death stick. If the Resurrection Stone could be located, then all the Hollows would have been found. If one person were to hold all three, the Hollows would be complete."

Harry remembered the pile of wands Lady Hogwarts had said were from those people who had been placed in stasis. One of those wands seemed to call to him and so he picked it up and placed it inside his robe before leaving. 'Now may not be the best time to show them that wand if it belonged to Dumbledore before I got it.' Harry thought.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts as Ragnok addressed the account managers in the room.

"Snotgrass, you are to close the Pettigrew account and transfer all funds and properties to the account of Lord Black. The rest of you are to bring the Head of House rings here so we may complete the inheritance ritual."

The account managers stood, bowed to the Head Chieftain, and left the room to complete their tasks.

End Chapter 4.


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