Harry Potter and The Founder's Chamber

Chapter 6 – Lord Hogwarts

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Harry assumes the title of Lord Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Protector of the Mystical Forest (Now called the Forbidden Forest) and is answerable only to the Crown. Ancient Treaties come back into play.

As Head of 5 Most Noble and Most Ancient families, Harry must wed/betroth women to reestablish the family lines. (6 if Harry is Lord Black too).

My Harry will end up with more than that – you'll just have to read to find out how and why. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A HAREM STORY

This is an Alternative Universe (AU).

There will be no sex in this story (hence the 'T' rating) so if you're looking for smut, look elsewhere.

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'Thought or mind speak'



From the previous chapter:

"Ms. Weasley would you like to join us in the Headmistress' office? There may be some interesting items discussed up there."

Looking back up from her plate and doing her best 'Ron' impersonation, "Na, I've decided I've had enough excitement in my life for now. Go ahead and knock yourself out." Without pausing she returns back to her food.

"Very well, Mr. Longbottom, Ms. Granger and Ms. Lovegood? Would you like to join us in the Headmistress' office?"

Both Luna and Hermione were staring at the stranger in unbelief. Could this really be Harry? He looked so different. His body had filled out and his hair had grown down to the middle of his shoulder blades; he was taller and had filled out to match, and he looked so good in those leather pants.

"Very well then, Professor Vector you will be in charge of the Great Hall for the rest of breakfast, and then please release the students back to their common rooms when they are finished." Receiving a nod, Harry, the Aurors, the three students, the Headmistress and the other heads of house all disappeared from the Great Hall.


Chapter 6 – Lord Hogwarts

As soon as Harry and the others were in the Headmistress' office, the adults were stunned and placed on the floor.

Harry quickly conjured a bed with a curtain around it for Hermione and chairs for the rest of his friends. "Luna, could you please help Hermione into the bed and help her remove her blouse? I'm going to ask Fawkes if he will help heal her injuries, after all, I'm the reason she was hurt."

"Yes Harry, thank you." The young Ravenclaw replied. She then had to help Hermione, who was clearly in shock, into bed and drew the curtain around them.

"Is it really you Harry?" a skeptical Neville asked.

"Yeah Nev it's me. We've got a lot to talk about but right now I need to see if I can get these adults into their chairs so they don't yell at us too much, then I need to see if I can get an old bird to help out for just a few minutes. "

Harry placed Professor McGonagall in her chair and the other head of house and aurors in the remaining chairs in the Headmistress' office before reviving them. Harry hoped they wouldn't know they had been stunned and start asking a bunch of embarrassing questions.

The adults all looked around the room in somewhat of a state of shock. Everyone knows you can't apparate within the wall of Hogwarts – or can you?

"Just who do you think you are young man and what are you doing here?" an upset Headmistress asked harshly.

"One moment Headmistress and we can talk. Fawkes? Could you come here please?" A bright flame filled the room as Fawkes entered and lit on Harry's shoulder.

"Hello my friend. I was wondering if you could help out another friend of mine behind the curtain. Hermione doesn't deserve to be injured do to my poor judgment." Fawkes trilled a happy tune and flew off behind the curtain where she was greeted by Luna.

"Hello Fawkes, thank you for helping. I'm afraid all this was a bit much for Hermione as she fainted after sitting on the bed." Luna could be heard to say.

Harry smiled, and with a wave of his hand placed a silence charm around the makeshift hospital area so they wouldn't be disturbed with the rest of the conversation. Turning back to the Headmistress and the other adults in the room Harry spoke: "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lord Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw-Slyth erin-Hogwarts-Peverell, Duke of Rothesay." He held up his right hand for everyone to see has the Hogwarts Head of House rings appeared in sequence followed by a ring containing the great seal of Hogwarts on it.

"For the matters that are before us now, you will either address me as Lord Potter or Lord Hogwarts. Neville, you can still just call me Harry."

Everyone in the room was in shock. To think that this 'individual' standing before them now was the same young man who looked so thin and pale just a few days ago. Taking off his helmet, he turned to Auror Shacklebolt and the remaining two heads of house and spoke. "I understand both your groups are looking for me."

"We're looking for Harry Potter. I don't really know who you are." Shacklebolt said skeptically.

Harry took out his phoenix feather core wand and gave a wizards oath: "On my life and on my magic I solemnly swear that I am the student known as Harry James Potter, son of James and Lily Potter, so mote it be. Lumos!"

The flash that accompanied the light spell was so bright that the occupants in the room had to close their eyes and turn their heads away so as to not be blinded by it.

"Nox. Sorry about that, I'm still having some control issues." Tonks snickered at Harry's comment.

"I hope that is sufficient for you that you can call off your search for me?"

"Yes it should be, but where were you Mr. Potter? Why were you gone for so long, and what do you know as to why Professor Dumbledore is currently recovering at St. Mungo's." Shacklebolt asked.

"Am I under arrest or investigation for anything Auror Shacklebolt?"

"No, not as far as I know."

"Then I do not see as to where I have been these last forty eight hours is any of your concern."

"Keep that attitude up and I'll make it my concern laddie!"

"I suggest you stand down before something unpleasant happens to you Shack!"

"That's it!" Auror Shacklebolt went to stand and pull his wand but before that could happen, it looked as if he had been hit with a stunner and a full body bind spell causing him to hit the floor and his wand went flying out of his holder and into Harry's hand.

"Please Tonks, stand down. Lady Hogwarts won't allow anything or anyone to harm me while I am within her wall, or on her grounds."

Tonks was having a hard time grasping just what had happened and what Harry had said as her hair cycled through the colors of the spectrum. "Harry, what exactly is going on and who is this Lady Hogwarts," asked a confused auror.

"That would be me Lady Black," a voice announced herself from the former Headmaster's chamber as the physical avatar of the Hogwarts castle came down the stairs and into view. "I am the embodiment of the essence of Hogwarts castle. For nearly nine hundred years I have waited for the return of a founder's heir to free me from my bonds and once again allow me to communicate with those within my walls. Lord Hogwarts is my liege and my lord and I am his. He has called you here for a very special purpose. Please listen to him."

"Lady Black?"

"I'll explain everything later Tonks. Right now why don't you take Shack and his wand back to the Ministry and come back quickly. I have a lot of explaining to do."

"Alright Harry, but don't start without me. I don't want to miss any of this."

Harry asked Professor's Flitwick and Sprout if they would please ask Katie Bell, Padma Patil, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, and Daphne Greengrass to could please come to the Headmistress' office before they returned to their regular duties. He also asked if they would spread the word among the rest of the staff that he had been found. A quick look to Professor McGonagall confirmed the request and they went quickly to do as they had been asked. In the meantime, Harry made sure few things to discuss with Neville.

"Nev, I've just found out that for the last fourteen centuries there has been some type of an alliance between our two houses. How do you feel about making it fifteen?"

Neville had a strange look on his face as he looked up to this new person, trying to convince himself that this was the same Harry he'd known for the last five years. Standing up out of his chair, he squared his shoulders as he faced Harry and extended his right arm. Harry grabbed his forearm as Neville spoke: "As Longbottom of Longbottom I swear to always provide aid and support to the House of Potter so long as they are on the side of right. So mote it be."

Harry then repeated the pledge: "As Potter of Potter, I swear to always provide aid and support to the House of Longbottom so long as they are on the side of right. So mote it be."

A flash of magic surrounded the young men acknowledging the oath between families.

"Thanks Nev, I always needed a big brother to look after me."

"No problem Harry, no problem at all. Hey Harry, is that really Hogwarts? I mean Lady Hogwarts?"

"Yeah it is, still trying to figure that one out. Hey, keep this to yourself please. Things are going to be crazy enough as it is without any additional pressure."

"Sure Harry, no problem, your secrets save with me. What's a big brother for anyway?"

"Hey Nev, can I have you go get Madam Pomfrey and have her bring her things so she can check Hermione?"

"Sure thing, be back in a jiff." as Neville headed out the door to perform his assignment.

Harry turned back to Professor McGonagall to find her still looking at Lady Hogwarts.

"Professor McGonagall, I'm sure you have many questions you have for both me and my Lady. Please may we sit down?"

For her part, Professor McGonagall just shook her head and watched as the last two people in the room sat before her.

"My lord, perhaps it would be better if I explained things to the new Headmistress?" Lady Hogwarts offered.

"That would be great by me."

So for the next 20 minutes Lady Hogwarts explained how she came into being, how the former headmaster had allowed evil and corruptive elements to be introduced into school to the point that some of the ancient wards had to be disabled so the individuals with ill intent towards others were allowed within her halls. At the end of that time, Professor McGonagall didn't know who to be madder at, Dumbledore or Voldemort.

They were interrupted as Neville returned with Madam Pomfrey. The rest of the girls that Harry had asked for also entered with them. As soon as Madam Pomfrey was in the room she went immediately to the curtained off area mumbling something about students not being brought back to her. Her tirade was cut off as she entered the charmed area. Soon Hermione was brought out from behind the curtain fully clothed in an old-fashion wheelchair looking better than she had before. He could even see a little gleam in her eye that showed how grateful she was to him and Fawkes in helping her heal.


When Tonks came back she brought a surprise with her in the form of her boss, Madam Amelia Bones, Susan's aunt and Hannah's Godmother. "Sorry Harry, she kinda decided she needed to come here with me."

"That's fine Tonks; I'd need to talk to her sooner or later on several matters. This just makes it more convenient."

"Mr. Potter, I hope you can tell me why one of my senior aurors is back at the Ministry of Magic in a full body bind?"

"I'll answer that and other questions a bit later if I may Madam Bones.

"If I could have everyone's attention please? Thank you. I'm sure your all wondering why I invited you here today. Some I have known as long as I've been in the wizarding world, while others I've never really even spoken to before today.

"To begin with let me properly introduce myself. My name is Lord Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw-Slyth erin-Hogwarts-Peverell, Duke of Rothesay."

The pure-blood witches (Bones, Lovegood, Greengrass and Patil) in the room gasped at the news, while the mix-blood and muggle-born (Abbot, Bell, Granger, and Tonks) looked at Harry like he'd grown another head.

"What do you mean Harry? How could you be… all those names? Aren't you just Harry?"

"Believe me Hermione, sometimes I wish more than anything that I could be 'just Harry'. But so you can better understand what happened, why don't I just show you all?"

Harry wave his hand and the pensieve Albus Dumbledore used came floating out of the cabinet where it was stored and settled in the middle of the room. Harry walked over to the pensive and put a series of memories into it. As he walked back to his place in the room, he waved his hand again and a sheet unrolled from the ceiling, the lights in the room went down and the windows in the room were covered as the pensieve started showing the events from Harry's point of view over the last few days.


As the memories faded and the lights came up in the room, everyone was looking at Harry with a sense of wonderment and awe. They also knew without a doubt who the other regal lady was standing in the room.

"Is that what this is about Harry? That last part in Gringotts about the House of Peverell and all subservient houses? Is this about marriage contracts to the different houses you are now lord over?"

Harry laughed a little as he shook his head, "And that is why you are the smartest witch of our generation Hermione. Yes, that is exactly what this is about. I am now under a magical oath to try to secure a worthy Lady for each of the Houses I am lord over. After reviewing all possible candidates, with the assistance of Lady Hogwarts, you are my selections.

"The Founders are all close descendants of Peverell while the Potters and Blacks are a bit more distantly related. About the only Houses that would be on the same level of senior hierarchy would be the Houses of Emrys and le Fay."

"Negotiations with two of the Houses can start now as I am an emancipated minor. Auror Tonks is of age, and Madam Bones is here and can speak for Susan. The rest of you need to contact your parents or guardians and schedule a time when they will be able to come to Hogwarts and visit with me."

"That's never going to work with my parents Potter and you know it." Daphne said. "You know my father carries the dark mark and would be stunned as soon as he entered the school boundaries. He's going to want to duel you for 'ad victorem spolia' – to the victor the spoils. He'll probably have one of his old 'friends' as his second, and he won't be looking to just disarm you. It will be to the death. Are you sure you want that?"

"Just set up a meeting with him on neutral grounds, say one of Gringotts dueling chambers. I'll pay the fees associated with it, but if that is what he wants, that is what he'll get."

"Who are you going to get to be your second?"

Harry looked around the room a bit and then said, "Hey Nev, you doing anything later in the next week or two? How would you like to come to Gringotts with me for a little meeting? I'll make sure there are plenty of things to eat."

Neville paled a little before standing up straight and answering with a strong voice, "Name the date and time Harry. I've got your back."

"Thanks Neville I knew I could count on you. Now you better go and write your Gran as well to let her know what's going on."


As the rest of the girls and Neville left the Headmistress' office, Harry walked Madam Bones, Susan Bones, and Auror Tonks to the Founders Chamber.

"Tonks, if you would like to contact your Mum or Dad before talking with me I'll understand."

"No, I'm a big girl now Harry, I'll hear you out first and then talk it over with them if it's all right with you."

"That's fine." Turning to Madam Bones and Susan Harry asked, "Do you mind if I take a few minutes with Auror Tonks before she talks this over with her parents? I promise I won't be too long."

Madam Bones was looking around the magnificent room that had appeared out of nowhere. One minute they are walking towards a blank wall, and the next minute a grand double door appears granting them access to the Founders Chamber. "Besides, I believe Lady Hogwarts would like a few minutes with you."

She looked to see the mysterious woman that was in Headmistress McGonagall's office giving her and Susan a kind, warm smile. Holding her hand out, she motioned to one of the doors around the room and ask them to follow her.

After they had left, Harry turned to Tonks and directed her to a table with light refreshments on it surrounded by two chairs.

"Is it really you Harry? What's happened to you since the DoM? You don't look like that poor homely kid I used to know."

"I know I can't believe it myself. Let's just say I got a few things taken care of after I claimed Hogwarts. I found out quite a few things that Dumbledore had done to me and had been keeping from me. I should have never gone to Dursleys Tonks; there were four or five different family's I could have gone to including Longbottoms, Bones, or even McGonagall. Dumbledore took it upon himself to remove me from Sirius and put me there. If he wouldn't have done that, I could have could have lived with Sirius. I could have..."

The pain came back too strong for Harry to control it. He broke down and started crying all over again thinking of his godfather, and how he would never see him again in this life. He felt a pair of soft, strong hands and arms take him into a loving embrace and held him tight.

"I know Harry; I miss the dumb mutt too." Tonks whispered. Harry could feel his shirt start to get wet as he realized he wasn't the only one who was missing Sirius.

After several minutes they were able to get themselves under control and sat back down in their proper chairs before Harry could talk again.

"For your information, you and your family have been brought back into the House of Black. The bridal dowry has been placed in the Tonks family account already. I know Ted should be the one paying this, but you can just tell them it's a late wedding present from me.

"Narcissa and Bellatrix have been issued a summons to stand before the Head of the House of Black and explain why they shouldn't be cast out of the family. The meeting will be held at Gringotts after school is out under a flag of truce so that Bella can come and go and not be threatened to be placed under arrest or harm. Should she violate this flag, she will be lucky if the only bad thing that happens to her is having her marriage annulled and being thrown out of the Black family."

Tonks didn't know what to say, but flew off her chair to give Harry a big hug. Of course Tonks being Tonks, she tripped and hit Harry square in the chest driving him and his chair backwards. Landing on top of him, she drove the air out of his lungs and Harry gasp for air as Tonks tried to squeeze the life out of him.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She said before looking up and seeing Harry's lips turning blue.

Panicking, she rolled off him and attempted to give him CPR by balling up both fists, bringing them down as hard as she could over his sternum. She then gave five fast, HARD compressions over his heart before moving over, pinching his nose off as tightly as she could, and then, placing her mouth over his, blowing as hard as she could to get air into his lungs – and being a metamorphicmage she can have some VERY large lungs.

After repeating the cycle several times, Harry finally got his wits about him to the point where he could signal for her to stop (if he didn't know better, he thought she was trying to kill him).

He slowly got his wind back as he replied with a thin "Your Welcome".

"Oh Harry I'm so sorry!"

Holding up his hand, Harry just let out a painful little laugh. "That's alright Tonks. That's actually one of the things I find endearing about you. Your pure love of life and your commitment to try to do what's right even if it kills me."

Tonks frowned, but Harry just continued to laugh and slowly got up off the floor.

Righting both chairs they returned to the table where Harry reached out and took Tonks' hand in his.

Looking up into her face, Harry put as much feeling as he could while looking into Tonks beautiful purple eyes; "Tonks, the reason I have asked you hear is I would like you to be the next Lady Black".

She blinked once. She blinked twice. She blinked a third time before her eye lids started to flutter and Tonks fainted dead away in her chair.

"Well no one said it would be easy."


Harry transfigured the chair Tonks was sitting in into a day couch before waking her up.

"Oh, hi Harry. I just had this really strange dream where you were the lord of Hogwarts and a bunch of different houses, and you asked me to be the lady of one of those houses. Isn't that wild?"

Harry just looked at her with love in his eyes. "It happens to be true too." he said softly.


"I didn't think I was that bad of a catch." There was a bit of hurt in his voice.

"Bad catch? Are you kidding? I'll bet more than ninety five percent of the women over the age of eight in magical Great Britain would love to be your wife. Regardless if they are married already or single."

"Then why don't you want to marry me? I mean, I know we're not that close, but you are one of the few people in the wizarding world that treats me as Harry, just Harry. I'm sure if we work on it we could come to love each other as a husband and wife should."

"I think you misunderstand me Harry. It's not 'do I want to marry you'. The answer to that is a definite 'YES'. The question is 'why would you want to marry me'? I'm clumsy. Heck, I almost killed you twice today without even trying."

"I've already said you are one of the few people who treat me like a real person, not like 'The Boy Who Lived'. I'm sure you get a lot of 'request' from the male population to look like someone else. They don't see Tonks. They see a toy. You are not a toy to me. You are Tonks. You are a Black by birth and I feel you would want more than any else to make that name mean something great again.

"But it won't just be you alone Tonks. I have to have eight wives. I mean, according to the old laws Lord Potter is a different person than Lord Black, and so in the eyes of the law Lord Black will only have one wife, the reality of it is that there will be eight women that I will have to learn how to love and how to live with. I would like to trying doing that with someone who is a friend first, and a wife as well. Can you be that for me?"

"Are you sure Harry?"

"I'm sure Tonks. Go home. Talk to your mother and father." He took out a small key from one of his pockets and handed it to her. "If you decide to do this, go to Gringotts and present them with this key. They'll know what to do."

They both stood, and Tonks gently came over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I'll think about it Harry. Thank you for asking me."

Tonks turned to leave just as Madam Bones and Susan were coming out of their meeting with the avatar of Hogwarts.

"Be gentle with him. I was pretty rough with him." Tonks said as she left.


Lady Hogwarts had spent this time showing Madam Bones and her niece the misdeeds and follies of of one Albus Dumbledore. From the time he set up James and Lily with a false prophecy; to taking Harry away from Sirius; to his 'capturing' of Fawkes; and his plotting to have Harry die 'for the Greater Good' so that he could claim Hogwarts and be seen as the next coming of Merlin.

Walking out of their room, Susan looked as pale as a ghost while it was only the years of training that kept Madam Bones from collapsing on the spot. Together they walked over to where Harry was waiting for them. He had added a few more chairs to the table so both Bones ladies could sit as well as Lady Hogwarts.

After formally greeting both women, Harry took his seat and addressed both of them.

"I know this is hard to believe and quite sudden, but everything you have seen and heard these past few hours are true. If you want, I will swear on my life and magic to that effect."

"How could we have let one man so completely controlled our lives and our thoughts without even questioning him?" Madam Bones asked.

"He was the great Albus Dumbledore. Leader of the Light; Champion of the common man; Founder and Secret Keeper of the Order of the Phoenix; Conqueror of Grindelwald; Order of Merlin, First class; Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot; Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards; Co-discoverer of the twelve uses of Dragons blood; Designer and main architect of 'the Greater Good' for the wizarding world. Why would anyone question him?

"A muggle named Lord Acton once said that 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. We put too much power in one man and had no one strong enough to keep him in check – almost. I know you were beginning to have your doubts about some of Dumbledore's actions and was about to commit political suicide by trying to uncover some of the skeletons in his closet. I would dare say that if you had pursued your quest, you would have met a very grizzly and mysterious end.

"You alone Madam Bones had the moral fiber to not accept things on face value. You alone were willing to look behind the curtain to expose the wizard as what he truly was. A pure-blood supremacist who thought that he and he alone knew what was best for the rest of us.

"He and Grindelwald both wanted the same thing; they just had a different way of achieving their goal. And we almost gave it to him."

Harry let out a little sad laugh before continuing. "I find it interesting that the two main players in the demise of the wizarding world both preach a pure-blood agenda, but they are themselves, both half-bloods. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and Tom Marvolo Riddle. You know him as 'Lord Voldemort'. By the way, the next line in Lord Acton's letter states that 'Great men are almost always bad men'."

The room was silent for a few minutes while everyone reflected on what had come to light in the past few hours.

Harry cleared his throat as he looked back at the two Bones women across the table from him.

"I've really only known Susan for about half a year. She may have told you about our little 'study group' we started when we found out Umbridge had no intention of teaching us anything in our Defense against the Dark Arts class. She has always come eager to learn, willing to work hard, and to help those in the class that are having problems. I've seen her dedication and steadfast standard to what she feels is the truth. She's not afraid to stand up to a bully, or to tell a friend that what they are doing is wrong." Pointing to the avatar of Hogwarts sitting next to him, "Lady Hogwarts has told me that throughout the history of the school, one family ALWAYS did what was right and not what was easy. That is why I would like to ask for Susan's hand to be my Lady Hogwarts."

End Chapter 6.



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