Chapter II

Jason hated to feel this...useless. Since the beginning of the quest, he and Percy were always constantly struggling against each other to take the lead. But that struggle kinda blew up when Annabeth took charge of planning the course and who goes where. Though both of them kept on wondering who was the strongest among them. Truthfully, Jason always thought that it was him. I mean Jupiter is the leader of the Olympians and is supposed to be the strongest. But really on the way to Rome, Jason hit his heads so many times that he was actually surprised that he hadn't lost his memory again. Jason just felt so useless on the trip to Rome that when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus; he just felt like he failed as a leader. He always felt like he was the one suppose to lead. He guessed that it must have been a Jupiter-Son thing. He felt so useless that he actually became useless...at least for a bit. When Percy and Annabeth fell into...into Tartarus. He hated using that word. It always made him fill up with guilt that he couldn't do anything to help them. When they fell, he was so drowned in guilt that it actually took his own 13 year old cousin, completely chewing him up to get him to realize that he wouldn't help Percy or Annabeth at all if they just stood around being sad, but in fact if they did, they would only make things worse.

Jason just felt so mad and frustrated. It took his little cousin to literally snap him back to reality. But Nico literally used so much energy screaming at us that he literally passed out. That's when Hazel started to scream at him and Frank to help get Nico down stairs and into the infirmary. Once we finally got Nico down there, we had to force some ambrosia into him. It appeared to help sooth at least some of his pain, but still he looked as if he had a serious case of PTSD(post-tramatic-stress-disorder). Hazel of course didn't even take a moment to tell us after Nico was given the ambrosia that she "was not going to leave his side until he wakes up." After this she told Frank,"go get some rest, your going to need it. The trip over the Male Nostrum was already dangerous the first time, this time its going to be even harder without...you know." Frank understood, seeing that he couldn't do any more for her, he decided that he should go to his room and try to get some sleep.

After Frank left, Jason just felt so alone, he needed to know that there was still someone that he hadn't lost. He wanted to see Piper. As soon as Frank left, he ran as fast as he could to the deck where Piper was. Half the way he was sure that he didn't even run but flew. He literally wanted to see his Piper that badly. But once he got to the deck, Piper wasn't there. The only ones who were there were Leo and Festus. Leo told him that Piper said that she wanted to go back to her room. She couldn't stand to look and at the sea and the stormy grey clouds in the sky.

As soon as Jason heard this he raced to Pipers door. He must have knocked for hours on her door, but to him it only felt like a couple of minutes. Jason was so overcome with fatigue and guilt that at some point he just fell asleep in front of Piper's door. It was actually amazing, he didn't have any of his usual demi-god dreams. When morning came, Piper's door opened and of course Jason hit his head on her floor. Piper gave out a little scream when she heard the clunk at her front door. But luckily, Jason was use to head injuries enough that he was able to get up again after a little while. After he got up, Jason finally awkwardly said," Hey." Piper said,"Hey, come on in." So Jason came into her room. He saw that on her walls were pictures of her and Jason, her and Leo, all three, a lot of her friends at camp including Annabeth. This made him fill up with guilt again. And he also saw picture of her father right near her bed in a window frame. Eventually he spotted that she still had the Horn of Cornucopia. So he decided "lets eat here, we haven't eaten since yesterday." She nodded in agreement.

The Horn was able to fill the room with wondrous foods such as steak and cake. Right at that moment is when Piper realized that "Oh my gods, we didn't celebrate your birthday!"

At this news Jason's face lit up like a lighting storm and said," Well if your feeling guilty about that then we can celebrate it now, Beauty Queen." And next thing he knew, he was holding onto his bright red cheek, with an outline of a hand print, Piper's hand print. "Owwwwww. What was that for?" "THAT was for calling me Beauty Queen." She had a huge smile on her face that just made him apologize for calling her "Beauty Queen." He knew that she didn't use charmspeak, Jason just wanted to make her happy, because he knew that Piper was also dealing with all the guilt and sadness that had happened the past couple of days. After Piper was able to finally stop laughing at Jason because of the hand outline on his face, they were able to have a calm diner that actually for once in his life time didn't get interrupted by some evil monster. They were able to talk about all the fun stuff that they did at camp when the Roman's weren't invading. They also talked about what they should do when the whole quest was over. Stuff like what games, where to go, or how they should go. Without them even realizing it, Jason had his arm around her and they were just laying down and talking as they looked at the bronze ceiling.

At some point Piper finally broke the peace by asking," How do you think Percy and Annabeth are doing in...you know."

Jason could feel some guilt rising in him that was suppressed with his time with Piper. He eventually said," As long as they go each other, then they'll be fine." He sounded as if he was trying to convince himself more than Piper. Piper began crying a little as she said," But..sniff...what if...sniff... they...sniff...don't?"

Jason could only say that "They will." Even though his words were able to comfort her, she still cried into his chest about the losing of her best friend. They didn't even realized that they fell asleep like that until the next morning.

The next morning they woke up to the sound of first something hitting the ship then the sound of Leo's voice going through the intercom saying," Hello and good morning people of the Argo II. I just want to report that we have our usual 8-o-clock attack by monsters activity. Now then would Frank and Jason please get to the deck. And I mean now. YES, I MEAN NOW SPARKY!"

As soon as Jason got on deck he saw a huge squadron of Dracaenae. He didn't really feel like it, but once he saw those monsters, all of his guilt and anger just poured out of him into the fight with the Dracaenae. He flew up on one that was not paying attention and sliced it into dust with his gladius. He kept on wishing that his coin hadn't been destroyed with the fight against the Giants and when he had to rescue Hera/Juno. When he looked back to the deck, he saw that Nico was up and Hazel was with him. He then looked at Leo who was throwing fire balls at any near Dracaenae in case they got close to Piper or hurting the ship. Then he looked to Frank who was fighting off a sea monster. But what really worried Jason was that even though there were Dracaenae all around and a sea monster, what worried him most was that there was a storm that was centered around the Argo II. This wasn't any normal storm. About 1 or 2 miles out he could see pure sunshine. Unfortunately, Jason didn't have a lot of time to concentrate on the storm, but instead he focused on killing the Dracaenae and trying to protect Piper with the Argo II. Leo was making good effort at keeping the other Dracaenae at bay, but they were able to get to the flight stabilizer and so with this new event, the Argo II came crashing down from the sky into the water. Jason was for once actually grateful for the massive amount of water, the massive amount of water was able to soften the impact from the crash. Luckily the ship was still afloat. But the storm was at least twice as strong on the sea then it was in the sky. In the sky, Jason knew that whoever was controlling the clouds, it was only because that god or whatever was using his power with the sea and it was reflecting in the sky. The storm got bad enough that Jason had to stop flying and return to the Argo II before he was wiped out by the storm. When he finally saw the Argo II through the storm, he could see the ship being hit by a huge wave, not large enough to hurt civilians like a tsunami but large enough that it covered the entire ship in one large gulp.

Jason had to thank Leo next time for making such an awesome ship, the ship was still able to stay afloat after such a large hit. Though it may have caused damaged the ship...to an extent.

He could practically here Leo screaming," MY BABY!" Through the constant downpour. Though once Jason finally got to the ship, first thing he looked for was Piper. He sighed when he saw her on the stairs. Then he turned to continue fighting the enemy, but to his surprise, the Dracaenae were gone. Jason assumed that the storm was literally strong enough that it turned them to dust. But what happened next surprised Jason even more, the storm was simply going away. Jason looked around at his friends and saw that Frank was climbing over the rail. He guessed that the storm also killed the sea monster. It surprised him to see that Frank was still near the ship, the storm was strong enough that the whole ship might have been blown off course.

Realizing this Jason told Leo," Leo, go check that were still heading to Camp-Half Blood. I really don't want to get lost in the middle of the sea. And try to fix the stabilizer soon it isn't safe for me, Hazel, and Nico to stay in the sea."

After spitting up a baby sardine, Leo finally said with a green face," Give me a minute. (spits out more water and another fish) As for the stabilizer, I don't think any of the celestial bronze got knocked out to sea, so I think its some of the turbines that run the stabilizer broke. At least about half a day if I'm right."

Jason wasn't happy at the news that they would be stuck at sea for a while, he knew that anything could come and they would have no way to escape. Jason didn't like having the option of being able to get away if the situation called for it, if Piper needed it. But Jason was glad that Leo thought that all of the pieces could still be fixed today.

Jason looked at his friends again so that they knew the game plan. Since they were all on deck, Jason decided to tell them all now," All right guys, we need to stay on guard duty until Leo fixes the turbines. We'll take shifts, it should be about half-day to a day until there fixed and we can't go anywhere meanwhile were at sea, unless if we want Leo to turn into Leo bits." Everyone nodded in agreement. Well almost everyone. Jason looked at Hazel and saw that she kept on looking around, like she was trying to find something.

Jason finally asked," Hazel what's wrong?"

Hazel replied with tears at the edges of her eyes and a cracked voice," Where's Nico?"

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