Just after Buffy, blood ties episode where Dawn learns that she is the key, runs away, gets taken hostage by a hellgod named Glorificus but they somehow rescues her and happiness all around. Figured this one will be a oneshot, I'll see if people like it or something. Enjoy. Fixed the broken XD Since you lot were asking for it Chapter 2 is now being written. Have a nice day ;d



"lies..." "snake..." "star..."

Harry was falling...

"...mmon..." "Harbinger of..." He hears a faint chanting on the background

He was falling and he can't see anything... nothing at all. He just knew he was falling and that he was hearing bloody chanting. There were days not worth getting up from the bed, Harry Potter mused. This was obviously one of them.

One moment he was attending one of the Ministry Balls, Hermione was so insistent on forcing him to go to. Then he was falling...

"Bringer... " "Morningstar..." "Gates!..." Clearer now... the chanting was getting clearer.

His name was Harry Potter... And he hates tuesdays.


"Mr. Potter! Ashleen Skeeter from the Daily Prophet! What would you say to the world after your long coma? What is your response to those that accuse you of being a coldblooded killer? What was the blinding light that you used on Voldemort and his deatheathers? Do you use Dark magic? Did you betray the light? The readers want to know!""

"All I can say is that to do what I did, I did what I had to do. As for betraying the 'light'... No comment. Have a nice day."


Harry Potter was Old. Apparently on the final battle something happened. No one knew of course. Most witnesses describe an explosion of light, so intense that it almost seemed that night turned day. These witnesses spanned more than 5 miles from the epicenter of the light. Harry Potter's battle with the Dark Lord Voldemort so to speak.

No one knew what happened, all they knew was that all marked deatheaters fell dead and Voldemort was vanquished. Harry Potter fell into a coma. A coma that lasted 68 years.

And yet Harry Potter didn't age. His hair didn't gray, nor did his bones become brittle. When Harry awoke from his slumber the world was different, people he knew were older. They had families of their own. Hermione, Ginny, Ron... Some were even dead. Yet for some unfathomable reason he was still 17.

17 years old. All of his friends were wrinkly. Even his god-son was wrinkly, but he Harry bloody Potter was 17 years old.

And here he was on a ministry ball, dancing with Ginny.

"You know Ginny? If we dance some more your husband might get jealous." Harry said throwing a smile at said husband.

"You think so? Don't mind him, Harry. Draco was jealous of you from day one" she giggled. "Just incase though, let's stop the ceremony is going to start soon."

And they did stop dancing, Harry made way to one of the nearest tables while Ginny went back to Malfoy. Of all people... He stifled a groan. Old enough that they had grandchildren around his age, admittedly Valerie Malfoy was a looker but he'll be damned if he were to... succumb to his baser desires on a Malfoy. Even thinking of the concept gives him horrible chills.

Alas all things, good or bad comes to an end. Legendary Harry the Lightbringer, The ageless, the conqueror, the sleeper, may be he was in reality still a man. As such he was not immune to surprises. Surprises such as a hole forming suddenly on the floor, coincidentally where he was standing on.

Harry Potter vs Gravity... well It'll be a close call and a lot of wizards will bet on Harry but for this round? Gravity 1 Harry 0.


"Take the girl to the circle, quickly now." A man bellowed. The man looks to be around his 40's. He had a fop of coarse blond hair, striking grey eyes and a short beard. He was wearing a tailored formal suit. Evil has standards of course, wouldn't do to wear rags on occasions as important as the one the said man was trying to engineer.

Zath the Verke demon obeyed. Verke demons being demons not native to earth, distinguishing marks are their often very visible wings, having a wingspan capable of reaching 6 feet in length. They are Popular minions because they are easy to pay, needing only a constant stream of magic to be appeased. The problem with them lay in that only the most powerful, ruthless, and devious are deemed as worthy masters, the rest are deemed to be punching bags and/or snacks depending on their mood.

Placing the unconscious girl in the small triangular shrine prepared for the ritual gently, as the man checked if the circle surrounding the shrine was correct in it's design. Taking his time in doing so, wouldn't do to have an... accident, which would happen if he didn't make the ritual as foolproof as possible.

"Guard the entrance. Alert the hired help to tighten up the patrol. Don't let anyone get inside..." The man trailed off, as he started lighting the candles needed for the ritual. "We will unleash the (unintelligible) today, and I shall be rewarded."


"Dawn's been kidnapped." Was the simple statement passed around by the scoobies. Nerves were thrown in fray, a redhead, the only one there, was visibly panicking.

"Do you think Glory got her?" Xander Harris, Zeppo, Normal guy into the masochistic tendency to slay vampires, said what all of them were afraid of.

"I-I doubt that... from the description that Buffy gave me, the Demon who had rampaged about a-and kidnapped Dawn, is in fact a Verke demon." Giles, Librarian and watcher,British tweed guy, said as he took of his glass and started wiping his glasses.

"What does that have to do with anything? Like why does this Bark demon make Glory not the big bad?" Buffy the vampire slayer asked, worried about her sister.

"Itsbec..as..demo...won't...only...and...is...taking..." Willow the witch babbled in near incomprehensible speech. Tara her girlfriend tried to calm her, satisfied with just watching the whole meeting in silence.

"What Willow is saying... is that Verke demons typically need to be summoned. Thus, this beings need a constant supply of metaphysical reinforcement to stay in this plane. Given what we know Of Glorificus, the goddess would be too prideful to- to just symbolically chain herself to a demon, strong as Verke demons may be. I think we may-" Ding-Dong came Giles' doorbell interrupting whatever he was going to say.

"Dibs on answering that!" Xander called out already going towards the door leaving the others to their fate... err, Giles explanation rather.

"As I were saying... She won't debase herself to binding herself with a Verke demon, while it is possible that -"

"GILES! BUFFY!" Xander called out from the door, once again interrupting his theories. Giles exhaled loudly as if trying to calm himself. "There's a demon at the door!"That got them moving. Buffy was the first to dash towards Xander. Followed by Giles and Willow and Tara.

"He says he's not gonna kill me, or maim me or torture me!" Xander once again called out. "He just want to talk, he's got info on Dawn!" "Buffy why'd you stake him!" Xander exclaimed.

"SORRY!" was heard by the three still inside the conference room.

Once again Inhaling and exhaling deeply, Giles muttered, "It's one of THOSE days."


Blink. Stare. Blink.

"Erherm. Before I was rudely impaled... I was telling this human about my information." The demon said. He was... well he was red. Large and red. He looks like a large bouncer from any club you'll see scattered around California or any place really. All human-like, except he's red.

"I said I was sorry." Buffy mumbled.

"I'm Trigger, Balance demon. I work for the powers." He simply said, not bothering with Buffy's apology. Not waiting for any response he went on. "We have a problem. It concerns the key..."

"What do you know about Dawn?!" Trigger simply glared at the slayer for her outburst.

"It has come to our knowledge that the one who procured The Key is a Sorcerer simply known as Summoner. He is as his name implies proficient in summoning demons, fae and whatnot." Giles paled at this, the ramifications alone of the key and a summoner hits him as the demon continued.

"It has come to the Powers attention that Summoner intends to... summon a being beyond what the Powers-that-be can... handle. Beyond Glorificus even." Everyone paled then, beyond a hell goddess. "He intends to summon the Morningstar. If you people don't stop him I don't need to tell you what's going to happen!"

He then wrote on a piece of paper what appears to be an address. "The ritual is in an hour. It will happen here." giving the paper to Giles. "That's the most we could do... Good luck."


In the car

"So who's this Morningstar Guiles. He doesn't sound like one of our usual Big Bads." Buffy asked as she checked her gear.

Giles simply stared at her as if she said something stupid. "What I don't know! so tell me. Is he like that Taquitos guy?" She asked again. "Bloody Americans!" Giles muttered.

"Buffy. I cannot impress upon you the severity of the situation at hand as easy as I'm going to do now. The Morningstar as he is called is also referred to as Lucifer. Satan. The devil! Do you understand!" Needless to say Buffy did understand.

The ride then proceeded with silence until they stopped abruptly. "Bloody Hell!" Giles cursed. The fate of the world compromised... because of traffic. "Buffy get out. Run towards the location! We'll follow you!"


"You won't get away with this!" The recently awakened Dawn hissed at her captor.

"I already have, my dear, I already have." Placing a gag on Dawn's mouth. He whispered. "It Won't do if you interrupted the ritual right?" he patted Dawn's head like a puppy as she continued to struggle against her bonds. She laid spread eagled, with her clothes on thankfully.

"Mpph pmh adh mph!"

"Let's begin the ritual, wouldn't do to keep the The Morningstar waiting."

He began Chanting in latin. And Dawn continued to struggle from her bonds.


And Harry Potter did not fall... Instead he climbed... From the earth. It was weird, first time that happened to him. It seems though that He was back on track... On another great adventure. Yep Harry Potter adventurer. 'Merlin. I just quoted Dumbledore!'

He did a body check. Fingers. toes. check. eyes. ears. tongue. Good to go captain!

He was still wearing his regal robes... custom fitted for the party. As Hermione says, can't have the pretenders be better dressed than the Heroes. Well she phrased it more.. eloquently and politically correct but that was the gist of it. As a result... He was wearing one of the most expensive clothes since the Queen's last birthday. It was made to be battle ready, but probably won't be used for it. The design was delicate.

'Hermione assures me it's fashionable... I don't know anything about 21st century fashion though.' He had magically synthesized dragonhide armor underneath it. Also fully charmed for battle and comfort. As for wands... well wizards don't need wands in 20xx but he still kept his for the memories.

Looking around he sees a man in an outdated formal suit. Wait a second. The floor was concrete. He was in an old fashioned warehouse! So surprised was he that he missed the man's greeting.

Harry narrowed his eyes and asked at the kneeling man. "Where am I?" That seems to startle the man. "Sunnydale milord" Well now, that's not normal... wait. Well they did call him Lord Potter on occasion. From the looks of it he doesn't look like he's a Darklord or a minion of a dark lord. Well it seems he's been summoned away from the party too, since Harry determined him to be innocent 'until he starts throwing deadly spells' guilty well he decided to play nice.

"Well, I'd have to say thank you then. I was getting kinda uncomfortable down there. It's all the politicians you see." Realizing that the man probably wanted to say something and not listen to whatever boring party he just attended to. "Err... stand up and tell me why I'm here."

Just then Harry noticed a Girl all tied up, squirming and it seems wounded on her arm. And he seemed so nice. Well, can't be an adventure without evil wizards. "Well I-"

"Why don't you tell me what you did to her? Why is she wounded." Harry asked coldly.

"I apologize milord, she is the sacrifice. Would you want her dead? Or perhaps to sate your... baser desires?" 'Oh bloody hell he's one of those mental mad men that think I'm a dark lord!'

Harry walked towards the wounded girl. The madman was telling me something though, "You can't do that milord the circle can hold even Archangels!" What was his delusion? Harry stepped out of the circle just fine and the man's face showed true horror. Then he fainted. 'Bloody nuts these people are.'

"Are you okay?" Harry asked concernedly

"Mph ! gphh awmh fpph mph" she responded. Feeling silly though that he asked the gagged girl without taking the gag off.

"Get away from me!" She said as the gag was taken off. She was panicking. She was afraid. And she had tears in her eyes.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. Don't worry about the wound." He cast a pain relieving charm coupled with an episkey. He watched as the fleshwound knitted slowly.

"There, now for the bonds." Harry said as he started working on the enchanted chains. "This will take a while." The girl was now strangely silent.

"What do you plan to do with me!" She asked, looking defiant. Oh, perhaps she heard what the nut was raving around.

"I just want to help you is all. I'm not err.. planning to... you know." He said, really not sure how to go on about it. SNAP! She flinched.

He realized something. She's a girl. The nut was a guy. "Did he do something to you?" Harry asked with steel in his voice. This startled the girl.

"N-nothing like that." That relaxed Harry a little.

"Sorry, if he did something tho..." he trailed off.

"Call me Harry by the way. What's your name?" He said trying to lighten up the subject.

"Dawn Summers." as if realizing something. "You're not going to eat me are you?" She asked with eyes wide.

SNAP! another of the chains were gone, totally freeing her arms. Surprised by her question Harry exclaimed "Do I look like some sort of monster to you?" Dawn gave him a good look and blushed. She shook her head to say no.

"I'm not going to eat you. Happy?" Dawn gave a small nod and stayed silent. Snap! another one. "So... How'd you get in this situation anyway?"


Buffy Summers was furious. A testament to this was the large amount of dust scattering around her, and the dead Bark demon and his detached head that littered the entrance of the warehouse.

Quickly going inside to see that the doors were pretty much blockaded only added to her ire. Smashing through the door with the strength only seen in women scorned.. or slayers... or both.

What really get's her furious was the fact that just as she sees her sister dawn, This guy in red teleported out! Looking around, she sees one guy down. Checking and confirming he's alive, well he had better know where that guy took dawn or else...


Harry Potter had a problem, when he Ported out, new form of travel a combination of portkey and apparition, less energy and more pleasant all around invented by Hermione naturally. He didn't see the huge skyscrapers. The magical floating car subway. No Organic Metal houses. 'Well toto we aren't at Kansas anymore.'

He took out his wand and whispered "point me an abandoned house." And he ported out again with Dawn.

"So where are we?" He asked the former captive.

"I don't know you mojo'd us here!" She half yelled half accused.

"Sorry. We're at an abandoned house. What I mean is where am I now? What date is it? I just got summoned from this dreadful party and well I think I'm far away from home." He said honestly. "How bout you?"

"Well I got kidnapped by this large demon. Then gets used for a ritual. I'm fine." She said glibly.

"I know how that feels." Harry said thinking back to his fourth year. "So... do you hate tuesdays or what?"


Picking up her phone Buffy called Giles. "Giles we have a problem. I talked with Summoner. Now you talk to the Mojo guy." giving the phone to the battered man but not before smacking his face one last time.

"Get her away from me!" Well, it's safe to say that Buffy knows how to make conversations.


"So tell me about yourself and I tell something about myself that way we can stay not bored while you do this cleaning dark magic thing." Dawn says to break the comfortable silence that had taken after Harry explained the ritual of cleansing.

"Fine by me, I guess. Well I like to cook." Harry said listing things he knew, that probably everyone else back home didn't know too. "Cook" Dawn mouthed, giggling a bit. Harry frowned a bit at that.

"Sorry. I don't know how to cook myself." Suddenly being sad.

"Was it something I said?" Harry asked.

"No, it's just... well. I don't think I can tell you after last time."

"Okay then..."

As if feeling guilty about it Dawn blurted out "It's just last time I talked about it a hell goddess tried to kill me..." Oh well that'd really be a bummer.

"What if I swear an oath?"

"What oath?"


Shit hits the fan. It was a perfect description of what's happening at Giles' house. Shouting and infighting.

"Enough!" Giles firmly said, and everyone was quiet. "Trigger, tell us what you know of the situation and we'll tell you what we know."

"The Morningstar has been summoned and he has the key. That's about it. He is clouded from the powers. We theorize it's because of his power. Nothing else from this universe is as clouded as he. The fates are weeping for unknown reasons." Trigger said unhappily."What of your information watcher."

"We uncovered fragments of an old prophecy. Translated it says 'And From Dawn the Morning Star rises. Bringer of light. The world changes.' other than that we have his descriptions and the fact that he walked out of a master made Archangel circle." That news gave the chills to Trigger. "Are you sure? Then this is worse than we thought. The summoning should have drained him of most of his powers. To do what he did..." He trailed "I must go alert others, we might have the world's last war on the brewing."


"Well, I still feel like I'm not a real person, you know." She said as she finished her story about being the key, and being fashioned as a human.


Harry stared at her for some time. "I know how you feel. From the day I was born my fate was already made. All I am was dictated to me, All I do was predestined, I was destiny's whip boy and I had to like it. I had to follow a shrewd old man's vision. I thought then and there, when he told me that I had to die because he tells me to, that there was no other way, no other option but to do what he wanted me to do. What was I? Just a puppet for their amusement? I decided to rebel! I decided I want to be my own person. No one to shape me but myself. Some accuse me of betrayal but you get over that quickly. Now I'm just Harry, no titles , no nothing."

He said also unloading his own problems. "I'm Harry... Nice to meet you Dawn." They shook on it and both smiled. For the first time they had someone who understood.