I am the Sleeper


Harry always found it funny, he had always wondered about the wizarding fascination on long beards. Here he was faced to faced with a long bearded fellow, this was not the usual dream and he had an inkling that this was not the usual wizard.

They were up in the sky floating, standing atop clouds and there was a liberal amount of light being scattered around as if a million rabid paparazzi were on a frenzy. Good thing Harry was used to that.

Harry didn't speak, he was used to these kinds of crazy dreams. This man wanted something, he would have to speak eventually.

They stared at each other for what seemed like eons until there was a change from beneath the clouds that they stood on, the clouds broke apart revealing a large scaly entity spanning across the vast space as if endless. The entity coiled exposing it's upper body which settled behind Harry as if pledging it's allegiance to him.

"You shouldn't be here." The old man said as if nothing big happened, casually smiling at Harry and the humongous entity behind him. "but you are supposed to be here." He added amicably in contrast to what he was saying to the entity.

"And you are not supposed to be interfering in our matters." The entity spoke his voice on edge as if challenging the man to refute his words. It hissed threateningly then with a shudder 10 wings sprouted upon its massive back spreading out to the sky almost blotting out all light for a second until they also shone brightly. "We are not your subjects, we are not of this creation." Symbols started lighting up on all over the entity's skin brightly flashing casting the entity in as an even more impressive figure than before.

"Indeed, but what is the point of power if you don't do things you're not supposed to." The old man jovially responded. Gesturing the entity to be silent he focused on Harry. The entity seemed to struggle with trying to open it's mouth but it couldn't, in fact it couldn't even move. "As for not being of this creation..." the Old man shook his head slightly.

"For so long I have wondered, and now everything seems to fall into place. It is good to see that things are as it should be once again. I welcome you, dear child." He said to Harry. Taking time to gaze at him as if trying to imprint what he looks like into his memory "Time is short but let me say once again, I welcome you again to this reality my child. Oh and consider this one's offer he means well" he said gesturing once again to the struggling entity. With those confusing words the dream ended.

Harry woke up in a sweat, trying to figure out what the bloody hell that dream was about. Another mysterious old man trying to guide his life. He snorted, as if he'd let them do as they please. This was the first time that dragon shut up though so that was a plus, then again now he had to worry about that powerful old man. "Chromaton" he said to check the time it has only been a few hours since he left Dawn's house to sleep. He deeply inhaled and collapsed back to his bed hoping sleep comes easy.


Giles' house

"It seems you've changed much from the last time I've seen you. English mutt. Aye, let me in and tell me about this demon I have ta' kill." Anderson's thick Scottish accent carried over like nails to a board for Giles.

Towering over Giles, Father Anderson looked as if he could barely fit the door. When Giles was young he met this man and since then a healthy fear of this monster in human form had built inside him.

With short blond hair, a pair of round glasses,wearing peculiar priest clothes and standing at more than 6 and a half feet Anderson was perhaps one of the more unique characters one would find in Sunnydale. Giles had a hard look on his face as if unwilling to give this man entrance to his home.

Buffy and Xander appeared behind Giles to find the Priest intensely glaring at the slayer. "Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weakling say, "I am strong!" He said quoting a verse from the bible, as if mocking Buffy's ability in fighting.

Taking out a bayonet from out of nowhere he grins showing a face that one normally won't associate with priests. The face of bloodlust.

"Come beast of the council, slayer of vampires test your steel upon my steel and let us know who is the true instrument of God."

"Giles who is the funny priest?" Buffy quipped lightly betraying the fact that she was also quite tense, and if Giles wasn't in front of her then perhaps the battle would have already begun. "Sorry, I'm not the little boy you're looking for." She added as she took out her stake.

Seeing the tension building Giles knew he had limited time to diffuse the situation "Enough! Paladin Anderson, you were sent here for a reason Buffy is not your target! Do not cross me this time, Judas Priest." Giles berated the priest, his tone unusually hard. He produced a small black object from his pockets and hid it quickly, Anderson saw it only briefly but he knew what it was.

"Tch. The Ripper still has his teeth. Very well." He said hiding his Bayonet and nonchalantly pushing the people forward so that he can enter the door. Ignoring Buffy's rising aggression as if it was nothing.

He looked at the living room and saw the witches and Anya and hissed. "A den of witches and the devil's whores, what a nice company you ke-" Anderson didn't get to finish as he got interrupted from receiving a punch surprisingly it was from Xander.

"Aye, this child has fire." Anderson chuckled, he felt his jaw crack for a second there. The kid had potential too bad his company was much to be desired.

"Shut up, I don't care who you are you don't talk about my girls like that."Xander said meeting the giant with his gaze.

Anderson couldn't help but start laughing as he looked at Buffy and Xander who were both primed to fight.

"Bloody Hell!" The booming voice of Giles interrupted the escalation of the fight long enough for him to add,"Xander, Buffy both of you sit down. I don't want both you dying because of stupidity. You, Anderson, this is the territory of the council stop provoking my charges or I will use everything in my disposal to deal with you. Do you understand?!"

"Just give me what I want protestant and I will be on my way to banishing the devil." Anderson grinned as he walked to one of the free spaces and sat. "Fighting the first betrayer comes first, this is my trial." An unnatural glint of excitement and bloodlust can be seen from his eyes.

Giles sighed as relief overtook him, he had no choice. Much as he threatened this man, he knew that it was at most a fifth of a chance of survival if the Priest went serious on them. He knew that by experience.


Creepy Hideout

"Minion! How goes the preparations? And what of him?" The ominous voice asked.

"Milord, he used hellfire to deal with the legion." minion 1 groveled then continued "Almost done my master"

From the darkness of the crypt a large pair of luminescent eyes opened shining light revealing the minion prostrating itself to it's master.

"Excellent, perhaps I will find him at last." the voice said drowning with pleasure at the thought.



"Harry Potter... How utterly brave." Voldemort drawled holding the elder wand delicately as he slowly sauntered towards Harry. They were finally here, the final battle was at the main hall retrofitted to become a ritual hall for Voldemort's twisted ritual.

Sounds of battle rang on the background but here there was only two of them rivals dictated by fate.

"I'm here to finish you off." Harry said flicking his holly wand casting just in time to create a wall to block Voldemort's killing curse.

"I'm disappointed Harry, aren't you going to ask about all this?" Voldemort hissed as he spread his arms indicating the hall filled with runes clearly prepared for whatever cruel ritual Voldemort dug out of his evil mind.

"Magna Tormentarum" Harry opened fired in response firing innumerable sharpened rocks at Voldemort.

"You lack many things, Harry. Curiosity is one of them." Voldemort idly mused as he banished the rocks with a casual flick of the wand.

"Hmmm." Voldemort tilted his head as a roar filled the hall."Fiendfyre, how droll. Let's add creativity to the things you lack."

"Sanctum Invioli" He incanted the wards he placed some of the runes lit up and the forming fire cried in agony as it was quickly absorbed.

"Give it up, Potter there is no way for you to win this. I, Lord Voldemort have won!"


Giles House

"And he used Hellfire the last time he fought. That's about all the information that we have on him." Giles said finishing his story.

"Anderson, I have full belief of your fighting ability but if you don't have anything with you I have my doubts with you tangling with him."

"Stop worrying,ye protestant. God's will prevails over all evils, the church have given me this." Anderson grinned as he showed Giles a box.

"It can't be!" Giles said unable to take his eyes off the words written on the box.



Harry grinned "Do you really think I went here without a plan? You must think I'm that stupid."

"Oh? Do show me then wise one, how do you plan to win this?" Voldemort mocked as he waved his wand and from the debris formed a rock basilisk.

" Two words. Avada Kedavra." Harry said as he pointed to the core of the ritual chamber. It was a hidden place but Harry tested the location by firing the artillery spell and seeing where Voldemort instinctively placed himself.

Conjuring a block of granite to block the spell Voldemort knew that this fight wasn't as over as he thought it would be. Fighting while defending something was something oft left to fools.

"Annoying." Rather than let the ritual be compromised he just jumpstarted it. "Watch Potter as Lord Voldemort becomes a God."

Voldemort started floating and all the runes started lighting up. "Bugger off Wanker." Harry said as he took out the ball Hermione calls a ritual interruptor, they didn't know what kind of effect it would have but this was the last resort. If it went well it would explode and kill Voldemort due to ritual backlash,if it didn't well hopefully the hostages have already been secured because the explosion won't be pretty. He threw it at the floating Voldemort and the all went blank as light filled the room.


Harry awoke from his dream with a startled gasp. The wards were ringing. From outside he heard someone say.

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

The voice continued becoming even stronger.

"Come out you who betrayed the Lord, Come out and face his blade. I am here to end you betrayer, and end you I will."

Harry groaned, is this another of Dumbledore's crazed fanatics? He'd been dealing with them for months, and now they followed him here.

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No it's not the nail or maybe it is *shrug followed by evil laughter*


"Stop pouting Alucard." Integra grimaced, she needed a drink.

"Master order me to go there. I want to see for my self this self proclaimed Devil." Alucard said appearing on her table, the upper half of him came out.


"No or not yet?" Alucard leaned in close to integra, so close he was already on top of her.

"Not yet" Integra sighed and proceeded to get the nagging vampire off her.

"Thank you my master" Alucard said as he sank back to the shadows his laughter trailing him as he banished.